Guitar Hero: DLC Playthrough – 4/12 “The Final DLC”

This month sees the final release of downloadable content for Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. The three packs released give us 10 additional songs into the Guitar Hero DLC library from bands: Paramore, Madina Lake, Middle Class Rut, and Darkest Hour.

Below are playthrough videos from thenewnoelisoncruz. You should definitely subscribe to him if you want to see the latest Guitar Hero DLC videos!

Links to purchase DLC songs online at are included below for each track, all tracks are 160 MSP ($1.99).

Note: As of right now it appears that “The Darkest Hour” Pack is not available for Wii. We will keep you posted if this changes.

“Emo Edge” Track Pack – 600 MSP

“Hey Superstar”

“Across 5 Oceans” Expert+

“That’s What You Get” Expert+

“Ignorance” Expert+

“Middle Class Rut” Track Pack – 440 MSP

“Sad To Know” Expert+

“Lifelong Dayshift” Expert+

“New Low” Expert+

“Darkest Hour” Track Pack – 440 MSP

“Savor The Kill” Expert+

“Beyond The Life You Know” Expert+

“Doomsayer” Expert+


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10 Responses to Guitar Hero: DLC Playthrough – 4/12 “The Final DLC”

  1. K1k3 says:

    I’ll buy Doomsayer for Wii 😀 *Watches that note* :'( NOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  2. fixer says:

    Not on the Wii eh? Isn’t that splendid, and predictable.

  3. Tom says:

    Actually, none of the packs are out on wii yet. (In the UK at least).

  4. PSPCOW says:

    I’ll be getting Paramore. It was a good run while it lasted -_-

  5. Tom says:

    When/is this coming to the wii? Been 3 days now and still not there. Bit ridiculous that everyone else can get it. Shame activision are ending by outcasting the wii users yet again.

  6. PSPCOW says:

    Funny how everyone still complains about DLC even if it’s the very last we’re getting.

  7. Leonardo Storti says:

    I don’t understand why they are not supporting the Wii anymore, (thank god I sold mine) I guess the guys of GH before being fired there were groups… group for Wii, one for PS3, and one for the 360. I’m not sure if this came out for the PS3 but I can assure you it came out for 360, guess they must have charted the 360 version first before doing any of the other consoles, I’m starting to think it’s because it’s easier and the fact that Activision prefers the 360. That is a major flaw and only makes Activision lose customers for not supporting the Wii enough, not to mention I have been hearing alot of threads about bugs on the songs for the Wii, like for example import issues and some downloadable content

    • Ed Tanguy EWE says:

      When the latest pack was released, though, not visible in store (Wii UK) My GH:GH import was permanently fixed :3

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