New iPhone DLC: Weezer!

Sure, there wasn’t any DLC for the main series today, but that doesn’t mean that Activision didn’t want to show a little love to the iPhone faithful. One of the quirkier favorites of the rhythm gamers, Weezer, is the featured band for this week.

The pack features their new single, “Memories”, as well as two favorites, “Buddy Holly” and “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To”.

“Buddy Holly” is obviously a classic track and “Memories” is to promote their new album, so the release makes perfect sense from a marketing standpoint, especially since they know nobody will be able to complain about a lack of Weezer in the main series of either music game franchise.

In order to purchase these tracks for your Guitar Hero iPhone game, simply visit the in-game app store.

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3 Responses to New iPhone DLC: Weezer!

  1. Hafk says:

    More Weezer for consoles.

    Not Memories, though. The only song off of the new album that I don’t like.

    • ILikeMe1337 says:

      ^I agree, I was surprised that’s it’s the song they’re using to promote the album, and WTF is up with the Coldplay cover being on there? I listened to 5 seconds of it, realized what it was and skipped, I need to delete it from my Clip+ before it comes up in random play and causes me to freak out and rip my headphones off of my head. But I’m hoping we at least get “Rulling Me” and “Hang On” somehow on consoles.

      • Hafk says:

        Well, to be fair, the Coldplay cover is on the deluxe version, so I don’t really care.

        Ruling Me, Hang On, Brave New World and Unspoken would make better singles than Memories, though.

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