The Many Menus of Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

This will just be a informative post letting you know all the menu options we know of so far in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock.

Thanks to a YouTube video from karaokefreak1 of Bohemian Rhapsody we have a brief preview of some of the menu options and quickplay sorting that await us in Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. Of course he lives in Germany so we had the menus translated by @rockbandgamer (Thanks!).

Main Menu:




My Stuff


Choose | Party Play | Hero-Feed

Play Menu:

Continue Adventure


Party Play



Quickplay+ Menu:

Warrior Johnny


Create Rocker

Random Rocker

Axel Steel

Random Woman | Random Man

Band Menu:

Same Old.

Song Menu:

Jump To | Hero Feed | Sort By | Load Playlist

Song Menu:

Play Song


Add To Playlist

Download Similar Songs

Random Songs

Playlist Control

Display Options

Edit: Another Video has been posted by karaokefreak1 showing more menus and sorting options! Enjoy!

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75 Responses to The Many Menus of Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock

  1. William Suckin says:

    Keys for Guitar Hero:WoR confirmed!
    Oh wait, he picked guitar, did he? 😉 So is one of the “warrior abilities” the ability to produce piano sounds with the guitar?

    Jokes aside: I’m from Germany and “Laden” (with capital “L)” is indeed the German word for “shop”, but “laden” (with small “l”) is German for “to load”…

    not that that would make any more sense…

  2. kjaraokefreak1 says:

    Hey, you found my video

    Right now I am rendering another vid showing a lot more menus, as well as sorting options, so stay tuned. Will upload it in about an hour.

  3. karaokefreak1 says:

    Damn, misspelled my own name 😀 😀

  4. karaokefreak1 says:

    the “laden” option means load and loads your saved playlists

  5. karaokefreak1 says:


    So, the other video is done and uploaded. It’s still being processed by youtube, so there is no 720p version yet, but you will find lots of menus, the whole playlist with difficulties, some Challenges, sorting options and so on…
    Here you go

  6. karaokefreak1 says:

    here you have some charts
    Theme of Spiderman – expert guitar

  7. Kyle Polansky says:

    At 4:49, no drums or bass? Humm, seems really odd. I wish they would have combined all the Rush songs into 1 for a 20 minute song, it would have been amazing although no one would ever pick it online. I really like some of the new options in the game, especially the new sorting options they added. This video is just what I have been looking for.

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