Names “Inhuman Achievement” Most Frustrating

An interesting list popped up today on The “Dorklyst” as they’ve coined it, contains what they claim to be the “10 Most Frustrating Achievements in Xbox Live History.”

The list is chocked full of selections from games like Portal, Mega Man X, and Burnout: Revenge, but the achievement that caught top spot on their list caught our attention.

The site decided to name “The Inhuman Achievement,” the one that Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock awards to players for beating DragonForce’s “Through the Fire and Flames” on Expert, as the most frustrating achievement on the Xbox.

As someone who holds this achievement, I know that this is no rare feat amongst our reader-base, but you have to understand from a casual player’s perspective the sheer difficulty of not only hitting the insanely fast intro, but also having the endurance to challenge the remainder of the unnecessarily long and challenging song is almost unfathomable.

Maybe in the near future, TheHeroFeed will put out our picks for most difficult achievements in the history of Guitar Hero/DJ Hero, but until then, what are your thoughts on choosing this as their “Most Frustrating Achievement in Xbox Live History?”

And why not throw this in here at the end?


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6 Responses to Names “Inhuman Achievement” Most Frustrating

  1. gordofredito says:

    Smash Hits has an even worse one, the “Raining Blood” one…

  2. Steve says:

    The vocal achievements for Beat It and Stone Cold Crazy were harder.

  3. Hailz says:

    Maybe they were going for more of a list of “Achievements that are frustrating that people will still go for,” cause even in GH3 there are much more annoying achievements to get (such as winning PFO’s with the dualshock controller, or sitting through the game on easy). But as far as achievements that aren’t outrageously too hard for 99% of players and overly time-consuming… I kind of agree with this pick. But only with those qualifiers.

  4. Pedrobotella says:

    I think the one “Get 750k in any song” is harder. There are not many songs where you can get it, and even with the songs that allow to get those points, you need a high % and combo to get it.

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