Rocksmith Getting Bass Content Early!

Well it’s Tuesday, and every Tuesday we go to the Rocksmith Facebook page at around 1 PM EDT and wait to see the latest hint about next week’s DLC. Today however we got something different.

HOLY CRAP A PINTREST PAGE WHOOAAA- wait a second “big, awesome news” what could that be? Well instantly everyone is frantically typing “METALLICA, AC/DC, VAN HALEN RABBLE RABBLE” however someone on the Rocksmith Forums had somehow got the jump on everyone. I clearly have to step up my game because The-Other-View had returned to Ubisoft and even filmed a little video that was uploaded on July 25th, 2012. That video had to be private until today right? I mean there’s no way I missed it >_>

Anyway, the video below shows Nicolas Bonardi showing TOV the latest and greatest with Rocksmith, primarily BASS. Here’s the kicker though, at 1:07 of the video Nicolas states “That’s [Bass Content] coming out August 14th.”

That means we could be playing Bass on Rocksmith 15 DAYS from now!

This isn’t the first time that TOV has gotten some exclusive info about Rocksmith as their last visit let us know that “Higher Ground” by Red Hot Chili Peppers would be included on the setlist!

The release date of Bass Content is great news for Playstation3 users as the 1.5 Patch will address many of the crash issues with the system and additionally for everyone else add manual speed adjustment to Accelerator, alternate tunings, revamp the DLC store, and many other things we don’t know about.

So how excited does the prospect of Bass content make you right now? Let us know!


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23 Responses to Rocksmith Getting Bass Content Early!

  1. AM Urbanek says:

    Well-implemented bass shows up, and I start playing this game. That’s the deal, take it or leave it.

  2. armin1021 says:

    your welcome

  3. Joe says:

    I like the part where he referred to it as “Rocksmith 1”.

  4. At the same time, when the Gamescom starts here in Germany. That will be an interesting fair

  5. Cdog says:

    This is great news. My bass has been collecting too much dust.

  6. Harold Graunke says:

    This awesome news.

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  8. Mike says:

    The next DLC will be Pink Floyd.

  9. Kyle says:

    Guess I’ll have to go buy a bass today. Anybody have any recemendations?

  10. Mike says:

    Bad news – the Pink Floyd DLC hint was fake. 🙁

  11. Kyle says:

    There was one song available for download last night. Its a hard rock song.

  12. Kyle says:

    ya i got right away. havent had time to olay it yet.

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