Rumour: New Guitar Hero will be shown at E3 2012??

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It’s been almost a year since Activision shuttered the Guitar Hero division and placed the franchise on hiatus. Two days ago StickSkills reported that a reliable source had informed them that, indeed a new Guitar Hero title will be available just before the holidays of 2012. The more exciting news is, this new title will be announced a few weeks before E3 2012 and then will be shown at the conference!

So start making your wish lists filled with Dragonforce and Bullet For My Valentine songs because we now have a timeline for the return of Guitar Hero! What will come with the new iteration of Guitar Hero? Pro Guitar? A New drumset? Will all the DLC be compatible?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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197 Responses to Rumour: New Guitar Hero will be shown at E3 2012??

  1. Alex says:

    Oh come on, there shouldn’t be a GH Dragonforce or BFMV! there should be a GH Megdeth; Dave Mustaine would love it!

    • Kirk says:

      Completely agree with this! The likes of the KIMB album would be tricky 😀

    • max says:

      Dave ‘d never do a guitar hero cuz hea such a good (guitar) player , hes gonna go for rocksmith witch has already 3 songs of megadeth on DLC , and who wants to press plastic buttons on guitar hero when you can learn the real deal with rocksdmith ??

      • No Soy Eliud says:

        if you knew some music would learn the real deal with a sheet music in hand
        GH is just a game … a very funny game

        • shereen says:

          I’m a massive Guitar Hero fan. So my Prays was answered. Just Bullet for My Valentine song. Don’t put other bands in the game. Its pointless coz I won’t know this old bands when I play the game. So just Bullet for My Valentine please…..They OFF THE CHAIN! I love them with my hole heart. So make the new Guitar based on them ONLY . Songs like ” All these thing I hate” , ” Hands of blood” , ” Heart burst into fire” , ” Tears don’t fall” , ” Waking the demon” ,”Say goodbye” I know ” Scream aim fire” was in world tour but please that aswell. And some of their others . I know if you guys have this songs on it ILL DEFINITELY buy me a copy really!!!! Its ganna be awesome!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!

          • Kamron says:

            I’d rather, if anything, it be about ACDC! I’d like to see them animate Brian Johnson, and at the same time be playing the solo of TNT! Who’s with me?

          • matt says:

            they have already made rockband acdc live! sooooooooo what would be the point as guitar hero lol

      • KEWB says:

        Then remind me again why Megadeth already has several songs on both GH and pre-pro mode era Rock Band.

        • Dominic says:

          cause the is very popular and is demanded alot on musical games i trade my gh games for rocksmith and to be honest i am truly satisfied . . .actully it make gh look like shit now but thats not important. . . why play on the plastic guitar when u cant learn the actual song the way it was meant to be play on the real guitar

      • That Guy says:

        How can you say that Dave would never do a Guitar Hero when the song Sudden Death was made ONLY FOR GUITAR HERO?

    • coltcobi says:

      first gh needs to place like 10 DLC´S from METALLICA then do whatever u want ggggrrrrrrr how someone can left that game to oblivion¡¡¡¡¡ HANG HIM FROM THE NUTS¡¡¡¡

      • jcase says:

        why would you want metallica dlc if there is already a gh metallica game and the full death magnetic album for download? doesnt make sense

      • Leonardo Storti says:

        you do realize that if you have the GH metallica game you can import the entire setlist by using the code in the manual….right?

        you will have every metallica song in your warriors of rock game or GH5

    • David says:

      Ok firstly, there has alredy been a gh metallica so putting more metallica on a new one is absolutely pointless, secondly megadeth has already been on several gh games and on rock band and now is on rocksmith so again it would be utterly pointless to put megadeth on the new release, lastly the band i was thinkin of that deserves it’s own release is avenged sevenfold… Think about it, they just recently won two revolver golden god awards a couple weeks ago at the revolver golden gods awards. they more than deserve they’re own release.

      • Daniel Q says:

        I disagree. 1st just because Megadeth has 7 songs on Guitar Hero doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more. Look at how many Nirvana songs are on Guitar Hero and people still want more ( can’t blame them). 2nd, although I like Avenge Sevenfold, they are to young of a band to have their own game. Also I think their songs are harder to get. Look at how long it took for Activision to get Bat Country.

      • Matt says:

        Absolutely right! Or at least Avenged Sevenfold deserve another DLC pack.. However in my humble opinion, next GH story should be based on A7X or even just related to them. As for Megadeth and Rush in Warriors Of Rock.

        • Zak Hammat says:

          Well you’re right about A7X, but we need more from Dragonforce, I’d like another challenge from them, after Through The Fire And Flames on GH3 and had a DLC pack then they need another one cos Fury Of The Storm wasn’t enough for GH: WoR, I reckon songs like Valley Of The Damned, My Spirit Will Go On, Operation Ground And Pound, The Last Journey Home and Cry Thunder

      • ruben says:

        well ok avenge sevenfold is all right n they have lots of dlc on rb3 so we might of well put children of bodom cuz they olny have ony dlc in rb3 so gave tht a thought

      • Kamron says:

        No………………. ACDC deserves their own. The Rockband ACDC track pack was totally pointless and stupid and thats the only time ACDC has appeared in one of these games. Plus, only one Avenged Sevenfold song matters to me, Bat Country. So for ACDC’s sake, fix your comment

    • Dave says:

      I think a must would have to be a guitar hero Foo Fighters, maybe a System of a Down,Jimi Hendrix or even a Guitar Hero Old Grey Whistle Test special !!!!!!!

    • Tinz09 says:

      Instead of making GH:MEGADETH (Although that would be awesome)
      they should just make guitar hero but ONLY metal? Dragonforce for the pro’s, megadeth and metallica, slayer, anthrax, motorhead.. and newschool stuff like a7x, bullet, in flmaes, korn.. Deathcore.. It needs to include a wider variety of METAL
      because thats the only reason people buy guitar hero!

      If they want pop rock, they can buy rockband.

      Theyve been let down in the past because of POOR AS HELL setlists, the last one had stuff like Jethro tull.. Guitar hero’s main audience is kids from 13 to maybe 25 maybe more.. No one knows bands like Jethro tull and bush!! (warriors of rock)

      • Kamron says:

        Im only ten and I know who the Scorpions, ACDC, Aerosmith, and even Bad Company are. So think about it and shake it up as Def Leppard said.

    • marcos says:

      yes so true

  2. Dalton says:

    FINALLY!!! hopefully they will have good songs like Avenged Sevenfold, Theory Of A Deadman, Three Days Grace, Bullet For My Valentine, etc.
    If they just contact me i can easily give them songs EVERYONE loves and make it possibly the best GH

  3. Marvin says:

    idc who it is i just want a challenge wit alot of very difficult songs wit alot of runs and stuff plus more fall of troy songs(checkem out)

  4. James! says:

    I hope there isn’t one at the next E3. Guitar Hero needs to wait for the next console cycle so it can make a huge leap forward over what Rock Band is currently able to do. Even if a new Xbox or PS4 is announced at E3, I would want Guitar Hero to wait sometime after the launch so it can make the best of next gen tech.

    • EuroMIX2 says:

      That’s probably exactly what they are doing seeing as the Wii U is due out after E3 next year and that will probably be the lead platform. Also, I’m curious as to why you think holding back for the next generation could provide such a huge leap for the series? We’ve reached the point where system capabilities are probably at their best for a music and rhythm game like Guitar Hero.

      • Leonardo Storti says:

        I doubt it, well yeah there is a possibility, but I’m sure they will release the game for the old systems too including the Wii….I mean alot of people still have their Wii consoles….look how long the PS2 lasted, I’m pretty sure guitar Hero will come out for the older systems….xbox still have their kinnect which is still fair,ly new and the ps3 move which is also still fairly new….I’m pretty sure the next GH will take advantage of those abilities from the systems…..I really don’t care as long as my old toy guitar and drumset still work I could care less

      • James! says:

        The Wii U, although nominally a next gen console, isn’t really boasting any next gen tech, and gaming new sources aren’t really considering the Wii U with the same fervor they’re treating another Xbox or a PS4. When I (and most people) talk next gen consoles, we’re not talking Wii U. There are always ways that music games could adapt to new tech. Not to mention that a few years’ break could give could give the franchise a new audience and cleanse the palette of the old one’s.

        • EuroMIX2 says:

          Your comment makes little sense and stinks of misguided presumptions and elitism.

          I would like to see some sources for those claims, especially seeing as everything I’ve read so far seems to suggest the exact opposite to what you say.

          Again: What possible improvements do you believe holding the game back could bring?

          The only thing out of the three NEXT GENERATION consoles that we currently have confirmed is the controller for one of them, with the remaining specs currently vague or pure speculation, thus I find it hard to suggest that a music and rhythm game could truly benefit that much from delaying its return until we receive some information that suggests otherwise.

          • James! says:

            Again: Waiting a few years gives Guitar Hero a new audience, one that wasn’t turned off to rhythm gaming by the supersaturation of the market that we saw in 2009. It also washes out the bad taste of anyone that was turned off by that, allowing those gamers to re-discover the franchise.

            As for any improvements, I don’t know what they would be as I don’t work for Sony or Microsoft. Due to the strong downloadable market on both the 360 and PS3, however, I doubt either of those companies are going to drop a new console without some serious upgraded tech.

            And as for the Wii U in particular, the rhythm gaming franchise hasn’t been strong on the Wii (or any franchise other than first party titles, for that matter), so I doubt a troubles franchise in a troubled genre would be willing to take such a risk.

          • EuroMIX2 says:

            *This is a response to “James!” below since the site seems to cut off too many responses*

            The music and rhythm genre has always been amongst the most fickle. There’s really no way to tell if a game will fail or really succeed seeing as it deals with music which depends a lot on personal taste.

            “And as for the Wii U in particular, the rhythm gaming franchise hasn’t been strong on the Wii (or any franchise other than first party titles, for that matter), so I doubt a troubles franchise in a troubled genre would be willing to take such a risk.”

            Explain the Just Dance series then? 3rd party and HUGELY popular (massive understatement there) and even though it has gone multi-platform the Wii sales eclipse the other consoles.

            Another example: Karaoke Revolution Glee. Okay not a massive seller, but originally Wii exclusive.

            This is proof that you can’t really gauge how well a music and rhythm game is going to take off or that a “better” or rather more powerful console will be the one of choice by developers or that it will sell any better or worse.

            Since you want to disregard both the Wii and Wii U so quickly, I’ll give you some realistic examples of areas where the Wii U COULD be a great choice to release a new game on.

            How about the tablet controller? The developers could change much of the Wii-exclusive roadie modes to use that instead since it’s more available and also it could be a fantastic way to control setlists and playlists; your friends and family could scroll through and pick what songs they want to play, and possible on any connected controller for when whoever is currently playing is finished. The tablet would also allow for better band logo and tattoo designs since you can actually draw them now.

            Naturally the extra power of the system could at least bring the graphics up to speed with the other consoles (and possible beyond) and of course the rumoured storage levels would allow for expanded DLC and possible even furthering of that.

            There you go, useful and even REALISTIC reasons for wanting to see the new Guitar Hero on Wii U. Activision’s support of the Wii has actually been rather excellent so I don’t think that it’s entirely unrealistic to assume that they would be interested in releasing any new game for the Wii U as well. After all, it’s going to be at LEAST as powerful, if not more, than the 360 and PS3, so Activision wouldn’t lose anything porting the game across and maybe even taking advantage of its unique features to make it the lead platform.

          • EuroMIX2 says:

            Also I still don’t see how waiting a couple more years will really do that much to alleviate your concerns, especially since you are being extremely vague on your reasons for why you think that Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles could really do that much to improve the series, especially based on what little we know about them.

          • James! says:

            Response to EuroMix:

            Once again, I don’t know what a PS4 or new Xbox would be able to do, as a) I don’t work for Sony or Microsoft, and b) if those consoles even are in development they are in the earliest stages. Which is why my reasons for Guitar Hero waiting a few years revolve around starting fresh. The reason Activision shelved the franchise in the first place is because they supersaturated the market for rhythm games. With each release, more and more gamers said “no thank you”.

            Even though I don’t know what a PS4 or new Xbox will be able to do, Sony and Microsoft would not drop a new console without some serious tech upgrades. Unless Activision wants the gaming audience to say “no thank you” to another Guitar Hero again, they’re going to want to take full advantage of what those consoles can do so the game can be a new experience. If Activision is planning on a Guitar Hero game as a next gen launch title, they’re going to have to make a lot of guess work as to what they can do. Another GH game is already a risky venture, making one on guess work is even riskier.

          • EuroMIX2 says:

            Again: Your reasons are too vague and you aren’t giving a good reason why Activision should hold back.

            I’ve given some well reasoned guesses, you just seem to be banking on the fact that consumers would be more interested in a new game on hardware that we can only guess at at the moment, and even then we are generally just talking better graphics and not something that would have a significant affect on people’s desire to buy a game.

            I’ve already explained why it’s hard to predict how well a game will be received. Consumers don’t necessarily care about the power of the system or how good the game looks, it just has to appeal to them in a way that’s very difficult to predict. Around 2000 dancing games were all the rage, then they dropped and guitar and band games became popular, now the latter aren’t holding people’s interest and dancing games have soared in popularity due to Just Dance.

            I think that if Activision are planning on releasing a new game, this year is as good as any. I see no good reason to wait and no distinct advantage it could bring.

          • EuroMIX2 says:

            I do feel like we have reached an impasse though, so I shall discontinue commenting on this thread.

            I wish you well.

  5. SgtDrill says:

    Dalton, you’ll never come up with a setlist that everyone would enjoy. For example, I only like one of the bands you list (A7X), and that only moderately. I’d rather see Dire Straits, 311, Cream, Slightly Stoopid, etc.

    Music is such a subjective thing, that someone will be dissatisfied every time. And, being the internet, they’ll bitch about it.

  6. Fred Durst's Mom says:

    I just hope it has at least three Limp Bizkit songs. And just guitar and bass, no drums or vocals. It is GUITAR Hero, after all.

    • EuroMIX2 says:

      So what? I believe that SingStar eventually introduced modes for dancing and guitar to remain competitive. The title doesn’t and shouldn’t limit the game so long as the core guitar element isn’t being ignored (and it isn’t).

    • what says:

      seriously? LIMP BIZKIT? Holy… please, just burn.

  7. MIDD says:

    I wish/hope it’ll be innovative, but I don’t really expect that.

  8. Clasher says:

    All I want is GH Tunes 3.o 😀

  9. ggamerman says:

    I feel like there needs to be more challenging songs, people who are just picking up guitar hero at a time THIS late can still play through easier difficulties. The more experienced players (such as myself) want much more of a challenge than what has been given in the past guitar hero games.

  10. Gerwyn says:

    defiantly have bullet for my valentine and maybe you should try asking alexandria

    • Matt says:

      Hell no! Not Asking Alexandria! They are awful. Needs to have Devil Driver and The Devil Wears Prada.

    • WildWing says:

      Actually, I am quite fond of those bands. “Someone, Somewhere”, “Closure”, “A Lesson Never Learned”, or “Breathless” would be amazing choices for Asking Alexandria. Then maybe some Mayday Parade (New album material)!

  11. Mariano says:

    Guitar Hero rocks! I can’t wait for the rumoured next title! One thing I really loved about the recent games GH:WT-GH:WoR is the amazing animations! I loved the way the avatars were brought to life through concert performances. Not many people realize how beautiful the game is. It is practically a moving artwork! I hope they continue this artistic trend! Guitar Hero inspired me to become a video game animator!

  12. Derek says:

    Songs I would love to see:
    1) Angel of Death-Slayer
    2) Public Enemy Number 1-Megadeth
    3) The New Order-Testament
    4) Bonded By Blood-Exodus
    5) Needled 24/7-Children of Bodom
    6) Ravenous-Arch Enemy
    7) Die, Die My Darling-The Misfits
    8) Thrown to the Wolves-Death Angel
    9) NIB-Black Sabbath
    10) Walk With Me In Hell-Lamb of God
    11) Needles-System of a Down
    12) Dragon Mistress-Marty Friedman
    13) It’s Electric-Diamond Head
    14) Fight ‘Em ‘Till You Can’t-Anthrax
    15) Stand Up And Shout-Dio
    16) Heaven and Hell-Black Sabbath
    17) Isolation-Alter Bridge
    18) Pure Evil-Iced Earth
    19) Maze of Torment-Morbid Angel
    20) Pit of Zombies-Cannibal Corpse

    • Derek says:

      I got more:
      1) War is the Answer-Five Finger Death Punch
      2) Blitzkrieg-Blitzkrieg
      3) Blood on Your Hands-Arch Enemy
      4) Loverman-Nick Cave
      5) New Beat-Refused
      6) The Prayer Position-AFI
      7) Check My Brain-Alice in Chains
      8) Stop!-Against Me
      9) Join the Army-Suicidal Tendencies
      10) March of the SOD/Sargent D-S.O.D.
      11) Go Forth and Die-Dthklok
      12) X-Streme-Voivod
      13) Gone Away-The Offspring
      14) Like A Stone-Audioslave
      15) Cowboy Song-Thin Lizzy
      16) Fly Away-Lenny Kravitz
      17) Jamie’s Got A Gun-Aerosmith
      18) My Hero-Foo Fighters
      19) Goddamn Electric-Pantera
      20) Bad Luck-Social Distortion
      21) Spirit Crusher-Death
      22) Metal Gods-Judas Priest
      23) El Dorado-Iron Maiden
      24) Doctor Alibi-Slash feat. Lemmy Kilmister
      25) Born to Raise Hell-Motorhead
      26) I Am The Law-Anthrax
      27) Children of the Sea-Black Sabbath
      28) Surrender-Cheap Trick
      29) Is it My Body-Alice Cooper
      30) Speed King-Deep Purple
      31) Killing The Dragon-Dio
      32) Phantom of the Opera (Live)-Iron Maiden
      33) Mr. Speed-Kiss
      34) Skin O’ My Teeth-Megadeth
      35) Head Crusher-Megadeth
      36) Domination-Pantera
      37) Dragon Attack-Queen
      38) Man on the Silver Mountain-Rainbow
      39) The Sails of Charon-Scorpions
      40) The Pursuit of Vikings-Amon Amarth
      41) Black Country-Black Country Communion
      42) South of Heaven-Slayer
      43) Look @ Me-Tesla
      44) Under the Blade-Twisted Sister
      45) Heavy Metal Thunder-Saxon
      46) Hot N’ Ready-UFO
      47) Doctor Doctor-UFO
      48) Balls to the Walls-Accept
      49) The Walls-Dream Theater
      50) Manowar-Manowar

      • You know that Fly Away-Lenny Kravitz is Guitar Hero 5 DLC. Just telling you so you’ll know.

      • FINALLY says:

        OH THE GOOD SONGS!!! I swear to God, if they had Man On the Silver Mountain, Skin O’ My Teeth, South Of Heaven, Domination, Goddamn Electric and Children Of The Sea. I would jizz in my pants everytime I turned my console on.

        • Derek says:

          I’ve got even more:
          Only for the Weak-In Flames
          Guardians of Asgaard-Amon Amarth
          Valhalla (Live)-Blind Guardian
          Dr, Stein-Helloween
          Rain of a Thousand Flames-Rhapsody
          Metal Storm/Face the Slayer-Slayer
          World of Hurt-Overkill
          Electric Rattlesnake-Overkill
          Deadly Sinners-3 Inches of Blood
          Back at the Funny Farm-Motorhead
          Die For Metal-Manowar
          Stronger Than All-HammerFall
          Metal Church-Metal Church
          The Hall of the Mountain King-Savatage
          Queen of the Masquerade-Crimson Glory
          Wheels of Steel-Saxon
          Rock Bottom-UFO
          Black Fire-Dragonforce
          Dawn of Battle-Manowar
          Progneies of the Great Apocalypse-Dimmu Borgir
          YRO-Racer X
          Road Racin’-Riot
          Crack the Skye (Instrumental)-Mastodon
          Thus Spake the Nightspirit-Emperor
          God of Thunder-Kiss
          As Fast as a Shark-Accept
          Angel Witch-Angel Witch
          When the Night Falls-Iced Earth
          Tag Team-Anvil
          The Preacher-Testament
          Marching off to War-Motorhead
          Goliaths Disarm Their Davids-In Flames
          Colors (Days of Purgatory version)-Iced Earth
          Thrashers-Death Angel
          Power of the Dragonflame-Rhapsody
          Into the Fire-Firewind
          Symptom of the Universe-Black Sabbath
          I Want Out-Helloween
          Eagle Fly Free-Helloween
          Banished From Sanctuary-Blind Guardian
          Let the Hammer Fall-HammerFall
          Prepare for War-Dragonforce
          Dragon’s Child-Iced Earth

  13. Leonardo Storti says:


    yes, yes, yes, yes oh god yes thank you lord oh lordy lordy you are truly holy…..whoa, what’s going on down in my pants, something is moving…..hahaha lol no just joking but I am totally excited….

    first thing is first, imports are very very important, so hopefully the import for WOR will be fully imported maybe?….and it’s time to give us the rest of the missing songs from past import games……WT,SH,GH5…. I want all of my songs already please give us the imports, also all the DLC I have downloaded for my current GH game that includes imports should work for this next title…….

    Last but not least, Coheed and Cambria please, ASAP!!

  14. Daniel Q says:

    I think we need more inports from GHWT and GHSH. We also need more songs from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Queens of the Stone Age, The Rolling Stones, and Velvet Revolver. There should also be music from Mad at Gravity, The Neiborhoods, and At The Drive-In. Also Guitar Hero should have music from no name bands. And for anyone who has played the older Guitar Hero games, but the old bonus songs from GH, GH2, GH3, & GHA into one big DLC pack. As for the controllers make the guitar neck in 2 sizes. 1 for kids and for adults. Also Guitar Hero should do a rock singles of 2011 track pack with the songs The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie- Red Hot Chilie Peppers, Diamond Eyes- Shinedown, and Under Cover of Darkness- The Strokes.

    • Daniel Q says:

      Here’s a more clear idea of what Guitar Hero should do
      Put Dave Grohl, Scott Weiland, & Josh Homme in the next game.
      Put the missing songs from the imports.
      Make a venue maker so fans can make their own venues.
      Make a guitar controller for left handed people.
      Make a Guitar Hero Van Halen import,full.
      Make it opttional how to calibrate the game. So we can either use the current calebration or use the old calibration system, so people won’t complain about it as much.
      Make a pocket on the drum set to store the sticks.
      Sell the new drum kit individually.
      Add there bands Army of Anyone, Velvet Revolver, Sparta, Niko Vega, Black Queen Speaks, Foghat, Triple SP, Red Hot Chilie Peppers, Zwan, Brides of Destruction,The Black Keys, EVE 6, Mudhoney, Mad at Gravity, Dio, &At the Drive-In.
      Put a little more Grunge n’ Punk rock.

      • Daniel Q says:

        Inspired by Derek, here is my wish list of songs to see in Guitar Hero 7:
        Audioslave- Show Me How to Live
        Velvet Revolver- Sucker Train Blues
        Snot- Get Some
        Stone Temple Pilots- Unglued
        Foo Fighters- Rope
        At the Drive-In- Sleepwalk Capsules
        Nirvana- In Bloom
        Shinedown- Diamond Eyes
        Pearl Jam- Even Flow
        Misfits- Three Lovely Days
        Nico Vega- Burn, Burn
        Mad at Gravity- Walk Away
        The Black Keys- Little Black Submariens
        Slash’s Snakepit- Doin’ Fine
        Queens of the Stone Age- River in the Road
        The Nightwatchman- It Begins Tonight
        Dio- Holy Diver
        Foghat- Slow Ride
        Disturbed- Another Way to Die
        Motorhead- Waiting for the Snake
        Megadeth- I Ain’t Superstitious
        Black Sabbath- Heaven & Hell
        Rigor Mortis- Wizard of Gore
        Exciter- Pounding on Metal
        Anvil- Metal on Metal
        The Mars Volta- The Making Jewel
        Znowhite- Rock City Destination
        Redlight King- Bullet in my Hand
        The White Stripes- Black Math
        Black Queen Speaks- Bad Habits
        Triple SP- Step Aside
        Rage Against the Machine- Bulls on Parade
        Avenge Sevenfold- Buried Alive
        Bring Me the Horizon- Diamonds Aren’t Forever
        EVE 6- Leech
        The Cranberries- Zombie
        Killinger- Crazy Things
        Evanescence- Everybody’s Fool
        Lacuna Coil- Trip the Darkness
        Alice Cooper- Detroit City
        The Clash- Complete Control
        Nickelback- Burn it to the Ground
        Suicidal Tendencies- Institutionalized
        Tenacious D- The Metal
        Ozzy Osbourne- No More Tears
        AD/DC- Rock & Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution
        Slash- You’re A Lie
        Red Hot Chili Peppers- Otherside
        Rolling Stones- 19th Nervous Breakdown
        Garbage- I Think I’m Paranoid
        Bush- Sound of Winter
        White Zombie- More Human Than Human
        Steppenwolf- Born to be Wild
        The James Gang- Funk #49
        Aerosmith- Last Child
        Spoon- Got Nuffin
        The Who- My Generation
        Ted Nugent- Great White Buffalo (live)
        Joan Jett & the Blackhearts- Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
        Heart- Magic Man
        Stevie Nicks- Edge of Seventeen
        Dick Dale- Miserlou
        Warlock- Three Minute Warning
        Iggy Pop & the Stooges- I Wanna Be Your Dog
        Cheap Trick- Dream Police
        The Police- Synchronicity 2
        Sparta- Air
        Army of Anyone- Goodbye
        Outlaws- Green Grass & High Tides
        The Outlaws song would be the last song you would have to play to beat the game.

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  16. Sergiu says:

    YESS!! Please put more Muse.

  17. Croq says:

    While I too would hope that all previous imports and DLC would be compatible, if they’re truly intending to do something different and groundbreaking (which is basically what they said they would wait for), I would not be surprised if this new GH is a complete reset. I hope not, but I would not be surprised if it was.

  18. Game!Ov3r says:

    The thing that scares me about the old DLC/Exports is that the contracts on these songs could be up or had been released… and thats why we saw a rash of these songs pop up on Rock Band over the past year. On the other had I could see them charging a fee to have these songs re-issued. Its cool to see GH back in the news and can’t wait for the hunt for song reveals. I think they are going to have to pull out a big name act for the reboot… Pink Floyd, Led Zep, Clapton…(I could see this as Claptons way to get the bad taste of Rise of the Six String out of his mouth)

    • EuroMIX2 says:

      The problem is I’ve told that all three of those acts you’ve names would be problematic, at best. I’ve been told Pink Floyd aren’t really interested and would want their songs to be played by themselves as a whole album and not as singles and such, Zeppelin don’t care for rhythm games and claim that they don’t want to risk damaging their master tracks and I believe that Clapton is still under contract for exclusivity to Rise of the Six String.

  19. Kyle says:

    Yeah, thats what I like to hear, if only they where like call of duties every year

  20. Heavymetal666 says:

    there needs to be more Buckethead,GH2 had Jordon, but we need a new game with some Buckethead.

  21. Leonardo Storti says:

    How is this for an idea though it might not be a good idea but im just putting it out there…..

    if people care what music is going to be there how about making the game or rather its career mode much longer, so I was thinking that maybe the next Guitar Hero should have a 2 disc set….each one with 80 to 90 songs….add those up and you would have either 160 to 180 songs on one full game…..since it is a 2 disc set they would have to install themselves to the system, that wont pose a problem on the 360 or the PS3 owners as long as they have a big enough harddrive, however I do see it as a problem for the Wii owners….since wii has no harddrive, and you can’t really install the game to the Wii but you would still have the option to switch discs, though that would be problamatic since there could be a certain song you want to play and you have to switch discs in order to play it…and also the 360 owners if you are one of those people who have a 360 but with no harddrive…

    I only brought this up simply because alot of people have alot of different music tastes, and bringing in a guitar hero game that has double the songs of a basic game would really cater to alot of people

    • Cactaur says:

      That’s what you have DLC for.

    • morris says:

      ive got 256 songs on gh:wor an thats only 1 disc as cactuar sed thats what dlc is for 😀

    • Guitarherofan says:

      I think it’s a great idea. But of you don’t have harddrive the discs could have 2 different careers. Then it wouldn’t be a problem. But if you have harddrive you could import the songs to one song library where you can make playlist from songs you like. And you could import songs from GH Metallica, GH Van Halen and GH WOR too.

  22. Frr the next Guitar Hero Game Please do the following

    able to import Guitar Hero Van Halen
    Import all other previous imports
    More DLC!
    able to import both of the Jimi hindrix DLC packs from GHWT that couldnt be transferred dude to copyright issues.

    A bunch of songs by Dream Theater and ill tell you why (dream theater as a band as the most technical songs/riffs/solos etc. and no other band can relate to them.)
    Dream theater songs for DLC or quickplay

    As I Am
    Blind Faith
    Burning My Soul
    Constant Motion
    Endless Sacrifice
    I walk beside you
    In the name of God
    Panic Attack
    Pull me under (GHWT CHART)
    Six degrees of inner turbulence
    The Count of Tuscany
    The Dark Eternal Night
    The Glass Prison
    Root of all evil
    The Glass Prison
    This dying soul
    Ytse Jam
    Collab with liquid tension
    and John Petrucii’s 10 mins guiar solo (LIVE)
    of course all these songs would be starting to look like a GH Dream theater game it self but the majority of gh players love 10min+ guitar solos 😛

    also other features in the game

    first ever slider note CHORDS!
    able to put band moments on gh tunes customs
    able to play other people online on those customs if they have that customs on Quickplay or Proface off
    Tournament Mode (basically a mode where you can create a bracket for players to play against each other like a tournament would be)

    I REALLY HOPE THIS GAME HAS HARDER SONGS + more bands like the following

    Coheed and cambria
    alter bridge
    fingers crossed
    Mike orlando
    joe satriani
    jimi hindrix
    Rusty cooley
    John 5

    New boss battles
    Herman Li Guitar battle (dragonforce)
    John Petrucii Guitar battle (Dream Theater)
    Steve Vai Guitar Battle


  23. jdurand11143 says:

    also would make the best thing ever on the next game it has to do with the follow message i sent if thats too much for all those songs, how about Dream Theaters longest song. Stream Of Instruments ( )this would be a incredible challenge that all pro gh plays would need i mean through the fire int he flames is hard and all but this would knock that song out of the water! and it would be one of the most amazing experiences on guitar hero! it goes from DT’s most popular songs… the solos are wicked the riffs are truely incredible and the keyboard/drums/guitar/bass is irresistible and i cant see how this wouldnt work. this should be like the final song in the game…

    • Thats Would be amazing! i see that you said the same thing on the video and its the highest comment of over 28 likes! i submitted my “like” to that comment so maybe, just maybe the new gh owners will see your comment on the video and see how many peeps want it to be in the next game. the more the likes, the greater the chances of having it in the game

  24. Michael says:

    I wish they would put some Mile Orlando songs in the game. His music is pretty awesome, and I’m wondering if they hinted to a GH: A7X since I have seen tons of comments regarding so. I doubt it but I will be happy with anything so long as the music is decent and difficult 🙂

  25. K-Boom says:

    Yeah, I’m hoping to see a lot of Children of Bodom, BFMV, maybe some more Atreyu? Also, a shit load of Unearth.

  26. clinton says:

    do a death metal gh that would be sweet no more pussy emo hardcore pop bullsh!t do one with good music for the metal fans

  27. DaftClub says:

    I am hoping for an Activision/Sega team-up to produce Guitar Hero: Crush 40. That might renew my best friend’s interest in the series.

  28. Stargazer38 says:

    I truly wish there is more Dream Theater in there.
    As Jdurand said, it’s so technical that it could give a real challenge on every instruments.
    Mention to This Dying Soul, Ytse Jam, and Metropolis Pt 1

    • jdurand11143 says:

      thanks for your support dude! like i said before would we the best song for the final song in the game and have an achievement of trying to get a 5,000 + note streak! the top comment on the video said to thumbs up if you want it in the game and its over 50 likes! after sometime soon if we get so high likes activison might put it to action! so please thumbs up on the video ( if you agree!

    • MangoKush says:

      i totally agree aswell. Dream Theatre has some amazing songs that lasts forever, personally i love Octavarium but i have no idea who’s gonna play the flute 😛

  29. Brandon says:

    I would personally like to see some metalcore/post-hardcore stuff in this game. Would be nice if they had some more punk too. Id love to play Mayday Parade, Chiodos, and Dance Gavin Dance, etc.. Adding more Senses Fail and Rise Against songs would be great too! I wouldn’t want this to be the main focus of the game but it would be nice if they could incorporate some more of the music that I enjoy in the game. I’d also like if they went back to venues like in gh3, I couldnt stand the story of gh5 and warriors of rock.

  30. Guitarherofan says:

    I would like to see these songs in guitar hero:
    Yngwie Malmsteen – Far Beyond The Sun
    Yngwie Malmsteen – Majestic Blue
    Yngwie Malmsteen – Baroque & Roll
    Yngwie Malmsteen – Riot In The Dungeons
    Yngwie Malmsteen – Evil Eye
    Alice Cooper – Caffeine
    Alice Cooper – I Love The Dead
    Alice Cooper – Go To Hell
    W.A.S.P. – The Idol
    W.A.S.P. – Chainsaw Charlie
    W.A.S.P. – Heaven’s Hung In Black
    W.A.S.P. – The Headless Children
    W.A.S.P. – The Real Me
    Iron Maiden – That Girl
    Iron Maiden – The Talisman
    Iron Maiden – Afraid To Shoot Strangers
    Cinderella – Long Cold Winter
    Cinderella – Shake Me
    Ace Frehley – Space Bear

    And of course other bands

  31. darkrai owns says:

    put some fuckin dimmu borgir in it you never seem to put the kings of black metal in gh lars is meant to be into black metal plus shagrath owns as a singer fuck bullet although i do like avenged tho so put beast and the harlot on and from dimmu put burn in hell or progenies of the great apocalypse

  32. andrew says:

    please do a guitar hero lynyrd skynyrd because they are so awsome its unbelievable

    • Kayla K. says:

      eww nastey Lynyrd Skynrd is gay and isnt even hard…. who would even want that? we need more Progression metal bands like An endless sporadic
      Liquid Tension Experiment
      Dream Theater
      symphony X
      Circus Maximus
      Pain of Salvation
      Ice Age – The Great Divide – Perpetual Child
      Houglass – Subconcious – The Hammer’s Strike
      IQ – Dark Matter – -Sacred Sound
      Menahem – Angels and Shadows Angels and Shadows
      Power of Omens – With These Words
      Aghora – Segundo Pasado
      Andromeda – Words Unspoken
      Atlantida – Snowrider
      Last Tribe – Wash your Sins Away

      Put these in please 😛

      • kneestocking96 says:

        Lynyrd Skynyrd is gay and isn’t even hard?
        Have you even played Free Bird?

        Thought not

        • Dominic says:

          i agree with kneestocking96 how about you drop that shitty little plastic guitar and try the real deal on a real guitar maybe then u wont go ego tripping on everyone

  33. DaftClub says:

    Songs I wanna see in guitar hero are Black Sheep (Metric), Is It You? (Crush 40), Rock N Roll High School (Ramones) and The Pretender (Foo Fighters)


  34. GuitarHeroAstro says:

    i totally agree with jdurand11143,Stargazer38, Kayla K. and MangoKush… Dream Theater Should be in the next GH Game! in fact it would be awesome to have most of their albums/songs as DLC… and also what jd said earlier, the Stream Of Instrumentals should be the last song in the game it is over 1.5 HOURS LONG!

    • guitarherofan says:

      Stream Of Instrumentals would be fun BUT every time you play online some idiot chooses it. If they do that song don’t make it possible to online play.

  35. GHmaster88 says:

    I would like to have a lot of hard songs, because i only play hard songs. More DragonForce John 5, Megadeth etc. If the new GH would have DreamTheater tracks it would be awesome. Im a huge fan of DT and they have like impossible songs. Plz some DT

    Me <3 DreamTheater forever.

    • Guitarherofan says:

      I agree. More hard songs
      Yngwie Malmsteen – Baroque & Roll
      Yngwie Malmsteen – Far Beyond The Sun
      Yngwie Malmsteen – Vengeance
      W.A.S.P. – Chainsaw Charlie
      W.A.S.P. – The Idol
      W.A.S.P. – Heaven’s Hung In Black
      Rhapsody Of Fire – From Chaos To Eternity
      Iron Maiden – The Talisman
      Iron Maiden – Back In The Village
      Iron Maiden – Flash Of The Blade
      Michael Angelo Batio – Hands Without Shadows
      Michael Angelo Batio – No Boundaries
      Slayer – Hell Awaits

  36. SOAP_fatii says:

    plz more dragonforce?????

    Psn: SOAP_fatii

  37. Joseph says:

    you should make a muse guitar hero or at least have more muse songs to download like stockholm syndrome or micro cuts or new born….trust me on this one itll be like one of the most wanted games worldwide

  38. JohnGae says:

    I’m sorry in advance for my bad english because I’m italian, but I want to say what I’m thinking too.

    Now, if the rumor is true, it would be pretty awesome. Furthermore if activision is worried about the selling that the next GH could not have (look at WoR), I think it doesn’t need to have all the innovations that anyone claims. Let face it guys, GH is a rhythm game, it’s really hard to make big innovations in this kind of game.
    But I think that to sell many copies it takes only “small” steps (but I don’t think that they are that small LOL), instead of changes that could twist (and maybe ruin) the gameplay. So I try to make an ordered list 🙂

    1-Keep the story mode of WoR. Just because it’s pretty innovative and, most of all, It gives to you a real sense of progress. Having the hardest songs locked pushed me to actually complete the game. In GH5 I was very disappointed when I saw that every single song of the game was already unlocked. Why should I do the story mode then? It’s only a waste of time. So I think that next GH should be a sort of “sequel” of WoR. Maybe with 4 new warriors, for example Eddie Knox, Izzy Sparks, Clive winston and, why not, Lou Cifer from GH3 xD The final battle would be with three squads and this means more awesomeness and more songs!

    2-Keep the powers of WoR. I mean we have to expect innovations like these, that manage to enrich the gameplay without twist it. And with new warriors we would have more powers.

    3-More challenging songs. The level of WoR was pretty good, because it was harder than 5 or WT. I mean, if there will be a GH 7, for how many customers would be the first GH? I think almost anyone. And even so, they always can choose lower levels of difficulty. So keep at least the sense of challenge of WoR.

    4-Don’t make new instruments. We are in crisis times and I don’t believe that this would be a good decision. How many of us have 150+ dollars to spend in one game? I don’t. And make two version of every song (let’s say 4 difficulty levels plus one sort of beast mode with six buttons on guitar or with more toms on drums) would result on less space on disc (other than a real mess on screen LOL). And I want that space for more songs. Don’t make a keyboard controller, because will cut off genres like Thrash metal that doesn’t have it. So keep the keyboard parts playable with guitar, but no more sax/trumpet/other instrument like GH5

    5-Make every single song from WT, 5, WOR, SH, Metallica and VH importable. So anyone can choose the songs that actually wants. Obviously free of charge for who had already bought these games or at cost of 0.1- 0.2 $ per song for those who didn’t. Also make every god damn DLC compatible.

    6-Put the god damn boss battles in the game!

    7-More DLC support after the publishing day of the game. This is one of the strong points of RB, WHY Activision doesn’t understand it? ._.

    8-More fucking progressive metal! Dream Theater of course but also other bands like symphony x, Seventh Wonder, Circus maximus, Shadow gallery and so on (maybe I’ll do a wishlist songs post later )

    9- This as the hardest song of the game. This will put real shit on dragonforce.


    I would buy a GH with these features. You?

    P.S. Some cool names 😛
    Guitar hero 7 (you don’t say? LOL)
    Guitar hero: Warriors Of Rock 2 (You don’t say? Episode 2)
    Guitar Hero Rise of Rock
    Guitar Hero: Dawn Of Rock
    Guitar Hero: Into DA HELL
    Guitar Hero: Rock Madness
    Guitar Hero: Rocking on Rock
    Guitar Hero: Fapping on rock
    Guitar Hero: Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’
    Guitar Hero: Chopping trees down like minecraft
    Guitar hero: Jumping Donuts
    This GH is the next after Warriors of Rock
    This GH is the previous of the GH that will be out after this
    Romeo and Juliet
    Guitar Hero: Fall of shitty house/techno music LOL

    • jdurand11143 says:

      wow dude im glad all these people are desiring Dream Theater in the next game… it would change GH as we know it! please do this activision Pull Me Under is the reason that drew me into GH in the first place and i always wanted to see more progression metal…

      • JohnGale says:

        yeah you right (I’m the same guy of the first comment… I know, I know, I wrote wrong my name the first time LOL)And also, while Pull Me Under is one of their best songs, I don’t think it’s that “fitted” for the game, it is too soft. I think the perfect DT song to put is Lie. Short (less than 7 minutes), heavy, technical, awesome XD Or The Shattered Fortress…. but I think is too long XD

        Actually, my dream is too see a GH: Prog Theater with a lot of songs by DT but also songs from others amazing progressive metal bands. But it will remain a dream, because progressive metal is not (thank God) a commercial genre

        • WildWing says:

          Just because some bands are “commercial” doesn’t mean they suck. I like bands buried in sub-genres and have never seen the light of popularity, and I like popular “mainstream” bands.

          • JohnGale says:

            I have not said that. I simply said that progressive metal, which is my favourite genre, will not have a dedicated GH because is not commercial enough. End of discussion. It’s natural that GH majority of the songs are commercial. Some are good, others are shit (in my opinion), let’s hope for the firts ones I guess.

  39. Mark says:

    Guitar hero: Dawn of rock sounds like an epic name for it. +1.

    Would love a Dragonforce themed Guitar hero, including a dragon guitar, Need i say more? :[)

  40. BucketheadLV101 says:

    I would like to see more complex & artsy music like Buckethead, GWAR, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Children of Bodom & Michael Angelo Batio.
    “Buckethead has released 24 solo albums, he performed on over 50 more and he made appearances on 44 albums by various artists”
    (Outdated info but you get the point)

  41. john baker says:

    avenged sevenfold gh anyone

    • guitarherofan says:

      Iron Maiden, Cinderella, Yngwie Malmsteen or Alice Cooper would be better.

      • jeremy11143 says:

        ahh forget what i said, i ment to say Dream Theater, Circus Maximus and Burn The Sun would be great bands to add to this setlist of songs!

        don’t impersonate other posters or you will be banned from commenting – admin

  42. thatdudeyoudontknow says:

    being a HUGE fan of deathmetal and old school heavy metal(Metallica, Megadeth, etc.) I personally would like to see maybe more Children of Bodom, Dethklok, Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Lamb of God, and Megadeth. And I guess some Dragonforce for a challenge. Not a fan of them though.

  43. Thatguy says:

    You guys think of the song list…what about the dlc’s and and all dragonforce gh game…comon be realistic do you think it would be somewhat possible on expert no about 96% of the people would fail on the first song that and like gh3 and etc you need songs that fit the stage area for example “Through the fire and the flames” on an ice berge i mean comon strike of the ninja in the ocean do YOU see ninja’s striking in the ocean? no…that depends where you live and such but really…think of the songs ya i like death metal and etc. but not a full game of it…it kinda suck because then you would look like a retard not having ANY 100%’s because the songs would be hard and also the wait time to add notes lyrics and such i mean that would take about almost a year very unlikly but what if it did take almost a year

  44. VelociiTy. says:

    Will be fun if you can change the camera view. Like if you play the guitar you can change to ”guitar view” so you’ll see the hands playing the guitar, so it looks like you’re playing it. Or, if you play the drums, you’ll see a view of the drums etc. And ofcourse lots of new cool and difficult songs 😀

  45. kneestocking96 says:

    Songs I’d like in the next Guitar Hero are
    Daft Punk – Aerodynamic
    The Levellers – The Road
    Metric – Black Sheep
    Marilyn Manson – This Is Halloween
    My Chemical Romance – Famous Last Words
    Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild
    BOC – Don’t Fear The Reaper
    Ozzy Osbourne – I Don’t Wanna Stop
    Beck – Garbage Truck
    Ronnie James Dio & Yngwie Malmsteen – Dream On
    Jimmy Eat World – Get It Faster
    Bowling For Soup – Girl All The Bad Guys Want
    Linkin Park – Pts. of Athrty
    Rush – The Twilight Zone
    Johnny Cash – I Won’t Back Down

    • kneestocking96 says:

      By the way I am aware that Famous Last Words was DLC for GH2, Youth Gone Wild and I Don’t Wanna Stop are in On Tour, I Won’t Back Down (Originally by Tom Petty), This Is Halloween (Originally from Nightmare before Christmas) and Dream On (Originally by Aerosmith) are covers. I am also aware that Don’t Fear The Reaper is in Rock Band.

  46. Daniel Q says:

    Rumour has it that the game is going to be called Guitar Hero: Master of Sound.

  47. drum machine says:

    I think the game in the first place needs some serious and challenging upgrades such for example as:

    1. Do the KEYBOARDS and make it compatible with Rock Band ones.

    2. MAKE HI-HAT pedal and addicionally mode for it (or incorporate it into expert+), so even Rock Band drumkit could be compatible with classic range of difficulties. It wouldn’t be problematic since IN EVERY GH DRUMKIT THERE’S A FREE AND UNDEVELOPED SLOT FOR THAT. YES, IT’S TRUE. IN EVERY.

    3. Do the RHYTHM GUITAR / MULTIGUITAR charts!!! Seriously, it has got to be done since like forever. Of course, the point is that not every band has multi guitars itself, but the fact is that MOST OF THEM HAS IT. So let me give You some examples: The Beatles, Metallica, Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd, Bloc Party, Kiss, Linkin Park, Oasis, The Rolling Stones, Interpol, Aerosmith, Megadeth, Soundgarden, Guns n’ Roses, Franz Ferdinand, QOTSA, many other bands in which singer use it sometimes (Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Blur) or it is used as a background for solo on studio albums (Nirvana) and almost ALL kind of metal bands. I’m writting it from memory, but there’s MUCH MORE. But yes, some might say it’s boring to play rhythm charts, but believe me bass is boring and repetive too and still has it’s fans. Besides that in many metal bands it is hard to separate multi guitars for rhythm and lead ones, because all of them do the (poly)rhythmic parts and has it’s own solo (Iron Maiden is an old and wellknown example). Rocksmith has had it already.

    4. STOP doing shitty guitar and bass charts!! No more keys, horns and other instruments as a guitars!!

    5. STOP doing shitty guitar and bass charts!! No more keys, horns and other instruments as a guitars!!

    6. Do the MULTIVOCALS/harmonies.

    7. Do something like PLAYABLE CHART FOR REST OF INSTRUMENTS (horns, violins, cellos, flutes, harmonicas, bongos, tambourines etc.) if it’s possible (if they are on the record). There would not be separate career mode/quickplay for that chart and it could be only able to be played additionally in BAND MODE. Also it could be PLAYED WITH GAMEPAD like it was many years ago in Amplitude game. I think it could make the game more entertaining and attractive for parties and shout up once for all the new plastic instruments pleas. On the other hand playing it on gamepad would not increase amount of pirates since you would play this only in band mode with other plastic instruments.

    8. Bring back LICENSED GUITARS and extend rest of licensed instruments. I think it should be something like shop with Guitar Hero addons (i don’t mean DLC songs here), where you would regularly put many different licensed and sometimes rare models and replicas of real instruments. It could be good also for clothes and other avatar parts. I bet there are plenty of rock and roll fans which are only waiting for that.

    9. And if there’s about fans, maybe you should do also something like addons with playable characters (avatars) of real rock stars?
    Every player has his idol and many of them wants him to be in Guitar Hero.

    10. Bring back BOSS FIGHTS like from GUITAR HERO 3 (not GH: World Tour style).

    11. If you want to fully compete with Rock Band 3 and Rocksmith, do the promode with Rocksmith’s guitar style (i mean with ability of plugging real guitar). But it (pro mode) really isn’t necessary in my opinion.

    12. And of course do MORE DLC and make all IMPORTS WORK.

    • Leonardo Storti says:

      That’s quite a list there but it all sounds good to me, the problem is does it sound good for Activision? ahhhhhh see there in lies the problem, and is there proof that they will show another GH game in E3’s 2012? ahhhhhh see there is the second problem. Even though supposed reliable resources say there will be a new GH announcement in E3 I wouldn’t get my hopes up on it, if it is one thing I learned is to never get your hopes up. But then again they did release Tony Hawk after so many years so it’s a possibility…still good luck getting Activision to listen to you, many people tried, you also have to remember that Activision doesn’t care as long as the product sells if it doesn’t sell to their expectations it’s useless, why do you think they bought out Blizzard? because it makes money, just like every company it’s all about profits, no profits, no money….they keep releasing COD every fucking year and they make millions because they know stupid people will keep buying the same damn game….that’s what also made GH fail because the game didnt change much but what the hell do you expect huh it’s a rhythm game for christ sake, only thing that they can add is Pro Drums and Guitar but then they would be accused of copying Rockband or Rocksmith now would they?

  48. edwin says:

    Trivium Should get a guitar hero game (: or atleast some songs in there. if u dont know them, here are some good songs by them: Throes Of Perdition,In Waves, Forsake Not The Dream, Becoming The Dragon, The Rising, A Gunshot To The Head Of Trepidation.

    • Zak Hammat says:

      Great songs, but don’t forget Like Light To The Flies, Entrance Of The Conflagration, Anthem (We Are The Fire), Down From The Sky, Built To Fall and of course Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr

  49. ruben says:

    guys should put children of bodom n job for a cowboy =]

  50. Ben Plath says:

    GH3PC Custom Songs need to be able to be played on console somehow, not remade via GH Tunes! Like Soulless 3, Epidox, Ge4ce, and Dark Caves Of LolNO.

  51. Ben Plath says:

    Oh, and we need more Death Metal/ Deathcore, Grindcore, and other heavy genres too. Like put some WHITECHAPEL songs in for example; Rockband did for DLC and it’s worth doing. I’m sure many others and I would buy more DLC if it was made within these parameters.

  52. Zak Hammat says:

    We need some more songs, even bands that haven’t been in Guitar Hero but for now more from past GH games:

    Anthrax – Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t
    Anthrax – Only
    Arch Enemy – Yesterday Is Dead And Gone
    Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare
    Bullet For My Valentine – Waking The Demon
    Cavalera Conspiracy – Killing Inside
    Chimaira – Pure Hatred
    Decide – Dead By Dawn
    Distrubed – Asylum
    Dragonforce – Operation Ground And Pound
    Dragonforce – The Last Journey Home
    Dream Theater – A Rite Of Passage
    Fear Factory – Transgression
    Killswitch Engage – My Last Serenade
    Korn – Falling Away From Me
    Lamb Of God – Set To Fail
    Lamb Of God – Walk With Me In Hell
    Life Of Agony – Love To Let You Down
    Machine Head – Davidian
    Machine Head – Locust
    Mastodon – Curl Of The Burl
    Megadeth – Die Dead Enough
    Megadeth – Never Walk Alone… A Call To Arms
    Marcyful Fate – Curse Of The Pharaohs
    Nevermore – Born (The Retribution Of Spiritual Sickness)
    Opeth – The Grand Conjuration
    Pantera – Revolution Is My Name
    Rammstein – Mein Teil
    Sanctity – Beneath The Machine
    Sepultura – Roots Bloody Roots
    Slayer – Eyes Of The Insane
    Slipknot – Duality
    Soulfly – World Scum
    Symphony X – Inferno (Unleash The Fire)
    Symphony X – The End Of Innocence
    Tool – Stinkfist
    Trivium – Down From The Sky
    Trivium – Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr
    Within Temptation – Shot In The Dark

  53. TyroneCooper says:

    Being a lifetime buyer of guitar hero products I love playing the heavier songs like killswitch engage, shadows fall, Metallica, avenged sevenfold etc etc, especially ones in the dlc’s, it would be great to see parkway drive, suicide silence, a day to remember and stuff like that in the set lists.
    The boss battles were awesome battling slash, Zakk Wylde, Tom morrello, the devil, a boss for each set list could be a pretty cool thing in the career maybe?!?!

  54. chemical says:

    This is simple the gamers want guitar hero back not to learn music but to have fun playing music. i don’t pick up my plastic guitar hero thinking i will be the best guitar hero in the world one day i pick it up to have fun with friends gaming can’t stress the last word enough GAMING. This is a game not a way of becoming a musician so if you want to learn to play a guitar take guitar lessons if you want to have fun playing music buy guitar hero. Jeeze people need to wake up!!!!!

  55. guitarherofan says:

    E3 is going to be soon. Can’t wait!!!

  56. Cris says:

    I think that they should include pro guitar mode. (please be affordable) I also think that they should make a version of the game for the 3DS and PSvita with the ability to connect with the Wii/Playstation. But ultimately, they need good songs. And a bunch of them. The DLC store his small.

    • jdurand11143 says:

      i agree there just isn’t enough songs on the DLC i have all of them and how can we compete with only 715 total songs when RB3 exceeds 3000+ songs and new packs every week! for this game to be successful there must be a group of consistent people working on publishing the songs for the shop. there should also be a new forum on the Guitarhero website for activision asking the Fans what songs they would like just like this forum but it is distributed every week and the one with most votes it chosen to be charted!

  57. guitarherofan says:

    Last day of E3 and still no Guitar Hero news from Activision. Mötley Crüe concert tonight by the way.

  58. Dragin-94Ranger says:

    What a letdown!!! No new GH!!! They waited too long what a waist, all my GH stuff up for sell….. 6 guitars, 2 drums, 4 mics, 7 games…..WTF

  59. Party Poopurr says:

    GH is gone for good, Activision doesn’t care about brands that they cannot milk at least hundred million dollars out of per year.

  60. Miguekl says:


  61. Ricky says:

    Sorry to say this but nintendo did not mention this at E3 2012.

  62. Hollis Pierman says:

    I don’t know. They MIGHT release a new GH, just under a different brand, like maybe Vicarious Visions. Also, I would like to see some OPETH, or Mudvayne; bands that have NEVER seen Guitar Hero.

    Also, PLEASE bring back Rhythm Guitar! It isn’t a RHYTHM game called GUITAR Hero for nothing. I was so ecstatic about a new GH (mainly because my sister hates it), so I’m going to still be hoping there be at least ONE new GH game to engross us once again.

    PSN: sonicfan7895

  63. Christopher says:

    I hope there will be another Guitar Hero game, I’m like a huge fan. These are some songs I’d like to see in Gutiar Hero:

    Alannah Myles – Black Velvet
    America – A Horse With No Name
    Argent – Hold Your Head Up
    Atreyu – Doomsday
    Bee Gees – Spirits (Having Flown)
    Black Label Society – Overlord
    Blue Oyster Cult – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
    Blur – She’s So High
    Bob Dylan – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
    Bon Jovi – I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
    Bruce Hornsby And The Range – The Valley Road
    Bryan Adams – Run To You
    Cast – Beat Mama
    Chris Rea – You Can Go Your Own Way
    Coldplay – Paradise
    Def Leppard – Let’s Get Rocked
    Disturbed – Inside The Fire
    Duran Duran – Secret Oktober
    Electric Light Orchestra – Four Little Diamonds
    Elton John – Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going To Be A Long, Long Time)
    Europe – On Broken Wings
    Fine Young Cannibals – Good Thing
    Garbage – Stupid Girl
    Genesis – No Son Of Mine
    Gordon Lightfoot – Sundown
    Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
    INXS – New Sensation
    Kid Rock – All Summer Long
    Korn – Oildale (Leave Me Alone)
    Limp Bizkit – My Way
    Linkin Park – Breaking The Habit
    Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love
    Megadeth – Almost Honest
    Motorhead – Hellraiser
    Nickelback – Rockstar
    Nirvana – In Bloom
    Parkway Drive – The Cruise
    Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc.
    R.E.M – Orange Crush
    Rammstein – Laichzeit
    Rick Astley – Cry For Help
    Rob Zombie – Two-Lane Blacktop
    Robbie Williams – Bodies
    Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love
    Sheryl Crow – Everyday Is A Winding Road
    Simple Plan – Your Love Is A Lie
    Sisters Of Mercy – This Corrosion
    Slipknot – Dead Memories
    Sparzanza – Before My Blackened Eyes
    Stiltskin – Inside
    Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It
    Tears For Fears – Mad World
    Terence Trent D’Arby – Sign Your Name
    The Beatles – Revolution
    The Skids – Into The Valley
    The Steve Miller Band – Rock ‘N’ Me
    Ugly Kid Joe – Cat’s In The Cradle
    Whitesnake – Ain’t No Love In The Heart Of The City

  64. dawg says:

    Guitar Hero nu metal that what alot of people listen to and would bring the franchise back to life

  65. JiveBar says:

    More soul music like in Rocksmith!

  66. It'sTightDawg says:

    It should be one of the ideas of GH: Michael Jackson, GH: Queen, or for the girls, GH: Taylor Swift. I know that last idea is crazy, but GH: Dragonforce seems kinda stupid because all of their songs are long. The players arms are gonna hurt after the first song and they’ll want to return the game.

  67. Brandon M. says:

    It may be a huge flop. Cause Rock Band was extremely popular now it’s going down in popularity especially being 2 yrs since Rock Band 3 was released. If it survives I hope there is a Guitar Hero Iron Maiden, Guitar Hero Black Sabbath, or Guitar Hero Guitar Hero Judas Priest.

  68. Brandon M. says:

    Requests for songs
    Alestorm – Over The Seas
    Alice Cooper – Poison
    Bad Religion – No Control
    Beck – Loser
    Black Sabbath – Lady Evil
    The Clash – London Calling
    Dio – Rainbow In The Dark
    Flogging Molly – What’s Left of The Flag

  69. Andrew S. says:

    Requests for songs:
    GNR-Civil war
    The Animals-house of the rising sun
    Atreyu-Falling Down
    Avantasia-another angel down
    Blondie-Call Me
    Boston-Don’t Look Back
    Cheap Trick-Aint that A Shame (live)
    Collective Soul-Shine
    The Cult-Fire Women
    Dragonforce-Once in a Lifetime
    ELO-Do Ya
    Fleetwood mac-The chain
    Fuel-Hemmorhage (in my hands)
    Judas Priest-Deal with the Devil
    Lost Prophets-Goodbye Tonight, Make a Move, Start Something, or We still kill the Old way
    Molly Hatchet-Flirtin with Disaster
    MCR-The Sharpest Lives, Famous last Words
    Neurosonic-So many people
    Offspring-Cant repeat
    Pink Floyd-Brain Damage, Comfortably numb
    Queen-Tie your Mother Down
    Rob Zombie-Dragula
    Scorpions-The Zoo
    The Strokes-Barely Legal
    Ted Nugent-Free for All
    Tesla-Dont De-rock Me
    Van Morrison-Brown eyed Girl
    Y&T-Dirty Girl

  70. James Isaac says:

    Please put sweet child of mine onto your newest game. I wanna play the drums & sing to that song. (yes I know Axl Rose sued you guys way back in GH 2 & 3 because of this song & welcome to the jungle, but Please try to put this song onto your newest game. Also, possibly more nickelback. Thank you.

  71. Kamron says:

    Request for Songs:
    The Black Crowes-She Talks to Angels
    Green Day-American Idiot
    Disturbed-Ten Thousand Fists
    Aerosmith-Jamies Got a Gun
    Whitesnake-Here I Go Again
    Guns and Roses-Paradise City
    Foreigner-Jukebox Hero
    Megadeth-Symphany of Destruction (Fear Factory Remix)
    Bad Company-Bad Company
    Jimi Hendrix-Castles in the Sand
    Rush-Tom Sawyer
    Led Zeppelin-Stairway to Heaven
    George Thourogood-I Drink Alone
    Eagles-Life in the Fast Lane
    Van Halen-Right Now
    Kiss-Calling Dr. Love
    Journey-Don’t Stop Believing

    I hope at least some of these songs end up in the game. And please don’t make a silly plot like Warriors of Rock. That wasnt my favorite.

  72. Adam K says:

    I think 2013 would be a great year to reboot the franchise!
    Songs I would reccomend are:
    Dark Stares – Shinigami
    Muse – Time Is Running Out
    Guns N Roses – You Could Be Mine
    Guns N Roses – Paradise City
    Skid Row – Youth Gone Wild
    Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart
    Fall Out Boy feat. John Mayer – Beat It (MJ Cover)
    Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal
    Megadeth – Back In The Day
    Black Sabbath – The Mob Rules
    Three Inches of Blood – Deadly Sinners
    Motorhead – Bomber
    Brocas Helm – Cry of the Banshee

  73. Jed says:


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