Music Construction Set Unveiled

We bought into StarSlay3r’s tease a few days ago, and now the mysterious Dr. Fantastic has revealed himself and his science project.

The “game” has been revealed as a Music Construction Set, a piece of software that actually allows you to play musical notes with your plastic axe!

If you’d like to check out the beta of this pretty interesting piece of software, follow the rules, as laid out by the team itself below.

STEP 1: Download the FREE PC game here. You’ll need a Guitar Hero guitar controller and a webcam to upload your performance (if you choose to).

STEP 2: Plug your guitar controller into a USB port. If you have a wireless xbox360 guitar controller, then this Wireless Gaming Receiver will come in handy.

STEP 3: Play! Shred! Rock out! Check out the 2 tutorial videos (above) for some of the basics on how to strum in Rhythm mode, and how to rip some solos in Lead mode.

Also, StarSlay3r hopped on to give a few more tidbits about the game.

The guitar has a bit of a learning curve to it so Owen posted some tutorial videos on the channel and will be posting more in the future. He would also love to see tutorial videos from you guys from cool things that you learn how to do from messing around with it, so please… go at it and share what you discover! He plans on doing contests in the future, but first we have to get everyone playing so go download it and check it out if you get a chance.

Be sure to check out the reveal video below!

They have also included a video tutorial of “Blues Mode,” so be sure to check that out below and subscribe to 1louderthan10’s YouTube channel to download the beta of this game, as well as to get the latest news as soon as possible!

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15 Responses to Music Construction Set Unveiled

  1. Ed Tanguy EWE says:

    .Net framework won’t install, the other thing won’t install, i have a stupid Vista laptop with a stupid local internet provider that my step dad forces me to have, Everything is stupid but i’m sure this thing that i can’t access is amazing ¬¬

  2. PikminGuts92 says:

    It’s actually pretty neat. I’ve already learned how to play Smoke on the Water. 😛

  3. Cactaur says:

    Fret Buzz was the precursor to this, and this is a big improvement. Fret Buzz sounded a lot more synth-like, but this sounds more like actual guitar.

  4. Leonardo Storti says:

    I don’t care for this, I want a new GH game!

    • Brian says:

      Well we knew it wasn’t going to be a GH clone from the tease earlier. Plus, I don’t think anyone’s going to try to take on Rock Band at this point as nobody will really have a chance outside of Guitar Hero. We saw how Power Gig and Rock Revolution failed completely. It takes Activision money and Neversoft/Red Octane vision to compete.

  5. expertwinSH says:

    GHTunes ring a bell?

  6. Ty says:

    my parents saw the david crowder band a few years ago and he played one of the songs like this

  7. rdnetwork says:

    Any way to get this working with only a Wii GH Controller ?

  8. KEWB says:

    “The ‘game'”

    Very first thing I saw when I glanced at the article.

    Anyway, this isn’t really that unique of an idea as similar things have been done in GHTunes, Rock Refolution’s music studio, and if I remember correctly I think someone else made sort of a similar program to this. The important thing though is that this sounds a lot better and judging by the finger movement it looks like they worked out a way to make it feel more natural.

  9. Lord Mhoram says:

    Sounds interesting, but I never upload videos of myself, and have no interest in doing so. If they ever remove the silly requirement for a webcam for uploading, so I can just play the dang software, I’m interested.

    As it stands – no. I don’t even own a webcam, and never plan on getting one.

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