Amazon rolls out $0.99 Release Day Delivery!

If you’ve been wanting to pre-order Warriors of Rock, but have hesitated because of Amazon’s Release Day Delivery charge, you can stop making excuses now!

This week, quietly rolled out a new program that gives certain pre-order titles $0.99 Release Day Delivery, which definitely makes Amazon the go-to retailer for pre-order items, given that you can wait until mid-day on release day.

You can visit the links below and pre-order Warriors of Rock (which gives you a $10 Amazon gaming gift card, as well as a My Chemical Romance guitar strap) or any of the other upcoming music titles you’ve been dying all summer to play.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Comes with $10 Gaming Gift Card and MCR Strap

DJ Hero 2
No Pre-Order Bonuses as of Yet

Rock Band 3

Comes with $10 Gaming Gift Card and exclusive in-game guitar

Power Gig: Rise of the SixString
Comes with MP3 download of original music from the game

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One Response to Amazon rolls out $0.99 Release Day Delivery!

  1. sumboxcar182 says:

    even better, if you have a .edu account for school, simply go to and you’ll get amazon prime for free! (which gives you release date delivery for free) You also get awesome discounts on textbooks too, but i’m sure more people will be excited for even cheaper shipping lol

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