Guitar Hero’s social media guy interviewed by vVv Gaming

With #GHComm continuing to speed ahead each and every month, the Guitar Hero brand name is starting to get back into the minds of gamers everywhere. That trend continues with the growth of the Activision-sponsored live Guitar Hero events that started with MAGFest in D.C. this month, and continue with Rockage in San Jose next month.

Eric, the man behind various Activision social media accounts, including all accounts related to the Hero brand, was recently on “The Losers Bracket” podcast at vVv Gaming. In addition to giving some tips on breaking into the game industry, Eric discussed the future of the Guitar Hero brand, as well as what other live events might be in store for the brand in coming months. Eric even touches on how the community can help the genre become strong again.

The podcast is hosted and produced by Jason Kuntz, who took home the top prize at the live competition at MAGFest earlier this month. The interview starts just after the 12 minute mark, and is definitely worth a listen. Head on over to vVv Gaming and give the podcast a listen!

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