January 2012 Activision/TheHeroFeed Community Nights

From the original announcement:

When Guitar Hero was put on indefinite hiatus, we here at The Hero Feed had a decision to make. Do we put the site on indefinite hiatus as well, or do we continue strong with the community. While we knew the lack of news would make it difficult to manage a Guitar Hero-based site, we’ve been a part of this community for several years now, and we know the strength and devotion that exists in this tight-knit group.

With that very idea in mind, we decided to keep the site as active as we could for the Guitar Hero community. While the numbers have dwindled slightly due to the lack of news, we’ve continued to be impressed with the people that keep up with the series and still play on a consistent basis. With that in mind, I am proud to announce that we will be continuing that notion of “community” through a new monthly Community Night.

Happy 2012! I hope you had a relaxing holiday and are sick of listening to Christmas music, because we’re back and ready to go with some good old-fashioned hard rock and heavy metal!

This time, #GHComm isn’t just an online event. No… this time, we’re taking it LIVE! That’s right! #GHComm will be a part of the festivities happening at MAGFest. A DJ Hero 2 tournament will be taking place at noon on Friday of this week at MAGFest, with a Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock tournament happening at noon on Saturday. Brian (me) will be on-hand for the Warriors of Rock tournament, so come say hi!

While that doesn’t really benefit you folks not migrating to the DC area this weekend, we will still be doing our normal online rocking/mixing through Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and the Wii’s online play. The game of choice this time around is Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock!

Remember: The point of these community nights is to get more people online at a certain time to play games that thrive on people playing together. If you want to play Guitar Hero instead, go for it! Try to get more people online on whatever game you want to play by leaving a comment below with your Online ID, what console you’re going to be playing, and what game you want to play! That way, people can join you at the specified time!

Prizes: This time around, we’re giving away miscellaneous swag! From t-shirts and hats to keychains and lighters, we have no shortage of Guitar Hero, Band Hero, and DJ Hero-related stuff to throw your way! All you have to do is take part in our community night and tweet about what you’re playing and hashtag it with the #GHComm tag. We’ll randomly choose a winner from each night to send the prize! Also, if you happen to be at MAGFest for the tournaments, we’ll be handing out some awesome prizes there, as well!

See you on stage!

January 2012 Hero Community Night


Xbox 360 – Friday, January 6th at 8pm EST
PlayStation 3 – Saturday, January 7th at 8pm EST
Nintendo Wii – Sunday, January 8th at 8pm EST

In Person:

DJ Hero 2 – Friday, January 6th at 12pm EST at MAGFest in National Harbor, MD
Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock – Saturday, January 7th at 12pm EST at MAGFest in National Harbor, MD

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19 Responses to January 2012 Activision/TheHeroFeed Community Nights

  1. Hondommond says:

    I will most definitely be attending the GH Tournament =3 see you there I suppose!…Look for the racoon

  2. Timothy W says:

    I will be attending this Tournament.
    Xbox 360 – MY Gamertag is LambOfGodNZ11 (People feel free to add me and just send a quick message saying you are a Guitar Hero player)
    I have all the Guitar Hero’s so I can play any.

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  4. Pup says:


    GT: Beagle782
    58 DLC
    GH5 GHWT Imports

  5. VoltageCaek says:

    Finally! I won’t be busy this this around, promise!
    Xbox 360 – Pwn Caek
    Rank 113, I play expert drums, expert guitar (Not too keen on that though) and expert bass

  6. Deon101 says:

    GT Deon101
    I will try my hardest to be there. I only live 15 minuets away, this couldnt have benn more perfect. Ive been itchin for something like this.

  7. Daniel says:

    Well I friggin’ love DJ Hero 2 lol. If anybody every wants to play on 360, add vVv Minjaaa. I’ll play whenever. :] Just shoot me a message/friend request and let me know you saw me on this site. :]

  8. mazkothitha says:

    qk me forzhare a lo mazhimo

  9. Karla! says:

    GH: Legends of Rock, Van Halen, GH 5, & Warriors!

    PSN ID: Purplepiirpz24

    Add Me! Lol

  10. Kyle Polansky says:

    I’ll be on Xbox 360 tonight, Expert+ drums. Hope to see a lot of you guys online.

  11. fery says:

    ooo . this is coolman …. but i’m from ROMANIA …… and I dont be there :((:((:((

  12. Lisa says:

    HELP: Dear BH game owners: do you have an UN-USED Band Hero unique product id to trade for my un-used GH: Warriors of Rock unique product id? I want to download the special BH dlc; email pls

  13. Richard says:

    i want in, my gamertag is magicman7813 for xbox360.

  14. Foxy says:

    Psn FoxFire_79

    I play exp gtr, bass, drums, and vocals. I have most of the gh games, my favorites being metallica, 5, and WoR. Msg me if you want to play 🙂

  15. Deon101 says:

    So I’m down at the harbor but can not find the event to save my life. Looks like I missed out…. Why is there not a number for the event because its not in the convention center.

    • Deon101 says:

      Well I figured it out… I’m retarded I swear lol. All I saw was MD and harbor, then I automatically figured it was the baltimore harbor.. I’m so mad at myself. Ah well there will be more in the future I suppose.

  16. Hondommond says:

    Since the raccoon didnt arive I guess I wont be winning this tournament =3 Ill be doing PFO on GHWOR most of today if you want a piece of me…PSN-Hondommond

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