Guitar Hero “Live Events” mentioned on Twitter

The Guitar Hero brand may be on hiatus for 2011, but it looks like 2012 will, at the very least, hold some news for the franchise.

According to a tweet on the official Guitar Hero Twitter account, Activision will be holding “2012 live events” for the franchise. Not only that, but an announcement is set to come “next week.

The @ActivisionHunts tour I’ve been traveling with for 4 months is now over. @GuitarHero 2012 live events revealed next week! #GHComm

We don’t know if the inclusion of our “#GHComm” hashtag means that the announcement will come during this upcoming Guitar Hero Community Night weekend, or shortly after we publish the details of this coming weekend’s event, but we know this: the Guitar Hero brand is alive and well. All that we need to know now is whether or not that means a new game will greet us in 2012.

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One Response to Guitar Hero “Live Events” mentioned on Twitter

  1. Leonardo Storti says:

    Alright so now we know the brand is alive and well….thank god thank you, thank you so much man….

    But correct me if I’m wrong because I’m probably misreading somthing here, will 2012 not have another GH title? in other words hiatus until 2013?

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