The Guitar Hero We Almost Had…

It’s been just over two years since the last Guitar Hero game was released, and almost a year since TheHeroFeed has had anything relating to the series to discuss.

Until today.

An anonymous source at Vicarious Visions decided to talk to @Kotaku about exactly, what Guitar Hero 7 was shaping up to be, before the plug was pulled on February 9th, 2011.

What follows is an overly negative account of the development process for the game with highlighted points being: a new guitar containing strings and 6 buttons, a setlist filled with previous setlist repeats, and reactive venues for each and every song, oh and did I mention there were no Vocals or Drums anymore?

Anyway check out the write up and let us know if you would have still wanted to play it. My opinion? sounds like a disaster.

However, they did take my advice on ditching the old art style.

Development of the game had actually started well. My source said Vicarious Visions had begun making the game after Neversoft, which had been involved in some of the earlier games, passed. VV were Guitar Hero vets, too, and created a demo the source said was extraordinary. The demo’s “[venue] had camera cuts that were unique to the song being played. The venue was amazing and animated, and each time something in the song changed the venue would also. I didn’t even like the song, but the demo gave me goosebumps.” The malleability of the venue would be a core idea for Guitar Hero 7. Gamers could play songs in different venues, as they could before, and playing a song successfully in a venue would cause the venue to begin changing in ways specific to that song. “They all had very big ambitions,” my source said of Vicarious’ team.

Problems plagued the creation of the game almost immediately. The team had decided to create the game from scratch, scrapping legacy characters and making a whole new art style. That left no time to allow for character customization and some questionable aesthetic choices resulted in “characters [whose] necks were over a foot long… They all looked like they were punched in the face.”



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7 Responses to The Guitar Hero We Almost Had…

  1. rasmus says:


  2. Mike says:

    We don’t need another Guitar Hero game.

  3. Mad Mike says:

    Sounds like GH7 would have ended up being the true death of Guitar Hero. One of the strongest points of GH:WoR, in my opinion, was how it went over the top fantasy instead of sticking to the stale faux stardom that Rock Band has kept to. The new controller sounds like the worst idea since the Mustang controller for RB3. I’m happy this never came to be.

  4. Bobby Kotick says:

    We’re currently suing this guy into the next century.

    And I’m personally suing him for saying that stuff about Closing Time. BOBBY DON’T APPRECIATE THAT.

  5. aaron says:

    I have to say, this definitely sounds like a disasta. I follow both the guitar hero and rock band series of games, and I sometimes like to sing in gh, especially where career mode is concerned. Using songs that have been used before is definitely not a good idea, acept for dlc.

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