Activision Officially Calls Guitar Hero Situation a “Hiatus”

Activision wants you to know everyone was wrong. After the publishing giant announced that there would be no more Hero games, everyone just assumed that meant ever. Yesterday, however, Activision clarified that this was far from breaking up the band.

In an interview with, Activision’s Dan Winters said people may have jumped the gun when claiming that the franchise was over. “Actually, just to clarify, we’re just putting Guitar Hero on hiatus, we’re not ending it,” Winters said. “We’re releasing products out of the vault – we’ll continue to sustain the channel, the brand won’t go away. We’re just not making a new one for next year, that’s all.”

So does this news give fans new hope? Common sense would dictate that it must. Dan Amrich (aka OneOfSwords) has repeatedly stated that the “No 2011 Game =/= Gone Forever,” but hearing it from more than one source has to feel good for those hoping to see their favorite rockers take the stage again.



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20 Responses to Activision Officially Calls Guitar Hero Situation a “Hiatus”

  1. expertwinSH says:

    Fuck yeah.

  2. Game!Ov3r says:

    By him saying they are going to sustain the channel, does that lead into a possible export to two down the road? Sure we are done with the DLC, but it still reads as though they will be sending stuff our way via DLC rather than a game this year. You gotta believe that they had some more World Tour/Greatest Hits songs laying around for a second export or a Van Halen export lined up.

  3. Jake says:

    If its not over then why stop the DLC?

    • Rab39 says:

      Why even announce the hiatus?

      Thanks to all the game blogs and magazines that quote Michael Pachter multiple times a day, it’s more about the investors baby.

      Even if they were making a profit on selling DLC, making a grand announcement – which also seemed to denigrate the entire music game industry – to investors who have been fed a bunch of stories about how the genre was a loser is a better move for Activision financially.

      It was clear from day one that GH was never dead, anyway. That was just media and blog hype. They always said hiatus, etc.

    • Game!Ov3r says:

      I believe they stopped DLC because they laid everyone off that charted the songs.

  4. pancho says:

    Activision: Hey guys, we’re not gonna release a game this year since–

    Media: OMG Guitar Hero is over FOREVER! Music gaming is OVER AS IT IS!

    Harmonix: Uhm, no it isn’t, we’re sti–


    damn, how I hate misinformed media.

  5. Cactaur says:

    Game Informer posted an article about this as well. Lots of the comments say “let it die” and “nobody plays GH anymore”. Go comment on the article and prove them wrong.

    • EuroMIX2 says:

      It was the same on Gamespot.

      There is little point commenting on such articles because anything slightly positive towards Guitar Hero will be instantly shot down or down-voted into oblivion.

      I really hope that Guitar Hero continues because I need at least one series to give the Wii decent games. Apparently Harmonix are too busy ‘innovating’ to do a trivial thing like that…

    • Tyler Loomis says:

      Hey Cactaur was Game informer wrong when they said that the GH franchise is over and that Activison/Harmonix wont be making GH games anymore? I mean is this article true and acurate cuz u know how sometimes people lie about events well I really truly need to know if activson really said this because im a huge GH fan I played this game ever sense i was a young kid and i played every game but still can u please comment on me and asure me that this is true news and not fake please i would greatly appricate it!

      • Cactaur says:

        Activision themselves said that they could bring back GH in the future, there just won’t be one this year. Harmonix will probably never go back to the series since they now manage both Rock Band and Dance Central, and possibly some new IPs in the future.

  6. Leonardo Storti says:

    I say this a million times, FUCK YES!!….

    Thank god, damn it Activision, why didn’t you just say so in the beggining? I swear to god man sometimes you guys just don’t plan un delivering public announcements seriously, but then again its our part to blame too as we thought that GH was totally dead. The GH franchise is just too much of a good brand to just let go!…people love rock music and games like GH and RB. GH just needs a Hiatus ok that’s fine, focus on innovating it and giving something new and fresh not just releasing game after game after game. It doesn’t work like that people will eventually get tired of it, just come up with an idea something new that will throw us back into wanting to play GH again and again, and DLC IS ESSENTIAL!…I can not stress that out enough people have different tastes in music, and you must deliver it to them. This gives me a glimmer of hope, but I also taught myself not to take things too seriously because look who we are dealing with people, it’s ACTIVISION.

    And for all you people saying that GH should die, just shut up. I’m seriously getting tired of having to read freaking comments like that. If you don’t like the game then don’t buy it, the true GH fans like myself will continue to buy it and if you RB fanboys or GH haters out there don’t like it then that’s TOO BAD FOR YOU, I enjoy playing GH and it’s a great game to play by yourself and with friends or a party, so there. You do what you like with your money and I will do what I like with my money, got it?

    Sorry it just frusterates me sometimes.

  7. Jason2087 says:

    I personally call bullshit. There is no way that another GH game gets released. Atleast not by Activision. How can you come out and say “The game is just not profitable anymore with rising costs” and expect that to change in a few years time to where it does become profitable. The only way a “Hiatus” would help, is if RB didn’t exist. Because then people wouldn’t be able to play music games at all for a few years, but RB will still be there when GH is not. Activisions GH is done, mark my words.

    • lololololol says:

      Maybe they want to sit back and observe what happens when their hat isn’t in the ring.

    • Croq says:

      This. Hey, if they decide somewhere down the road to release another GH (which I agree is very unlikely), then more power to them, and we’ll see what happens.

      Until then, I think the safest way to approach it is to assume they’re never coming back. Enjoy what you have, and if they do come back, then great. If not, you’re not disappointed.

      And one other thing to mention. Calling something as being on “hiatus” often is just a way to keep options open. Plus, if they “cancelled” it, then maybe some of the bands they have exclusive deals with would cry “foul” and could potentially jump ship to RB.

      If it happens it happens, I just don’t think that it ever will.

      If you feel otherwise, that’s fine. Just stating my feelings.

      • Leonardo Storti says:

        I agree with you, I don’t see how they would make a comeback. I mean they did fire 500 people and layed off studios that had anything to do with GH. I don’t think they plan to bring it back anytime soon, hiatus could be just a friendly way of saying we’re gone for good, then again I have been surprised before but who knows how many years it will take until they bring back the genre. I’m sure they will bring it back but probably for the next gen of xbox, nintendo and playstation consoles, somehow I feel like I hit the nail right in the head, at least that’s how I feel.

  8. jdurand11143 says:

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