New Warriors of Rock Wii features revealed!

Sure, sometimes the Wii owners get shafted on multiplatform games, but it looks like Vicarious Visions is doing everything they can to level the playing field. Activision today released a brand new video detailing a few of the new features that will be exclusive to the Nintendo console.

From vast improvements in the linking between the Wii and the DS, to the added features to the Roadie Battle, where the DS players act as support to the Wii instrument players. The mode looks more and more like Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock’s infamous Battle Mode, which pitted individuals up against one another with Mario Kart-esque power ups.

Check out the list that we caught below, as well as the video from Yahoo! Games and let us know if this will influence your opinion of the Wii Warriors of Rock at all.

List of New Announced Wii/DS Functionality
  • Roadie Battle now features eight players (four instrumentalists on Wii, four roadies on DS), rather than four
  • Roadies are able to add powers to teammate instrumentalists and sabotage rival instrumentalists, much like battle gems did in Guitar Hero III
  • Roadies will be fending off various attacks on themselves as well
  • Three New Roadie Modes:
    Roadie Setlist Manager – Roadies can choose next music on the fly
    Roadie Battle – Roadies support instrumentalists with power-ups/sabotages
    Roadie Quickplay + – Same thing as “Battle”, but in single player

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2 Responses to New Warriors of Rock Wii features revealed!

  1. Game!Ov3r says:

    I loved the setlist manager on Band Hero and was hoping that it would carry over to future GH games… and it did… I hope that RB3 will take advantage of this as well. It helps out when you have a huge group of people sitting around passing the DS to pick the song you want next. And i like how it announces it on the screen when the next song changes.

  2. I like this post, I learned a few things from this one thanks for the post.

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