FreeStyleGames is working on the next Guitar Hero


UPDATE: February 24th, 2015:

Kotaku UK further confirming there is a new GH in development, typical E3 2015 prediction.


UPDATE: October 31st, 2014:

ShackNews posted an update corroborating our previous information from the anonymous (but trusted) source.

UPDATE June 14th, 2014:

E3 2014 has concluded and there has been no mention of Guitar Hero. The game is still in development though, so we can hold out hope for it to be revealed after the summer.

UPDATE May 15th, 2014:

Nothing, too concrete but an user on NeoGAF has made this post regarding the next Guitar Hero:



“Talking about guitar hero.. I got some sort of “inside news” from a friend of mine who works for an important London video production studio and says they are involved in the franchise reboot with Activision.. they are going to do something which sounds really cool and are trying to mix live footage from concerts and advanced motion capture to put the player in the middle of a live, first person musical experience. Many famous bands are involved in the project, though it’s not sure if they are gonna make something of it or are just experimenting.”

UPDATE November 20th, 2013:

I have received evidence from a trustworthy source that FSG is indeed making the next Guitar Hero. Out of respect to the individual I have not included their employer or their identity.

“I noticed you posted that FSG are hiring for a new music game a while back. It just so happens that I work at a different games company in the general vicinity. I absolutely know for a fact that they’re working on a new GH. I can’t tell you how I know unfortunately, but it should be out around xmas time next year and revealed at e3.


A very interesting job posting has appeared on FreeStyleGames website recently:



To take full responsibility for the creation of MIDI note maps for music-based video games, and the monitoring of these through development, ensuring the released note maps are of the highest standard in line with required timescales. Guarantee that the MIDI data is fully utilised in driving other aspects of the game. Doing this with the assistance of the Design Manager / Senior Midi Designer.




  • Be responsible for the creation of MIDI note data based on pre-recorded audio, delivering on time and to a high standard
  • Ensure that gameplay reduction of the MIDI note data is carried out in accordance with gameplay difficulty rulesets whilst guaranteeing the feel of the original song is kept
  • Fully utilise MIDI data to drive other aspects of the game and be at the forefront of suggesting new ways of working with the data
  • Maintain working organisation of game assets
  • Proactively suggest how gameplay possibilities can be incorporated into the mark-up process
  • Work closely with the Design and Music teams to ensure their understanding of the mark-up process so they can fully exploit the tools we have in place to improve the final game quality
  • Monitor the MIDI mark-up at all stages of development, ensuring the initial quality is still in place upon the game’s release
  • Manage and participate in the delivery of high quality, bug free, game content
  • Expose problems with the mark-up in current game builds and proactively liaise with the relevant developers to address issues immediately
  • Work closely with Music Producers to ensure their work enhances any mark up that has been created






  • Candidates will possess a strong musical background
  • Experience with MIDI sequencing (preferably Sonar), including tempo mapping
  • Solid understanding of the difficulty gradations for music games
  • Proficiency with a musical instrument (please provide details of instrument(s)
  • Have experience performing in a live environment as part of a band/ensemble
  • Ability to transcribe vocal lines accurately to a high level of detail
  • Have a passion for games
  • Detail conscious
  • Good verbal and written communication skills; ability to clearly document objectives, procedures etc.
  • Strong interpersonal skills; proven ability to build effective relationships
  • Excellent time management skills


  • Hold a degree in music
  • Knowledge and appreciation of rock music
  • Stays current on market trends and competitive titles
  • Experienced in decision making
  • A strong knowledge of Microsoft Office software (specifically Excel)



In case you had forgotten (it’s been awhile) FreeStyleGames brought us the critically rated yet undersold DJ Hero games back in 2009-2010.


The studio is hiring for a designer to create “MIDI note maps for music-based video games,” indicating that their next project will not stray much from their music game expertise. The developer description adds that the studio is “working on a new ground-breaking Multi-Platform and Mobile project.” Intriguingly, the opening also asks for candidates with “Proficiency with a musical instrument,” “experience performing in a live environment as part of a band/ensemble” and “Knowledge and appreciation of rock music.” (Worth noting that Activision did a major rock music franchise at one point, though there is zero indication that this is related.)



Is this Guitar Hero 7? Or is it something completely different? Something tells me we might find out before the summer is over.


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22 Responses to FreeStyleGames is working on the next Guitar Hero

  1. expertwinSH says:

    I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate and say it’s Power Gig 2.

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  3. Adam K says:

    God I hope it’s a new Guitar Hero or DJ Hero game
    If it’s DJ Hero 3, my wishlist for inclusions as guest DJs are Skrillex, Alex S, Diplo and possibly even Glaze or The Living Tombstone. And for music, I’d like to see The Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up, Skrillex & Damian “Jr Gong” Marley – Make It Bun Dem and LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem.

    If it’s Guitar Hero 7, I’d like to see them include a wider variety of music than Warriors of Rock had. Sure we need metal and hard rock songs like Andrew W.K. – Ready To Die and Brocas Helm – Cry of the Banshee, but it’d be great to see something different like Daft Punk – Give Life Back To Music ft Nile Rodgers or Gorillaz – On Melancholy Hill

  4. Adam K says:

    To prevent a second death for the franchise, they should stick to one game per year, perhaps even alternating between Guitar Hero and DJ Hero

  5. Adam K says:

    If they make DJ Hero 3, the following musicians need to be guests:
    Skrillex (well, no crap)
    Duck Sauce (because DJ Hero 2 lacked a 2 person DJ)
    Diplo (I think he’s earned a spot as a guest star by now)
    Alex S (perhaps this could make him more well known)

  6. Julian A. says:

    Best fucking news to wake up to. This pretty much means that Guitar Hero (or DJ Hero, whatever they are making) is jumping into the next-gen realm, which could bring a whole new spectrum of the Hero games to light, I can’t wait to see what this brings to the table. Hopefully this also gets other rhythm game developers (looking at you KONAMI) to either make new versions of their old rhythm games for next-gen consoles.

    • alex says:

      I know right? This is fucking amazing news. I knew GH would be back, but i didn’t think it’d be so soon! maybe i’ll have a reason to buy a next gen console!

  7. Shane says:

    I got really good at the GH games after they ended them. I’d love an opportunity to be competitive with other good players while they still play. Hope it’s GH, but if it’s DJ, good for those of you that play that series.

    • jdurand11143 says:

      I am pumped to hear this news aswell. When GHWoR ended the dlc on the marketplace back in early 2011, I went crazy and bought every song reaching a total of 715 songs (excluding custom songs). I am hoping that they will let you transfer all that dlc on xbox one and very slowly, start adding dlc like 1 pack every 2 months. By doing this, they arent saturating or abandoning the dlc market.

  8. QX7 says:

    I think they should let japan do some DLC also for our favorite games from the past. Like the song Eternity from Blue Dragon! That song would be PER-FECT for GH! There are soo many things that could make an amazing game even better. Like a better competitive game mode that allows you to pair a guitarist against a drummer with the power of note score leveling and evening out via the instrument you’re playing against. Say I played a song (Guitar) vs some1 who played bass but the song has more notes in guitar than it has for bass. That’s where you give the bassist more points per note. Obviously though,the drummer would always score the least amount of points and there should have been competitive mode with the powers enabled . Soo many ideas

  9. Vyrotix says:

    Probably fake, they are either working on DJ Hero III or RB IV. Guitar Hero is apparently dead, and unfortunately I think it is in its coffin.

    Why may you ask? Does anyone know the last DLC that came out for WoR? “Farewell to fans” DLC to be specific.

    Guitar Hero 7 was cancelled, don’t expect anything from this post.

    • Elliott says:

      They aren’t working on DJ Hero III since Activision decided it wasn’t a profitable franchise at all.

      Rock Band IV isn’t in development whatsoever also that’s a completely different Publisher. Harmonix is not related to Activision at all.

      The name of the DLC has no bearing on anything.

      Wait and see 😉

      • Scootaboom says:

        It’s a real shame, DJ Hero was a franchise that had alot of potential. I loved both of the games for different reasons. DJ Hero 1 had a better sountrack, DJ Hero 2 had better mechanics

  10. wwaasssuuppp says:

    Can’t wait for E3 on June 9th…hope GH7 is there.

  11. NRQS says:

    It’s not happening is it… 🙁

  12. Nick Obrien says:

    If there is going to be a new guitar her . You should try to make it a multimedia so, you can download your own set list of song from and ipod or something. Because it would be dope to be able to play your own music you listen to everyday. But, just charge people to 10songs for $20. Like an i tunes of guitar hero. Because itd be dope to play chelsea grin, born of osiris, and actual tricky songs that you can enjoy to play. Because dont get me wrong i love all the dragonforce and how technical they are to play and the challenge playing them is fun. But, They’re not someone i can jam and also be a challenge. I just think itd be cool to make your own setlist anf have already preloaded one too. Because then you can share your style of music with others and jam different songs instead of the always preloaded or dlc. Because theres only so much you can download. But if it was multimedia it could expand your setlist and the game would never get old . It will always be expanding . This is probably never gonna happen or ever gonna be read. But, itd be an awesome to see a guitar hero game like that come out, where you can make your own setlist and share with others . I love guitar hero and ive been a fan for years to see it die out kills me when i know people that still play this game everyday because its amazing . And i am one of those people who still plays everyday. I just wanna see it come back with that type of mode to download your own songs. Actually i just wanna see it come back and that would be nice to have that type of mode to create your own setlist with the notes syncing to your own personal music

  13. Jake says:

    I don’t think it’s a new Guitar Hero. I just checked their website and they have stuff on there about a WiiU game called “Sing Party” they’ve been working on for a year. The description of the game fit pretty well with the “live, first-person musical experiance” thing. I still have hopes for the Guitar Hero thing to happen but I wouldn’t be surprised if Sing Party is the game that it’s talking about.

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