Activision announces first in series of Guitar Hero tournaments

After it was briefly mentioned on Twitter and Facebook, the official Guitar Hero Twitter account has announced the first in a long line of Guitar Hero/DJ Hero “live events.” The events look to correspond not only with larger festivals across the rock and roll and video game landscape, but also with the dates for the next couple of upcoming Activision/TheHeroFeed community nights.

In a campaign started on Twitter over the holiday weekend, the Guitar Hero account not only announced what the “live events” were, but also when and where. The live events will be tournaments centered on Activision’s music games (that’s right DJ Hero too!), and will take place at festivals across the United States. will be on hand for the first tournament, which will take place in two weeks (January 5th – 8th) at MAGFest in National Harbor, MD. The second one will be across the country in San Jose, CA for Rockage San Jose on February 11th and 12th.

The Activision representative has stated that these are only the first to be announced, so there will surely be more on the way. According to our communications with that representative, the DJ Hero tournament at MAGFest will take place on the Friday, and the Guitar Hero one on that Saturday.

The question that this raises is: why? Why would Activision allow for money to be allocated to a brand that has been “shelved?” it doesn’t take long to realize why Activision might be doing this. If our speculation is true, and this actually is a way to get the brand back in the minds of the masses for a full-blown reunion tour (i.e. new game) later this year, then color us excited!

Let us know in the comments if you’re planning on attending either of the events, and if you see me (Brian) at the Guitar Hero tournament at MAGFest, don’t hesitate to come up and say “hello!”

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  2. vVv Brock says:

    Hmm, interesting. Any word on what the prizes will be for these? I’d be done for a 8-hour drive to finally go to another tournament, but if the grand prize will be less than me attending the tournament then I can’t see myself going.

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