December 2011 Activision/TheHeroFeed Community Nights

From original announcement:

When Guitar Hero was put on indefinite hiatus, we here at The Hero Feed had a decision to make. Do we put the site on indefinite hiatus as well, or do we continue strong with the community. While we knew the lack of news would make it difficult to manage a Guitar Hero-based site, we’ve been a part of this community for several years now, and we know the strength and devotion that exists in this tight-knit group.

With that very idea in mind, we decided to keep the site as active as we could for the Guitar Hero community. While the numbers have dwindled slightly due to the lack of news, we’ve continued to be impressed with the people that keep up with the series and still play on a consistent basis. With that in mind, I am proud to announce that we will be continuing that notion of “community” through a new monthly Community Night.

We’re back already! This time, the Guitar Hero Community Nights with TheHeroFeed and Activision are going to be happening on a short rest. Now, it’s time to get out our 80’s headbands out… that’s right! This time, we’re playing Guitar Hero: Van Halen!

Remember: The point of these community nights is to get more people online at a certain time to play games that thrive on people playing together. If you want to play Guitar Hero instead, go for it! Try to get more people online on whatever game you want to play by leaving a comment below with your Online ID, what console you’re going to be playing, and what game you want to play! That way, people can join you at the specified time!

Prizes: What better way to celebrate Van Halen’s return in 2012 than to give away Guitar Hero: Van Halen for select PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 #GHComm participants on Twitter. While we can’t give away any copies for the Wii, we have a shiny collection of Wii games with a random participant’s name on it! All you have to do is take part in our community night and tweet about what you’re playing and hashtag it with the #GHComm tag. We’ll randomly choose a winner from each night to send the prize!

See you on stage!

December 2011 Hero Community Night

Xbox 360 – Friday, December 2nd at 8pm EST
PlayStation 3 – Saturday, December 3rd at 8pm EST
Nintendo Wii – Sunday, December 4th at 8pm EST

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16 Responses to December 2011 Activision/TheHeroFeed Community Nights

  1. Pup says:

    Sweet. I only have GHVH on the wii btw.

    Xbox GT: Beagle782, 58 DLC, GHWT and GH5 imports for guitar hero.

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  3. DREAMR91 says:

    I’ve yet to play on this days, i can most likely play this friday, I have GH3/5/WoR/van halen/ need some band achievements so hit me up if you can help.

  4. 1M4W350M3 says:

    I will be playing Guitar Hero: World Tour on Band Quickplay On Expert under the name 1M4W350M3.

  5. VoltageCaek says:

    I have 3, World Tour, 5, Metallica, WoR (With all imports and some metal DLC). Xbox, Gamertag Pwn Caek, Expert Drummer. Finally a community night I can make, but don’t own Van Halen

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  7. Joshua says:

    I live in Australia but I really want to play online. If I log on to my Wii around 12 noon Monday 5th Australian time (About 8PM Sunday 4th US time), will I still be able to find some players?

  8. shaun garner says:

    i have every game made 4 rock band n guitar hero just what to play expert bass

  9. juan jose says:

    add me xbox 360 gamertag XxskinXxjuan

  10. john scotton says:

    i will be playin guitar hero metallica on the ps3 game tag demonhunter2002 lets play some guitar hero

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