vVv Gaming Guitar Hero Invitational to bring top players together again

After the brand was put on hiatus last year, the competitive scene dropped off significantly. While the recent string of live events, as well as TheHeroFeed’s Guitar Hero Community Nights have brought casual and hardcore gamers together in the name of fun and friendly competition, vVv Gaming wants something a bit more cutthroat, it would seem.

With that mission in mind, vVv Gaming sent out invitations to the top players in the rhythm game community and invited them to the “vVv Gaming Guitar Hero Invitational.” The top prizes will net them some awesome Hero swag, but it won’t be easy, as players will need to navigate through a complex double elimination bracket filled with top player after top player playing Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. The whole thing will be commented on by members of vVv Gaming, giving it a great competitive atmosphere.

Didn’t get an invite, but still want to have fun? How about some good old fashioned gambling?! Well, not quite. But with March finally here, vVv Gaming wants in on the March Madness action! By going to the official site of the tournament (linked below), you can fill out your brackets and try to predict which high-profile rocker will take home top prize. The most accurate bracket will see its owner winning three months of Xbox Live.

It’s all set to happen on March 10th, with the competition being streamed live. If you want to participate in the bracket challenge, you have until March 9th to submit. Check out the official post here for more information.

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4 Responses to vVv Gaming Guitar Hero Invitational to bring top players together again

  1. vVv Paradise says:

    Thanks for posting this here, Hero Feed!

    We will be encouraging all participants in the tournament to stick around after the event concludes and play some Guitar Hero PFO on XBL. We would love for players to watch the stream as the tournament happens live and then jump on and play with all of us afterward! Hope that everyone tunes in on March 10th! We can’t wait 😀

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  3. Daniel Q says:

    Where can I see it. vVv dude, what about PS3 and Wii?

    • vVv Paradise says:

      The entire event will be streamed on our Twitch.TV channel: http://www.twitch.tv/livevvvgaming

      With the majority of the top tournament players on Xbox, we had to make a call to do XBL first. After this event we can evaluate how it turned out and potentially do more tournaments after. If you’d like to see more events such as this… help spread the word and get people to tune in on March 10th!

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