LegsLikePistonz gets first “Still I Rise” Expert + FC!

Well, Steivan Johnson lived up to his Twitter/YouTube account name, “LegsLikePistonz” when he FC’d the double-bass-happy, “Still I Rise” on Expert + drums.

There’s no question that this song requires double-bass mastery. The song, which is DLC, is a hard-hitting, fast-paced metal song by Shadows Fall, which makes it the perfect challenge to those elite Guitar Hero drummers.

The song isn’t just about the fast and furious bass pedal, however. The song also includes a few tricky rolls and blasts thrown in for good measure. Check out the video of the impressive LegsLikePistonz FC and you’ll see what we mean!

And be sure to follow @LegsLikePistonz on Twitter for his latest achievements!

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2 Responses to LegsLikePistonz gets first “Still I Rise” Expert + FC!

  1. Hey man thanks for making this an article on the website. I’ll make sure to get your website out there on my next video 🙂

  2. That’s just freaking insane right there. OAO;;

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