December 2011 Community Night Recap

Wow, another Guitar Hero Community Night weekend under our belt already? Even though the holidays are upon us and we just exited the most ridiculously busy month in gaming history, the last #GHComm weekend of 2011 may have actually been the most successful yet.

After a somewhat tame #GHComm thanks to it being during the week of Skyrim and Modern Warfare 3 releasing, December more than made up for any participatory shortcomings we saw in November. Rockers and mixers from at least three continents were spotted on Twitter using the #GHComm hashtag, talking about what they were playing, or simply looking for other like-minded strangers to join up with.

This time around, the focus was on Van Halen. We were online playing some Guitar Hero: Van Halen, and eventually switching over for a little bit of the latest and greatest: Warriors of Rock. Another way we focused on Van Halen? That’s right… the prizes! We asked you to hashtag #GHComm while you were playing, and we randomly chose a winner each night to win!

Those listed under Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will be taking home Guitar Hero: Van Halen for their system of choice. Unfortunately, we don’t have any copies of Guitar Hero: Van Halen for the Wii, so the winner from the Wii Community Night will have their pick of a few different things to make up for it.

Check out the winners below, and get ready for the next wave of Guitar Hero Community Nights: January 6th – 8th.

Guitar Hero November 2011 Community Night #GHComm Winners

Xbox 360:


PlayStation 3:




If you see your Twitter name listed above, reply to @TheHeroFeed and let us know that you won! If you don’t see your name listed above, fear not, we still have plenty of goodies to give away next #GHComm!

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