Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock demo impressions

Fans were delighted this morning when they turned on their Xbox 360’s and stumbled upon the unannounced Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock demo sitting right at the front of all of the demo section, begging to be downloaded.

When players downloaded the demo, it turned out that this version was actually a different one to that of the ones found in Gamestops across the country. Instead of the six songs found on the in-store demo, the console demo features four songs from Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, Dethklok, and Slash.

The demo allows rockers to play through a brief version of Johnny Napalm’s chapter in Quest mode, where he rocks out at the CBGB punk club in NYC. After you reach 12 stars, Napalm will transform into the “Speed Freak”, where he earns multipliers much quicker than you would normally. While the demo still hasn’t eased the minds of those thinking the transformations are a little silly and out of place, they did show their functionality in the gameplay and their usage in the story.

The common theme of this demo is, without a doubt, difficulty. Even “No Way Back”, the easiest of the four tracks on guitar, was fairly difficult. “Children of the Grave” and “Ghost” have pretty difficult passages on guitar as well, but the crown jewel on the difficulty front is certainly the Expert+ chart of the Dethklok encore, “Bloodlines”. The bass part might be one of the toughest in any game of either series, so those that have two pedals and a splitter might finally feel that they are geting a return on investment.

As far as gameplay goes, the title feels very similar to Guitar Hero 5, which is a welcome stagnation, as many feel that the Guitar Hero 5 engine was the best to ever grace the series. The only issue we really encountered in the demo, in terms of gameplay, resulted in the unfortunate lag calibration tool that was carried over from Guitar Hero 5. While they have made a few slight improvements to it, the lackluster audio calibration device, which is nearly impossible to get correct on the first try, remains in place. This can certainly lead to a very frustrating first few songs, and the fact that the demo doesn’t save your lag settings between sessions doesn’t really help the matter.

The charts are all as fun as you would think. The slider notes are hardly present at all, only appearing a few notes at a time at the end of “Ghost”. The biggest standout on guitar, in terms of fun, had to be between Sabbath’s “Children of the Grave” and Slash’s “Ghost”. While the former was full of manageable hammer-ons and pull-offs, the latter featured a spree of ascending quads that always left the player feeling as though they’re on the brink of losing combo.

All in all, the Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock demo serves as the perfect appetizer to the feast of fun charts that is sure to come players’ ways at the end of this month. If this demo is any indication as to what the full-game will be like (we’re thinking it is a perfect indication, actually), then players have A LOT to be excited for.

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8 Responses to Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock demo impressions

  1. Chilli says:

    this sounds awesome, only question is whether it’ll appear on the PSN this week or anytime soon

  2. ryan says:

    “While they have made a few slight improvements to it, the lackluster audio calibration device, which is nearly impossible to get correct on the first try, remains in place.”

    imho, Neversoft has no excuse for these kinds of things not being revised and improved after 10 years of frustrated fans. Lets just hope that it’s a sign that Activision knew what they were doing when they fired them.

  3. Altos says:

    I loved this demo 😀 However I suck without the hyper speed 🙁

    • Robert says:

      Ha me too. I only played through Children to the Grave and I can’t get past No Way Back or Ghost. But the demo looks really nice and I can’t wait to play WITH hyperspeed. 🙂

    • DucksFAN says:

      What exactly is hyperspeed? Does it make the song easier? I’m thinking that if hyperspeed is on it would be impossible to hit the complex series’ of notes. Am I wrong? Please tell me.

      • Brian says:

        Hyperspeed makes the notes come at you faster, which, while it sounds like it would make it harder, it actually makes it easier for most expert players due to the fact that it spreads the notes out more and allows your eyes to separate the closer-together notes.

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