July Guitar Hero DLC Sale Announced

The downloadable content sales continue through July, as Activision has announced that even more select Guitar Hero and DJ Hero song packs will see their prices drop temporarily.

This time around, the Guitar Hero packs will focus will be on legendary rockers, the band that has become the face of emo, and a pack that served as a challenge for all those who picked up the drumsticks when gameplay began. DJ Hero players will see two mix packs receiving a discount as well.

Check out the full list of discounted packs below and leave a comment telling everyone what you’d like to see discounted next!

Sale prices are, for now, only found on Xbox Live. This sale expires on July 16, 2012.

DLC Sale Tracks:

DJ Hero – Dance Party Mix Pack – 640 320 MS Points
DJ Hero 2 – Ultra Mix Pack – 640 320 MS Points
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock – Velvet Revolver Pack – 500 250 MS Points
Guitar Hero World Tour – Travis Barker Track Pack – 440 220 MS Points
Guitar Hero 5 – The Rolling Stones Live Pack – 720 360 MS Points
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock – My Chemical Romance Track Pack
600 300 MS Points

Packs in italic are compatible with all main Guitar Hero games following the title it was released for including Warriors of Rock.

Remember, DJ Hero 1 DLC works in DJ Hero 2 but not vice versa. The Velvet Revolver Pack only works on Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.


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4 Responses to July Guitar Hero DLC Sale Announced

  1. expertwinSH says:

    Please stop discounting GH DLC so I can buy more RB DLC!

  2. Matthewh00 says:

    Waiting for Xbox.xom to update website to download them. Music Store does’nt work 🙁

  3. No love for PS3? says:

    Why are there never any dlc sales for the PS3?

    (And people, don’t respond saying…because ps3 sucks and Xbox rules. Those replies are so old and immature and meaningless. If we want a ps3, we can have our ps3 and you can have your Xbox.)

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