Slash was “completely f***ing obsessed” with Guitar Hero

The beginning of the end, as Slash grabs his launch-day copy of Guitar Hero III

We all knew Slash was a true “Legend of Rock” before he appeared in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock as a playable character, but apparently his aspirations stretched beyond being a real rock star.

According to a recent quote in Kerrang! magazine, Slash didn’t just like playing Guitar Hero, he had to force himself to hide the game in order to find time to do anything else. “Guitar Hero was cool because it was something I could identify with,” the legendary guitarist said. “My skills are lousy, but there was one period, for a couple of months, where I became completely f***ing obsessed. […] I eventually packed it up and put it in the closet because I was horribly addicted to it!”

The rock star is known for having an addictive personality, as he was once known almost as much for his love of Jack Daniels as he is for his love of Les Paul guitars, so this isn’t too surprising. Guitar Hero lends itself to be more addicting than average video games, because it has the “instant satisfaction” factor due to noticeable improvements made over a short period of time. The game also rewards for going back and mastering songs, with improvements being rewarded with new stars, more money, and other unlockables.

Have you ever considered yourself to be “addicted” to a video game? Was Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, or another game like them your addiction? Do you even buy into the idea that video games can be addicting?



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10 Responses to Slash was “completely f***ing obsessed” with Guitar Hero

  1. Dan says:

    ‘Launch day copy of Guitar hero III’

    It came with a les paul; so how is that possible? the first shipments had xplorers :p.

    • Brian says:

      Because the pic was taken at the Activision launch party at Best Buy 🙂 I have a feeling they had the better versions of the bundle for that event.

  2. Game!Ov3r says:

    I would say I was addicted at one point to the GH/RB franchises. I would buy the game at midnight releases and buy all the DLC once available…. but then GH turned its back on me and I started to fall out of love with it. I still buy some DLC here and there on RB, but the lag between new games sucks. I loved the hunt for news on the ondisc setlists and news… but now over a year without a new game has killed my drive to be too excited over anything. This was the first year that I really started looking at other games with the…oh i have to get that when it comes out… i.e. Batman:Arkham City, Madden 12, WWE12

  3. Mike says:

    I was addicted to GH at one point. I would play it everyday for hours so that I could get better at It. But now that it is on hiatus I have been playing it less and less. I haven’t played it in over a month and with no more new DLC coming out the same songs get a bit boring to play. I have RB3 and get a few DLC songs for it but I always enjoyed playing GH better

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  5. Leonardo Storti says:

    maybe Slash can help us if he donates some of his money to Activision to see if they can make another Guitar Hero game, I mean I’ m just putting that out there as a possibility. There is nothing wrong with being addicted to a video game, it’s better than drugs 🙂

  6. KEWB says:

    I only recently fell out of complete and total RB addiction. I still play it once in a while, and ever since I started playing there have been times where I took breaks for a while, so I think I’ll go back to playing it seriously sometime, but lately I’ve just had so many other games on my plate. The new Roadrunner DLC this week will get me playing it some more (OPETH!!!!!) and I’m getting a Yourock guitar for Christmas so I’ll be heading back to RB for Pro Guitar soon enough (already have a Midi Pro Adapter).

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