UPDATE: Guitar Hero/DJ Hero Bundles Clearanced at Sears and Toys ‘R’ Us

Sure, it sucks when a series you love goes on hiatus, but with over-saturation and brand fallout comes a silver lining: excellent clearance sales on the remaining merchandise. That’s just what’s happening at a couple of nationwide retailers at this very moment.

The first clearance sale, which is a part of a larger video game clearance, is found at Sears stores across the country. In addition to $20 Silver Playstation 2 Slims, $5 Resistance 2’s, and $3 DS games, you can find guitar bundles of Guitar Hero 5 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii for $15.

If you’re in the market for a new guitar, we cannot recommend the Guitar Hero 5 guitar enough. In my opinion, it is the best guitar ever released on current generation consoles. While at Sears, keep your eyes open for DJ Hero bundles in the clearance section. While rare, remaining DJ Hero bundles should be hovering between $15 and $25, depending on availability.

UPDATE: Toys ‘R’ Us has canceled all online orders regarding this deal and our commenters and Twitter followers have reported that managers and cashiers are calling it a “hoax.” Oddly enough, the coupon code worked online last night on ToysRUs.com, so we’re not sure how exactly a “hoax coupon” ends up working on the official website. As of now, however, it appears as though the Toys ‘R’ Us deal listed below is dead.

UPDATE 2: A representative from Guitar Hero called eight Toys ‘R’ Us locations and has found that the coupon may be showing up as valid now. If you are in the area of a Toys ‘R’ Us, it is definitely worth a shot! The deal is also said to be valid on Tony Hawk Ride/Shred bundles. Good luck!

If that doesn’t quite strike your fancy, or you don’t have a Sears around you, Toys ‘R’ Us is also having a sale that allows you to pick up any Guitar Hero or DJ Hero bundle (minus the “super” or “full-band” bundles) for only $15 each! If you want to take advantage of this deal in person, simply display the below barcode to the cashier. If you’d like to rock this deal online, just enter code #946607 at checkout. You may want to hurry on this deal, as it sounds as though some people over at CheapAssGamer.com have heard rumors of a memo going out to managers to pull this deal.

Happy hunting and let us know what deals you were able to snag up!

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36 Responses to UPDATE: Guitar Hero/DJ Hero Bundles Clearanced at Sears and Toys ‘R’ Us

  1. Leonardo Storti says:

    meh, I already got the entire collection, except for Band Hero, but I’m gonna get that soon through e-bay way cheaper, I want to import it to GHWOR thus giving me over 500 songs in my library ^_^

    I’m not surprised by this at all, ever since Activision announced hiatus you would expect this to happen that’s for sure. Supposedly Guitar Hero will comeback but I have some doubts about it, look at Duke Nukem for example, it went hiatus as well and look when it decides to come back after 19 or 20 years, GH may just fall in that state as well, it might take years and years until people will get interested again…

    Sure GH may be a strong name, but it might also just be a fad and sadly it was a fad, this also falls in the same category to RB since they are pretty much the same game…only difference…GH has circled notes and RB has rectangular notes but its the same damn gameplay, oh and DLC difference. Hopefully they will stick to their word that they will release another GH in 2012, I do want to expand my setlist afterall, I need more music and more music to me keeps the game fresh

    • Michael M says:

      The problem isn’t really that people aren’t interested, it’s just that werent making nowhere near as much money as they had with GH3 and GH:WT. Even now there are people who still love the game including me, just when they started spewing out games left and right is when it clearly became quantity over quality. I’d say the top three games are GH3, GH6 and GH:M in that order. I believe a majority of people can agree as these games seem to have a good amount of work on them and contain a great balance of songs.

      The game was a fad because Activision made it a fad. If you have seen videos in the GH community (YouTube) then you would see the incredible players practice relentlessly to acquire a full combo on the toughest songs. Once people were able conquer through the fire and flames with ease, the rest of the games barely fared a challenge, GH:M being full comboed in two days only of release. Things like this disappointed hardcore fans and probably induced them to not buy the newer guitar hero’s.

      As for RB, the game obviously have the same concept but are not the same game. Harmonic runs a much tighter engine than GH and makes the ability to hit the notes harder. Also before RB3 they had a limit of how fast you could strum, even limiting the ability to even hit some sections. One thing that keeps RB alive is clearly the DLC, running well over 2,200 songs by now. I still haven’t bought Band Hero and don’t intend to. It has way to many pop like music that is not even close to a warm up to my fingers.

      • Leonardo Storti says:

        Well I would like Band Hero because I want to expand my music but don’t get me wrong I’m really good at this game I can beat TTFF as well, sure it will come with songs I hate but there are songs there that I want like for example papa roach and the turtles, even poison is there and I at least want those songs, if the only way for me to get those songs is by having to deal with the other crappy songs of Band Hero then so be it. My cousins and I play this game alot because there is so much music in my library (473 songs including imports) that the game really never gets old, there is so much variety of music and if you like several if not many genres then your setlist will be huge, you would be pleasing alot of people who would play with you and I always think for others than myself, this game was always meant as a party game and it needs to satisfy others, don’t you think so?

        Aside from that, RB’s advantage as you simply put, DLC….yes they have over 2,200 songs there is no doubt that everyone prefers RB for that sole reason but gameplay wise, I absolutely hate it, I hate its graphics, I hate how precise you have to be with that game, and it’s generaly an easier game than GH because GH is insanely harder. I’m not trying to be a fanboy or something like that I just prefer GH’s mechanics it’s just better, RB still can’t get it right even with RB3, but then again they have their own way of playing the game, RB went for realism and GH went for Fantasy, it’s true you know but it’s probably why I like GH so much because it still gives me that strong feeling of being a Hero, a Guitar Hero…

        I do have a proposal to up the difficulty of the game if people are bummed with GH because of it, and I mentioned this many times before, add a sixth fret button to the guitar, I’m serious and you would have the option of having expert+ on the game…..you have your standard 5 colors, G,R,Y,B, and Orange….but how about adding a sixth fret and it would be purple, then you would have all the colors of the rainbow, no really you would…adding a sixth fret would really up the difficulty of the game by alot because you have to move your hand way more now…that’s just me tho it would be a great idea

  2. kitlerc says:

    I will have to trek to Sears to take a look. If the price is right, maybe I’ll grab a new guitar. I can feel my GH3 one crapping out on me.

    However, I already have all the games, and I don’t like how the GH6 guitar is, so we shall see…

    • Kitlerc says:

      So I took a trip this morning to check out the two stores before going to work.

      At Toys R Us, there was actually someone trying to get the coupon to work on a GH6 Full Band Bundle, then on a DJ Hero 2 double Bundle, then finally a GH6 Guitar Bundle. The employee would not accept it, and the manager said it was a hoax coupon, despite it being from their website. I didn’t stick around to find out how it ended.

  3. Memesis says:

    Here’s hoping there are some of the newer drum sets. Anyone happen to see any?

  4. Croq says:

    I should do a run by Sears I guess. A $20 PS2 sounds really nice if they still have any.

  5. Anonymous says:

    A friend of mine went to a toys r us and tried it and they wouldn’t accept it and the manager said the coupon only works on Tony Hawk games. So i can say this doesn’t work

    • Death259 says:

      My wife just picked up DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle from Toys R Us with this coupon, so I can say it does work. 🙂

  6. jacob says:

    hi i have been playing GH since i was 6 i am not 11 it sux that this is going to an end but then again all good things must come to an end but as far as the guitar quality GH 5 guitar is the best its got a cool and easy strum and its a lot easier to play but the legends of rock guitar oh what a trip it is by far the coolest GH looking guitar ever u should all check it out good luck 🙂

  7. Guitar Hero should’ve played it smart and released games at least 2 to 3 years apart. Take the star wars movies for example, 3 years between for huge marketing and enough demand, but gh played it out like seth rogen, releasing 2 movies of his a year and now nobody really cares anymore. Play it smart if you guys come back and please release good dlc, i wanna see some iron maiden, more megadeth, stevie ray vaughan, disturbed, godsmack, and if ever some led effing zeppelin.

  8. zodiackilla707 says:


  9. Cory says:

    I hope soon I can go to 1) the bank 2) a store, and pick one up :3 a drum set to because my piece of shit Band Hero drums broke on me after 1/2 a year…

  10. Mr.Fuzz says:

    You think thats bad, my World Tour drums broke on me the day I opened them out of the box, I tried everything from wire glue to sautering to fix them but nothing but repeated failure in the hit sensor. Guitar hero should have stuck to its name, *Guitar*, The reason the franchise went so downhill is they were trying to pump out too many games with too many peripherals and the public wasn’t buying into it. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the games, minus maybe van halen, but the guitar hero franchise could have become an instant gaming classic, instead of a fad.

  11. ckyaj says:

    I got the complete dj hero 2 bundle with 2 turntables and mic for 15 with this coupon plus 3 guitar hero sets I got 2 warriors of rock and one guitar hero 5 at toys r us best deal ever!

  12. Sargotha says:

    Majority of the Guitar Hero franchise I have missed out on, primarily due to lack of the proper console to play on. 🙁 My first, and thus far only, acquisition was of course “Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock”. But, I will hopefully still be able to at least enjoy those before it, on the Nintendo Wii.

    Although, I hate it when the Wii Remote decides, “Oh, time for a nap now.”, and I am in the middle of a Solo on a song. X.X

    That is one feature, while I appreciate it normally to save draining of the batteries when not in use, I wish would be bypassed for playing Guitar Hero unless manually instructed to do the battery saver feature. Such as pressing the Home button or waiting for the guitar to be actually lain down on its backside.

    Another thing that bugs me is the fact that in order to fit the Wii Remote into the Guitar’s neck and body, I have to remove the safety strap so I can get the Remote to fit properly and not risk damage to the USB cable that connects to the Remote’s bottom.

    Other than those inconveniences, I really have no complaints.

  13. Mumrat says:

    Hit up two different Sears today.

    One didn’t have a Video Game section at all (quite out of date store).

    The other did have a bunch of DJ Hero bundles for every system for 24.97 (Cockeysville, MD store)

    No GH though, which is what I went for since I am in need of a new guitar for cheap.

    Good luck everyone!

  14. Andrea says:

    Perhaps someone should let the game devs know that there are players in the UK who also deserve a chance to purchase at these cut-rate prices.

    Nice to know that the UK economy is bolstering the flagging US marketplace!

  15. MissDemise says:

    Does anyone have a link to this on the Sears site? I don’t believe this at all..

    • JB says:

      I searched it on Google Shopping because I didn’t believe it either. For the Guitar Hero 5 bundle for Wii it showed me the price of 14.97 at a nearby Sears with a limited stock (it showed both Toys R’ Us in my location as out of stock). Then I got 50% on top of that so I got out with a MAJOR deal and only paid $8.13 after taxes!! And I didn’t need this coupon it was already discounted in the system. Even the store employees didn’t believe it!! I would suggest searching the product DJH, GH, or Tony Hawk before you waste time or gas going from store to store !! This was definitely a steal IMO !! 🙂

      • Leonardo Storti says:

        Well maybe with increased sales like this Activision might consider releasing another GH game for next year, though they are too cheap so profit gains will not be very good for Activision but this might give them a reason to release GH again….

        because of cheap sales maybe Activision will realize how many guitar hero fans are out there so there is a chance, if sales keep going insane like this there might be a chance for a release of another GH game, regardless of gains

  16. KEWB says:

    Damn, I may have to make a trip up to sears tomorrow. If the prices are accurate with my local store and my store has them in stock I’ll pick up a gh5 bundle and oneof those ps2s.

    • KEWB says:

      Well my store didn’t have them, or any video games that I saw. I’ve got to admit I didn’t even know they carried them until I heard about this deal, so maybe my store doesn’t, or they could have sold it all off already.

  17. Hurling69 says:

    Anybody still looking for some good deals on Guitar Hero game bundles can find some pretty good prices here: http://krazeekrazees.com/guitar-hero.php?item=Guitar_Hero_Game_Kit

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