‘Hero for the Heart’ shoots to raise $5,000 for American Heart Association

There’s no doubt that using video games for charity is a noble cause, but when it also involves such a personal back-story for one rocker, supporting the event is a no-brainer.

That’s just what’s happening with an upcoming event called “Hero for the Heart.” The event, which is dedicated to the memory of one Hero fan’s Guitar Hero-loving father, looks to raise $5,000 for the American Heart Association. The host of the event posted a very touching story on his official page on the American Heart Association’s website. You can read an excerpt below, and visit the page to donate.

To honor my dad, I have started Hero for the Heart: A Guitar Hero Record Setting Rock-a-thon to Benefit the American Hear Association. I will be playing Guitar Hero for 72 hours and break a Guinness World Record in the process. The goal is to raise $5,000 by the end of February. This event is not just for myself, friends and my family, but for anyone that is affected by heart disease. This event could potentially help many people that experience CHD, so please tell your friends about this. Rock with your heart, and you’ll never go wrong.

Since that message was posted, the host has announced that the 72-hour rock-a-thon will be taking place February 23rd – February 26th. If you have the means, please donate to this amazing cause and support a member of one of the strongest communities in gaming.

Also, be sure to “like” the Hero for the Heart page on Facebook for the latest updates.

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2 Responses to ‘Hero for the Heart’ shoots to raise $5,000 for American Heart Association

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  2. Leonardo Storti says:

    I really want to support you I wish I had money but I will visit your page, this is a great cause, this guy has a wonderful heart 🙂

    and what better way to help than using a beloved franchise such as Guitar Hero, I wish you luck good sir….so 72 hours, does that mean playing guitar Hero for 72 hours straight with no breaks?….or playing to beat one of the hardest songs known to guitar hero such as Dragonforce, because that has already been done unless you can score a complete perfect on Dragonforce – TTFF in expert…..which I also think has been done…regardless good luck man and do it man, you can pull it through

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