DJ Hero: Beats and Pieces Expert 100% FC

I think I remember saying that DJ Hero will never be 100% FCd on expert mostly because of Groundhog and Beats and Pieces, well turns out I was wrong, in so many ways. Damn you Kristoph why have you made me look foolish twice!

This accomplishment means that every song on DJ Hero’s on disc setlist has been FCd by the DJ Hero community, and with Kristoph sitting at 90/98 Expert FCs by himself it seems like the Full Game FC is inevitable.

Enjoy this video which was funnily enough posted on April 1st…

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3 Responses to DJ Hero: Beats and Pieces Expert 100% FC

  1. Julian A. says:

    Thanks for the shout-out Chris! ^_^

    Yeah after this 100% the whole game is nothing. I’m also trying for a FGFC on Expert but…DAMN. Not as easy as i anticipated even though some mixes that i could not 100% i’ve finally done, others like THIS one and Groundhog have been a bitch @__@

  2. Lee Brock says:

    Ah yes, Beats and Pieces. The only song in the game I ever 2* on my first run, haha.

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