Guitar Hero discounts more classic DLC in time for October

DLC sales are back for the Hero series, and this time, Activision isn’t holding back on the difficulty. Unfortunately for PlayStation 3 players, however, this one will only take place on Xbox Live.

This month will see the oft-requested DragonForce Track Pack for Guitar Hero III go on sale for 50% off, while full band-ers will be able to enjoy the likes of the Metal Track Pack, which contains Dethklok, Amon Amarth and Shadows Fall, and the Rocktober Track Pack, which brings songs from My Chemical Romance, Disturbed and Muse. If that isn’t up your alley, the Nirvana track pack will hopefully hit the spot for you.

The DJ Hero offering this month will again be an avatar item, but the DJ Hero 2 pack will bring the Trance Anthems pack. Check out the list below and see if you’ll be picking anything up this month! These sales end on October 8th.

DLC Sale Packs:

DJ Hero – Boombox Avatar Item
DJ Hero 2 – Trance Anthems Mix Pack
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – DragonForce Track Pack
Guitar Hero World Tour – Nirvana Track Pack
Guitar Hero 5 – Metal Track Pack
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock –
Rocktober Track Pack

Packs in italic are compatible with all main Guitar Hero games following the title it was released for including Warriors of Rock.

Remember, DJ Hero 1 DLC works in DJ Hero 2 but not vice versa. The DragonForce Track Pack only works on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

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  1. What was even IN the GH5 Metal Pack?

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