October 2011 Activision/TheHeroFeed Community Nights

From original announcement:

When Guitar Hero was put on indefinite hiatus, we here at The Hero Feed had a decision to make. Do we put the site on indefinite hiatus as well, or do we continue strong with the community. While we knew the lack of news would make it difficult to manage a Guitar Hero-based site, we’ve been a part of this community for several years now, and we know the strength and devotion that exists in this tight-knit group.

With that very idea in mind, we decided to keep the site as active as we could for the Guitar Hero community. While the numbers have dwindled slightly due to the lack of news, we’ve continued to be impressed with the people that keep up with the series and still play on a consistent basis. With that in mind, I am proud to announce that we will be continuing that notion of “community” through a new monthly Community Night.

Join us as we welcome October 2011 with a little rock and roll (or club music if you want to play DJ Hero)! Representatives of TheHeroFeed.com will be playing Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock all weekend long on the following dates!

Remember: The point of these community nights is to get more people online at a certain time to play games that thrive on people playing together. If you want to play DJ Hero instead, go for it! Try to get more people online on whatever game you want to play by leaving a comment below with your Online ID, what console you’re going to be playing, and what game you want to play! That way, people can join you at the specified time!

Prizes: This time around, we’ll be giving away copies of Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock for whatever system you’re playing! How do you win? Simple! Just take part in our community night and tweet about what you’re playing and hashtag it with a big ol’ #GHComm. We’ll randomly choose one winner each night to send a copy of the latest, and possibly greatest, Guitar Hero title!

Special Prize: This time around, Activision is hooking us up! One randomly selected player that tweets #GHComm during any of the three game sessions will be entered to win the grand prize: a pair of the Munitio Modern Warfare 3 Billets 9MM earbuds. These don’t even come out until the end of October, and when they do, they’ll retail for $89.99. Pretty nice prize, huh?

Even if you don’t want to win a prize, still join us for some good ol’ rock and roll! We’ll see you on stage, whether it’s a rock stage or a club stage is up to you! See you in matchmaking!

October 2011 Hero Community Night

Xbox 360 – Friday, October 7th at 8pm EST
Playstation 3 – Saturday, October 8th at 8pm EST
Nintendo Wii – Sunday, October 9th at 8pm EST

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60 Responses to October 2011 Activision/TheHeroFeed Community Nights

  1. ketiun says:

    I will be there for sure! Quit some annoying music class and now got time!

    PSN: ketiun

  2. PikminGuts92 says:

    I’ll be there. 🙂
    I have all of the GH games except for Band Hero, with a total of 403 songs in GH:WoR (All imports).

    XBL Gamertag: PikminGuts92

  3. Ellak96 says:

    I’m in. WOR (Metallica Import) , GH3

  4. Joe says:

    I’ll try to be there! I’ve got WoR (+some imports and DLC) and DJ Hero 2.
    XBL: Plug in Joe

  5. Rob Ayton says:

    I’ll be there again! Add me on PS3 robbie8n and follow me on twitter @RobGHH – I play expert level GH. Roll on 8th October – can’t wait

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  7. Leonardo Storti says:

    release another GH game already come on

  8. Chris says:

    CRLXXX Xbox 360

  9. Chris says:

    CRLXXX Xbox 360 DJ hero2

  10. Harith Tiew says:

    Hey i donno wat time it is in here (in Bahrain) if its 8PM EST but ill try to be online the whole saturday :D. Ill be playin WOR

    PSN: harith7

  11. tommy says:

    Ill try to go wheres it at

  12. freak says:

    add xbox 360 fiendfreak

  13. Zack says:

    NEJI8604, DJ Hero 2, PS3
    DJs around the world unite

  14. Tookie says:

    I probably won’t be online Friday night for the community thing, but I can never find anyone to play DJ Hero of DJ Hero 2 with online. I bought both of them at the same time (and pretty late) so I’ve never had a chance to play online with anyone because no one is ever on when I am. If you are looking for some XBox Live online matches on either game, add me on Live. Gamertag: TuckNastical

  15. Horrible timing is horrible. I would be there, but that’s the weekend of thanksgiving in Canada, and I’m going to see family.

    I’ll attempt it though 🙂

    PSN: mfbabin

  16. Mike Som says:

    Let’s roll.

    XBLA GT: Mikaela Som

  17. matt says:

    I’m always working these nights come on! Then getting home at 11 won’t go good for expert+ drums on the seconds floor. -_- I’ll try to pick the axe up!

  18. FoXR says:

    I’ll play on Wii, probably just GH WoR, but if I can I’ll put some DJ Hero too

  19. Lili says:

    I’ll try my hardest to play again this time.. I might join a bit later though (around 10 PM EST)

    GT: PMS lilirock (I won at last #GHComm!! :D)

    I’ll be playing GH:Warriors of Rock \m/

  20. Joebith says:

    hopefully this should be fun time :333
    Gamertag: xxxmrjokoxxx
    playing Band Hero at the moment anyway :33

  21. madgamer_666 says:

    There’s never anyone playing online of WoR on PSN
    PSN: madgamer_666

  22. Kenny says:

    Ps3 I have gh3 4 and 6 with imports of 4 on 6 and a7x track pack and a couple dlc songs.
    Hit me up! iTzKILLA95 🙂

  23. Jorge says:

    IlL be there Im in GH3, GH Smash Hits, GH:WOR (metallica import), GH Metallica and GH5. All of these in wii. Sunday 9th 8pm. Ill be there.

  24. Greta says:

    I will play Guitar Hero 3 and Warriors of Rock on my Xbox 360 on Friday and We’ll play Guitar Hero 3, World Tour, Smash Hits and 5

    I’ll be there

    Gamertag: DP3321

    wii system code: 5814-0101-6848-9140

  25. chris says:

    dj hero 2
    xbox live

  26. yunjiru poma says:


  27. Pup says:

    GT: Beagle782

    56 DLC with GH5 and GH World Tour imports =)

  28. brandon says:

    Bigbbubba, xbox, warriors of rock

  29. Daniel Ellern says:

    PSN User ID: DEllern

    I play guitar on Xpert and have all the games except for Aerosmith and Band Hero. I’ll play with anyone any skill level, just looking to have people to jam with or against

  30. More one version, please for ps2.

  31. Emmanuel Bergeron says:

    I have Guitar Hero 3,Guitar Hero Mettalica,DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2 on wii

  32. donovan says:

    how do u add me on wii???? i wanna play!!!!!

  33. VoltageCaek says:

    Gamertag: Pwn Caek

    Does anyone know how long this goes until? It starts at 8, but I won’t be home until 9-10ish.

  34. Josh says:

    I’m ZuKe90 on the ps3 add me and I am a HUGE fan of guitar hero and have invested ALOT of money into u guys 🙂 wish I cud play this weekend but ima b outta town. But ADD ME PLEASE

  35. Zhyane says:

    I’m on GH 3 and WoR all the time. I’m pumped for this!!! Rank 100 Guitar Woop Woop!!

  36. om39aquoor says:

    im on gh warriors of rock (and some dlc)

    xboxlive: om39aquoor

  37. Spy1481 says:

    psn ID: spy1481

    rank 165 guitar

    I have all games and import + dlc songs

    \m/ ôô \m/

  38. could someone PLEASE help me understand how 2 get in this tournament on saturday 4 the ps3? i opened up a twitter account just 4 this, but i still don’t know what i’m doing! THANK YOU!!!

  39. kitlerc says:

    I’ll be on GH:WoR and have all the imports.

    XBL: kitlerc

  40. dandeeman says:

    Guitar Hero 3/ World Tour
    THK Hybrid

  41. robtheshroom says:

    I’m going to be on but it’s going to be pretty late. PSN robtheshroom. GH:WOR

  42. TygrHawk says:

    Gonna get online with Warriors of Rock using my friend’s PS3 & account — hope that’s OK (since I don’t have one, & he’s asleep right now lol). It’s fine w/me if he wins the stuff.

  43. rian says:

    gw master guitar hero 2

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