Thursday Throwback DLC Pick: Brad Paisley – “Ticks”

Welcome to a weekly feature on The Hero Feed! Each week we will feature a song from the Guitar Hero DLC catalogue that we feel deserves a second (or first) look. Remember unless it’s Jimi Hendrix you can play this on Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, and yes even the forthcoming Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

Also if it’s a free track there’s a large chance Nintendo Wii Players won’t be able to acquire it (Nintendo’s fault).

This weeks Throwback Thursday DLC track is a little country diddy from Brad Paisley. This week’s pick “Ticks” came in a three pack for Guitar Hero World Tour entitled the “Country Rock Pack” (coolnamebro) while the lyrics are sappy and actually not very PG-13 the guitar part has a lot of variation and the vocal chart is incredibly challenging.

Originally released in January 2008 during the arguably “Dark Ages” of Guitar Hero DLC this track definitely stood out for me. Check it out!


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5 Responses to Thursday Throwback DLC Pick: Brad Paisley – “Ticks”

  1. Vegivo says:

    It looks like ill downloading this 😉 Thx Herofeed

  2. Kingsy says:

    Great songs to listen to and play. =D If y’all ever need some suggestions for these Thursday picks, let me know. There are some songs that people need to know about 😉

  3. Game!Ov3r says:

    I remember being kinda excited for this pack when it was coming out. Since I was GH only at the time, I was pumped for some country. My family is full of country fans and they would always ask me about GH getting country. I was kinda surprised to see how difficult “at the time” these songs were.

    LOL @ the dark days… you mean the plethora of European Track Packs that were constantly being thrown at us.

  4. DVD Smith says:

    Excellent choice. My favourite country song out of all GH and RB – fantastic guitar part.

    Can I make a suggestion for next week? Lay It On The Line.

  5. Yusuke says:

    Sample in a Jar (Live) NEEDS to be picked. How about just throwback the entire Phish pack.

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