Amazon drops PS3 DJ Hero 2 Bundle Price to $20

Can’t find DJ Hero 2 at your local Toys ‘R’ Us? Well fear not, prospective mix-masters, has got your back. While it’s definitely not the $10 price-point that Toys ‘R’ Us advertised earlier this week, Amazon has put the Playstation 3 version of DJ Hero 2’s Turntable Bundle on sale for $20.

If you have Amazon Prime, the shipping’s free, otherwise you have to get your total over $25 in order to qualify for Amazon’s Free Super Saver Shipping.

Looking for the bundle on another platform? Unfortunately, the Wii bundle is $60, and the Xbox 360 bundle is sold out at the moment. If you already have a turntable from the first DJ Hero, you 360 and Wii owners may, in fact, be in luck. The standalone game sells for $30 new from Amazon, but you can grab the games as low as $7.50 from third-party sellers.

Click here to pick up DJ Hero 2’s Turntable Bundle. Let us know if you pick anything up in the comments below!


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5 Responses to Amazon drops PS3 DJ Hero 2 Bundle Price to $20

  1. aj says:

    remove my comment now

  2. Leonardo Storti says:

    well, I think it is safe to say after all these low prices on GH and DJH, sales are probably booming for Activision, sort of. Maybe with this they can really release another Guitar Hero title. I still say with all the sales they are getting with the COD titles, they should use some of that COD money on supporting GH I mean it would be fair wouldn’t anyone agree? its not like MW3 wont sell well, it will sell amazingly I have confidence in that department…

    I really do hope they release another Guitar Game in 2012, that is if the world doesn’t end LOL.

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