New iPhone DLC: Interpol!

After Activision rolled out six songs for main series DLC today, they announced that a three pack of Interpol tracks are now available for purchase  through the in-game Guitar Hero iPhone App Store.

The pack includes the following tracks that have yet to make their appearances in the main series:

“Slow Hands”

Now we just have to hope great songs like “Evil” come to the main series so we can rock out to them in proper, full-band fashion!

Let us know what your favorite tracks are in the pack and if you have any videos of yourself playing through the tracks, feel free to post them in the comments below!

Thanks to RDNetwork for the correction on the article!

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3 Responses to New iPhone DLC: Interpol!

  1. rdnetwork says:

    You already forgot that “Slow Hands” will be on GHWOR ? x)

  2. Why the hell are they putting good songs on the iphone and crap on the systems ><

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