Rocksmith Patch: What We Know

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If you check on any kind of discussion board or social media facet pertaining to Rocksmith you’re bound to run into a bunch of complaints. Some are console related, some are interface related, and some of them are made by people that don’t even own the game! It seems though that much of this will soon be over as both @NaoHigo and @CrossieRS (Paul Cross) have confirmed that Rocksmith’s “Title Update 2” has been approved by Microsoft and Sony!

We are speculating that the patch will be released along with next week’s DLC

get hyped!

The patch will be released tomorrow, but even so what is this patch going to do? Well here is what we know so far:

Riff Repeater Fixes:

Five Lives

One of the biggest complaints, to almost ad nauseum, is the the element of gamification within the only way to practice songs in Rocksmith. The 5 Lives has got to go! Combined with the long load time and being kicked out of practice mode if you don’t nail the riff you’ve been trying to level up makes this a “must fix” situation. Some people have claimed they don’t even bother playing the game anymore because of it.

Bends (Speculation)

Pretty self explanatory. Bends seem to not work in Riff Repeater mode. This can be extremely annoying when levelling up a solo and missing on the same bend continuously.

Accelerator (Speculation)

Is it possible to make this thing not suck so much? I don’t know maybe they can just allow us to slow down the whole song to 50% like some other games we’ve played in the past.

Crashes (PS3/XBox)

Big issues with Playstation 3’s crashing, being kicked back to the XMB screen, data being erased, and other annoyances. What we first thought was caused by long setlists/DLC is now being caused by almost everything. Won’t someone think of the Sonys!?

Oh and apparently Xbox360 has it’s fair share of crashes as well, thankfully I haven’t experienced them.

Pack Support (Xbox 360)

For whatever reason Packs weren’t working out on XBox so post-patch hopefully we’ll finally get the option to purchase “The Black Keys Pack” as opposed to buying all three singles.

Dynamic Difficulty Fine Tuning

We aren’t sure exactly how this will be done but apparently they have figured out a way to reward experienced guitarists with the accelerated difficulty scaling while still catering to the beginner. We’re looking forward to how this is implemented short of being able to adjust the difficulty of sections with your directional pad.

“We’re going to make some adjustments for advanced players that allows them to start at much higher levels and level up faster soon.”

“…then in the future we may look at letting you max out songs on demand. Unfortunately that has it’s own tech ramifications (because of the way things are tracked) so need to figure out solutions to that too…”

Rocksmith Developers – IAmA

Better Lag Calibration Tools

Yes, you will still need to (in most cases) avoid using HDMI for your audio source with Rocksmith but for those that are experiencing video lag according to Rocksmith-Matt it looks like there’s a visual representation to calibrate the game within the menu like most plastic instrument games.

“Our next patch will have an improvement to the lag correction screen. Our fix will make it so you can see the effects of your change without leaving the options menu.” – Rocksmith-Matt (Ubisoft Forums)

Master Mode Encores

For those that are good enough to master a few songs you may encounter event setlists giving you encores where it’s just you, your guitar, and the crowd… No note chart! The problem lies with the fact that some songs have multiple arrangements and if you’ve mastered more than one for each song there’s really no way to tell what you are playing! Rocksmith-Matt has confirmed this will be fixed in the patch:

“…we are aware of the master mode issue of not knowing which arrangement to play for an encore, and that will be fixed in the next patch.” – Rocksmith-Matt (Ubisoft Forums)

Matt also explains about a scoring glitch with Double Encores in the same post. Personally I think the score cut-off for achieving “Double Encores” should be reduced so I can unlock more than two bonus songs 🙁

Menu Flow

As mentioned in my review, the menu flow in Rocksmith is awful. Having “Journey/Rocksmith Recommends” as your default screen is just a terrible design decision and makes going into “Songs” over and over again to play anything that deviates from your event an exercise in frustration. WHY WON’T YOU LET ME GO WHERE I WANT ROCKSMITH???

Horray for Consolololol

Precision Tuning

Also pretty self explanatory but we are unsure of the implementation. Will the “before song/game/technique” tuner be replaced with the tuner accessible from the main menu? Guess we’ll find out soon enough

“…We’ve improved the practice modes, added option for precision tuning before songs, etc.” – @NaoHigo Producer of Rocksmith

So there you have it. That’s pretty much everything we know! Did we miss anything? Is there anything you want to be added? (besides Metallica songs)

Let us know!


SLAPPA DA BASSThey’re working on it 😛

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53 Responses to Rocksmith Patch: What We Know

  1. Doom878 says:

    Hopefully ps3 freezes fixed too

  2. ginrog says:

    DLC setlists?

    • Elliott says:

      Can you be a bit more specific?

      Are you referring to the fact that DLC setlists crash PS3s? That’s covered up there.

      Or are you referring to the fact that DLC in setlists resets your events when you shut off your console?

  3. Tommatt says:

    I downloaded a title update last night and my difficulty has now been reset. Need this patch so I can get the training wheels off. Took about three hours of playing when I got this game.

  4. John says:

    This is all awesome news! I especially appreciate the possibility of the “fine tuner” replacing or being added to the beginning of songs. It can be frustrating when the game reads my guitar as being in tune and my G string is almost a quarter tone off! (Maybe I should invest in a guitar with better tuners? 😛 )

    Another nice feature would be a setting that allows me to set how often I see the tuner. Maybe it would only pop up every three songs? Every ten minutes?

    I’ve also noticed an issue on the 360 where the “Saving Game” prompt will pop up repeatedly and won’t go away no matter what I do.

    Also, the game will freeze after I play some of the Megadeth DLC in riff repeater mode, specifically leveler. It’s happened with other tracks as well, but it seems to happen very often with the Megadeth tracks specifically. I might be crazy though!

    I am not sure if there really is an issue with bends in riff repeater mode. What I’ve noticed is, when it seems to not pick up my bend, I’m not bending the note up a full whole step. I think that what’s being perceived by many as broken is, in reality, just a tough technique! Sometimes a whole step bend can be significantly harder than a half step bend. Maybe a solution would be just to accept half step bends when a whole step bend is called for in riff repeater? This would probably fix what most people are considering broken, as most non-musicians would probably never find out why they’re not getting the bend.

    The palm mute detection seems to be a little finnicky at times. Sometimes I will choose not to palm mute a section simply so that the game registers the notes. I’ve found that if I place my palm a little closer to the bridge and lighter on the strings, it registers more frequently (which, consequently, is better technique … so it might just be an issue similar to the bends in which it’s seemingly broken just because I’m not doing it right!)

    Although this isn’t a bug, and I’m not sure if it can be changed in a title update, but some of the Achievement scores for the guitarcade games are almost unreasonably high! It seems like an awfully big “achievement” to get those numbers!

    …anyways, this is one of the best games/practice tools I’ve EVER played, and I can’t wait to see what this title update holds in store!!

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  6. Foxdark22 says:

    Like a Bass

  7. joshua wilder says:

    Id personally like to see some more metal songs dc if its metallica or what preferrably something newer like lamb of god or as I lay dying ball park… also never came across any problems except it freezing after 8 straight hrs of playing and not reading palm mutes in riff repeater but restarting console fixed that… you guys did a great job with this game. And keep the new songs coming! And is there a way to record anything while in amp mode?

  8. As it stands, my copy is currently on eBay. I’m going to learn the old fashion way; A Chords poster, quasi legal tablature sites and Youtube How To videos.

    Why can’t you simply pause the game and see a still shot of up coming tablature? I’m the literal definition of a guitar beginner, so anything beyond Micky Mouse mode looks like I sneezed confetti on the screen. You could toy with finger placement and discover what feels best for you ahead of time!

    Oh, You didn’t memorize those 20 scrolling fret blocks during the 4 seconds they were on screen? Well, you have 4 ‘Lives’ left, so pay more attention next time gU!tAr n00bXorZ!

    • Leonardo Storti says:

      Yep, you guys definitely wasted your money….that is why GH and RB are still kings

    • JustAGuitarHero says:

      Uh… did you see the part where they touched on this issue… I just got the patch tonight and the 4 lives thing has been changed to 30, so riff repeater just got a lot more valuable. Also you can pause in the middle of the riff repeater and change the level if it’s giving you too much at the moment. If that’s your reason, you gave up to early. There’s plenty of learning to be done. My 10 year old daughter just started her first lessons using this and I (a 22 year guitar vet) completely stayed out of her way… she’s way beyond what took me six months in just two weeks. Good luck with the youtube/self-teaching tabs method 🙂

  9. cdog says:

    Real guitar beats fake guitar bozos. Its a skill not a game. Read your rock’n’roll bible and get washed in the blood of the blues.

  10. TeeHeeTina says:

    I can see it now, a billion people playing songs from the rocksmith game, until nobody wants to hear them ever again! Rocksmith is goingot destroy good music.

    “oh you can play more than a feeling?, you must have learned that on rocksmith, how lame”

    • Elliott says:

      How is that any different from people learning songs off tabs on the Internet.

      Such a weird argument

    • Idalia says:

      I completly agree with Elliot, what a retarted thing to say!!! How is Rocksmith in any way going to “destroy good music”? Its a great learning tool and guess what its fun… better stay away from tabs or learning other peoples songs, dont want to destroy good music……..lame

      • TeeHeeTina says:

        Its not an argument. It is a fact. Most of the songs are dated enough as it is. Now everybody is going to try and play these songs, and probably very poorly. To the point that nobody even wants to hear them anymore. Rocksmith is going to churn out some sloppy players, and ruin good songs.

        Yes they are good songs, but so is Stairway to Heaven, well at least until everybody under the sun wanted to play it, or was trying to play it. It got so bad that music stores had to put up signs “NO STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN” I can see the same thing happening with the tunes on Rocksmith. The only cool song is going to be one that is not on the Rocksmith list.

        • lololololol says:


        • Buckeye says:

          Hold on a sec…The “No Stairway to Heaven” sign was in Wayne’s World…I have never seen this sign in any music shops I have been in…You are pissed because Rocksmith makes it easier and fun to play guitar? What you are really worried about is that more people will be playing and that somehow makes you less special.

          • TeeHeeTina says:

            I’m neither pissed nor worried, as I have looked into the crystal ball and know for a fact that Rocksmith is going to churn out some sloppy players. Gaggles of them! It is a good thing you have the guitar tracks in the game playing alongside yours, so you all can’t hear how crappy you are really playing, and sounding.

          • Elliott says:

            Once again you can turn off the game and still play guitar. You don’t really have anything constructive to say, I suggest you leave.

        • cschoe31 says:

          Um.. TeeHeeTina…I’ve been playing guitar now for 14 years and have played in two separate bands. I play rocksmith because it’s fun and I can play without others, I’m certain I’m not the only one. You really need to chill and stop discouraging people.

  11. Tim says:

    Started up my ps3 went to play rocksmith it prompted me to do an update so I did I left walked back into the room the intro to the game was playing all of a sudden the screen scrambled and the ps3 made a beep then was flashing red I went to restart again it beeps flashes a green light then a yellow light then flashes red until I press the button again I have never had a problem with my console before very aggravated I went out and bought a nice Gibson sg to play the damn game wtf somebody help thanks

  12. Idalia says:

    Rocksmith is fantastic, sure its not perfect but its damn good…I just pray theres enough interest to keep this thing going…Gamestop warned me when I bought it they wont take it back as a trade-in (not that I would) but with a “Sales pitch” like that I hope people dont stay away

  13. Petr says:

    Absolutely love the update. Now I don’t have to stop and restart a song or riff repeater after I’ve flunked through a few lives. Also love how I can at least TRY and play a song in its entirety. It’s a harder but maybe an alternative way to learn for us impatient types. Kudos.

  14. keith says:

    I am glad they added the option of lowering the qualifing of a song The songs are hard enough as it is for a beginer when you pick gets stuck on a string and you cant qualify the song .I have given up using a pick before the update . Now i can at least finish the game and work on my skills.I Bought the game to relearn guitar after a accident left me with nerve damage .I dont know if i will ever be able to play a full song again but at least my guitar is not collecting dust.

  15. Corey says:

    WHERES THE METAL… seriously wtf… no tdwp, protest the hero? come on something that challenges me… well tdwp is cake but atleast born of osiris… the music sucks but game is fun.

  16. johnathan rich says:

    Stairway to Heaven 🙂 you guys need a Led Zepplin song pack

  17. Zero says:

    And a Led Zeppelin song pack, too, to go along with the Led Zepplin one. 😀

  18. Milton says:

    OK, I am stuck: “using PC version and it keeps getting stuck on the Sound check – Play the Note! Yellow string 2nd fret”. I also cannot hear any sound of the guitar playing thru like I did on previous steps like tuning… HELP!

  19. RFM says:

    How about adding an option to where there is some sort of option for reading simple tablature. The scrolling tab graphic interface thing is difficult as it seems as if you can’t read ahead enough to really play. I see that it tries to copy GH in it’s interface which is more of an adjustment to people who are coming from that place versus musicians who are trying to get better. Another option would be to post the tabs on a website so that they could be downloaded and printed to play with instead of the screen interface.

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