New DLC: P.O.D. Three-Pack!

While the die-hard Guitar Hero players don’t seem to be too excited about this trio of songs, this pack is sure to be popular with the more mainstream audience, as Activision is bringing three of the P.O.D.’s biggest hits from the peak of their career.

Included in the pack is their hard-hitting track “Southtown”, their retro anthem “Youth of the Nation” (which could prove very fun on drums) and their pop-rock smash hit, “Boom”. The pack is available to download now for download and costs $5.49 (440 Microsoft Points or 550 Wii Points)

P.O.D. Track Pack 1
“Youth of the Nation”


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One Response to New DLC: P.O.D. Three-Pack!

  1. Elliott says:

    This pack actually looks like a blast on drums and it’s most definitely a must for a party situation.

    Great end to a great month!

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