Activision begins Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC sales

Activision has given us the scoop that it’s hoping to give players the chance to catch up on some of the DLC they may have missed over the years. With that mission in mind, the publisher is putting some of the most popular tracks spanning both series on sale.

The sale will only be on Xbox 360 for now, but a representative has told us that the publisher hopes to bring it to other platforms soon. We were also informed that Activision will look to feature other track packs in future sales.

This sale expires on May 21. Check out the full list of packs that are going on sale for 50% off for the next next two weeks, and let us know in the comments section which packs you think should be discounted next.

DLC Sale Tracks:

DJ Hero – David Guetta Mix Pack 01 – 640 320 MS Points
DJ Hero 2 – Hit Makers Mix Pack – 640 320 MS Points
Guitar Hero World Tour – Country Track Pack – 440 220 MS Points
Guitar Hero 5 – Megadeth Track Pack – 440 220 MS Points
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock – Linkin Park Track Pack – 960 480 MS Points

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11 Responses to Activision begins Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC sales

  1. kitlerc says:

    I grabbed the Megadeth pack.

    Do you think this will become a more common thing? If more DLC goes on sale, I’ll gladly buy it even if I already have it in Rock Band.

  2. Julian A. says:

    This is pretty awesome! Even though I now own all the DJ Hero DLC, this is definitely a chance for everyone out there to get these DLC’s for much cheaper 🙂

  3. Elliott says:

    I highly recommend getting The Country Pack just to play “Ticks” if you don’t have it already 🙂

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  5. Deon101 says:

    Alright, Activision didn’t give up…. Now just waiting for an anouncment about a new GH…. With some decent songs, and maybe a decent career mode… With an updated studio perhaps. Man if I worked for them…..

  6. Leonardo Storti says:

    good, good this means that activision hasnt given up on the series yet so this is actually good news…..if things go well they could release new DLC you never know….this may mean a new GH in the works

  7. We$$o says:

    I know they axed dj hero but i also thought they axed guitar hero also. Am i wrong? i love both game series’ and hope it isn’t true.

    • Elliott says:

      Guitar Hero is currently on “hiatus” for an undetermined amount of time. There’s some evidence pointing towards it making a return some day, but unfortunately the same can’t be said about DJ Hero.

  8. J.D. Boucher says:

    Some of those huge track packs they had at the end, it would be nice to have a sale on those, especially the Warriors of Rock pack. It looked awesome, but I didn’t want to pay so much if I didn’t want all the songs on there.
    Plus the Alice Cooper track pack…

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