Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Pre-Order Bonuses

Still waiting to pre-order Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock? Well, either you haven’t checked out the gameplay videos feature, or you haven’t figured out which pre-order deal to take advantage of.

Every time a huge title comes out (i.e. the moneymaker that is Guitar Hero), major retailers like to try and do all in their power to try and lure consumers to try and buy the titles from them and them alone. Usually the deals will involve receiving a gift card or voucher that you can use on a future purchase, which will make you tend to buy from them next time as well, but sometimes, retailers will pull out all the stops and offer something tangible.

In the past, the Guitar Hero franchise has seen retailers offering a second bass pedal or an exclusive guitar controller faceplate, but this time around, it looks like the intangible bonuses are leading the way, namely $10 gift cards. Some of the more prominent retailers haven’t announced some of their pre-order deals yet, so keep checking back to keep yourself informed.

Remember, all of these deals are in addition to the free copy of Telephantasm, Soundgarden’s new greatest hits album. Check out the bonuses list below and see which one is really right for you.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Pre-Order Bonuses
$10 off future gaming purchase and exclusive guitar strap designed by My Chemical Romance

Best Buy
No deals at this time.

Exclusive guitar wing for use with new guitar controller

No deals at this time.
$10 eGift Card


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4 Responses to Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Pre-Order Bonuses

  1. DucksFAN says:

    Hello. I want to know what changes Neversoft/Activision has made to the guitar. Does the strum bar still squeak? Do the buttons still stick? Does the strum bar still “click”? Is it lighter? Are the straps more durable? And will ther be more types of “wings” for the new guitar?

    Thank you.

    • Brian says:

      We’ll be featuring a review of the new guitar once it comes out so stay tuned. We’re assuming the strum bar squeak won’t be there since the GH5 guitars strum bar was fixed.

  2. Trevor says:

    Hey there.
    I was just wandering. The squeak that the guitars had, is the problem really fixed. I’ve had my guitar hero since Feb this year and since around April, the strum bar started squeaking every time I try strum down. My GH is the warriors of rock.

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