Throwback Thursday: Black Sabbath Track Pack

Let me say this: not many people like Black Sabbath more than I do. In fact, I’d put them in my top five bands of all-time. In addition to my love for the band and their music, they also happen to work incredibly well within the band video game formula.

Look at the personnel within Black Sabbath: Ozzy on vocals, Iommi on guitar, Butler on bass, and Ward on drums. Every single member is insanely talented, and, without fail, their songs end up producing awesome charts. Until recently, it was thought that the master tracks were completely lost or destroyed, as evident by their missing status in Rock Band and Guitar Hero, but this pack proved all of the skeptics wrong.

The pack consists of “After Forever,” “Into the Void,” and “Sweet Leaf,” which all happen to be off of Master of Reality. Maybe that is the only one of their “classic” albums that had usable master tracks, especially considering “Children of the Grave,” which appears on Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, also is on the same album. Either way, Black Sabbath is an awesome addition to anyone’s Guitar Hero library and was totally worth the confusion and the wait of having the pack mysteriously delayed when it was first announced.

Officially Released: April 29th, 2010
Games Compatible With: Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
$2 per song; $5.50 for the Black Sabbath Track Pack


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