A Perfect Circle Guitarist Discusses Famous Activision Concert

In a recent piece interview with A Perfect Circle, Pittsburgh’s Trib Total Media makes a claim that is very flattering of the Guitar Hero franchise, yet very upsetting for fans of rock and roll. In the piece, which also discusses the famous Maynard James Keenan performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the online paper says, “Rock music is in such strange place right now. As pop, hip-hop, R&B, even pop-country crowds rock music off the charts — and ‘buying albums’ seems as old-fashioned as renting videotapes — the only thing keeping rock and roll off life support may be Guitar Hero.”

The piece is an interview with A Perfect Circle’s guitarist, Billy Howerdell, who was on stage with bandmate Maynard James Keenan, for the now legendary concert, where they together performed “Bohemian Rhapsody.” As it turns out, however, he was not originally lined up to perform that evening, and schedule confusion, combined with a production-team freak-out, led to Howerdell taking the stage alongside his lead vocalist, Maynard James Keenan.

There was a party at the Staples Center in L.A. for the release of Guitar Hero and apparently Brian May was going to play guitar, and had to back out. Somehow, there was some kind of production mix-up. This is the story I heard — someone thought, “Oh, we’ll just have a guitar on tape.” Then production freaked out — the theme of the thing is Guitar Hero, after all. They freaked out, realizing they needed a guitar player. Maynard literally texted me right then when they were talking about it, and said, “If it’s all right, come down and do it.” I came down and did it, and it was nice to be back onstage together again, and I think it sparked the idea of making this tour happen.

Even though the concert was over a year ago now, gamers still look back at as an amazing performance. Check out the video below, which showcases one of the cooler animations found in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

[via PittsburghLive]

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16 Responses to A Perfect Circle Guitarist Discusses Famous Activision Concert

  1. Bobby Kotick says:

    This was a fantastic performance! Money well spent.

    We originally had an idea to resurrect Freddie Mercury but the lawyers said that was a no go. So we got the next best thing, Maynard James Keenan! His cover gave me chills. It was mesmerizing. We’re thinking of making him a playable character for the next Guitar Hero in 2012!

  2. Leonardo Storti says:



    awesome performance btw…

  3. Leonardo Storti says:

    Um why did my comments get removed?….WTF I literraly had a conversation with Bobby K. yesterday what happened to that…

    Fine, Bobby K said they will release another Guitar Hero in 2012, first on Wii U then on later systems. Importability might be a possibility as well

    • lololololol says:

      You really think you had a conversation with Bobby Kotick? Hi nice to meet you I’m Alex Rigogogpgogpolous of Harmonix!

      • Leonardo Storti says:

        fuck off, I’m not lying. The hero feed removed my comments and I’m totally serious about it, I had a conersation with this dude at like 1:27 AM, what I just mentioned earlier for it coming on the Wii U on 2012 is true, if you don’t believe me well too bad.

  4. Leonardo Storti says:

    hahaahahaha…..boy do i feel stupid LOL….

    I always knew that tho….I just wanted to give that guy the pleasure

  5. Leonardo Storti says:


    Well how about you? how about you answer my questions then

    • Brian says:

      What question do you mean?

      • Leonardo Storti says:

        I want to know full and well if there is another Guitar Hero game or not….idk if you work under Activision

        • Brian says:

          I don’t work for Activision (TheHeroFeed is completely independently owned and operated. In fact, our only affiliates are RockBandAide and DanceKinection), but I will say that I would be surprised if Activision didn’t release a Guitar Hero game in 2012.

          • Leonardo Storti says:

            Well, I guess that’s a valid answer…

            comforting answer in a way since it seems there is a great possibility, but also an answer that says maybe all over it….

            I’ve spent alot of money on Guitar Hero, and the only reason is for music extension….more songs = more fun, and keeps the game fresh. I really do hope they make another Guitar Hero game, it would suck if they did not. They got me as their customer guarnteed I will buy it the day it comes out

  6. EatCake says:

    Talk about useless spam.

    Anyway, great performance!! But I don’t think GH revived rock, it just made it a bit more popular. Although, I can’t seem to get into new Pop rock.

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