What Plastic Instrument Game Is Best for You?

There are three titles plastic instrument titles coming out this fall and let’s face it, not everyone can afford all three (especially when you figure in Pro Instruments among the other numerous plastic instruments that come out alongside the three releases). That’s why we here at The Hero Feed have compiled what each title has to offer to the player. Check out the list below and see for yourself what option you should take!

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Obviously, we should start off by taking a look at the franchise that this site covers. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock is going to likely be the most crowd-pleasing and hardcore out of the three plastic instrument titles coming out this season. From the metal setlist to the fact that the characters are literally on a quest to save rock and roll, this might even pass Guitar Hero: Metallica as the most metal music game of all-time.

Plug into this game if:
You’re a fan of metal, you consider yourself a pretty hardcore plastic instrument player, you yearn for the days of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Avoid this like the plague if:
You hate Rush, Megadeth, or any band along those lines, you were a fan of World Tour

Rock Band 3
The most obvious alternative to Warriors of Rock is, without a doubt, the offering by Harmonix, Rock Band 3. Rock Band 3 will have the normal bells and whistles of a Rock Band game, but they’ll also be adding key features that people have been clamoring for, like keyboards and harmonies. The biggest addition is, without a doubt, the Pro-Mode. Players will now be able to play songs and effectively bridge the gap a bit more between real instruments and plastic ones. That, combined with their huge DLC library makes it a formidable opponent to Warriors of Rock.

Plug into this game if:
You want to play keyboards, harmonies and Pro-Mode, you like keyboard driven rock, you already have a bunch of DLC from their amazing library

Avoid this like the plague if:
You want a better mix of metal or rock, you don’t want to buy new peripherals to experience the new modes, you couldn’t care less about DLC or Rock Band Network

Power Gig: Rise of the SixString
Power Gig is a strange case. They’re obviously the new guy in town, but they’ve been talking the biggest game out of all of the franchises, calling out Rock Band in a blog post and even going as far as tossing Guitar Hero guitars in a volcano. The community hasn’t appeared to be impressed with their gameplay, guitar controller or, especially, their AirStrike drum kit. There is no doubt that they do have a great setlist comprised of the most songs that aren’t in the other franchises.

Plug into this game if:
You want something a little different, you are a die-hard fan of Clapton, Dave Matthews or Kid Rock, you have wanted a large collection of new songs on the disc

Avoid this like the plague if:
You’ve seen gameplay videos and aren’t impressed, you don’t trust the no-impact AirStrike drum design, you are looking for a proven company or franchise, you don’t like 2D note-charts

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25 Responses to What Plastic Instrument Game Is Best for You?

  1. MsClasher says:

    In my opinion
    Arcade > Simulation

    So Guitar Hero for meh !

  2. kangaroo62 says:

    Rock Band 3 with GH: WOR in a pretty close second. Powergig I would never even consider.

  3. Chilli says:

    I will be getting GH:WOR and RB3, definitely like GH setlist better though

  4. PSPCOW says:

    GH and RB3 for me. Even the PRO instruments. Power Gig still hasn’t sold me if they keep their “We’re good and we prove it without facts” sort of attitude.

  5. xJKx STYX says:

    GH:WOR all the way and will be the best this year! I will only pick RB3 up because it is a new music game and I usually get them all. I will NOT get Power Gig unless you can use GH/RB drums on the game instead of that stupid air drum crap and if it is like $20 instead of $60.

  6. Croq says:

    RB3 for me, GH:WOR once it gets cheaper (not a metal fan, but there are several tracks I like).

  7. Brian says:

    I’m actually surprised by the amount of people saying RB3 for them. Not that I’m saying RB3 is going to suck (in fact I’m very hyped for it myself), but seeing as how the site is GH focused I thought we’d see more GH fans 😉 haha

    • Croq says:

      I actually like both (I have bought most of the GH games since GH II). I just prefer RB3.

      • DucksFAN says:

        I hate Rock Band. GH: WOR for me all the way. Has anyone actually LOOKED at RB3’s setlist? Amy Whinehouse, The Doobie Bros., Elton John, Metric, Phoenix (I realize is GH too.), Smashmouth, and War?
        This is ROCK BAND people! And then even the good songs are repeats of song what have been in GH games: A7X’s Beast and The Harlot, Ozzy’s Crazy Train, Paramore’s Misery Business, and Slipknot’s Before I Forget. Absolute FAIL. It seems RB was to busy complexifying ( I just made a word up I’m that pissed) an already challenging game with over ONE HUNDRED DIFFERENT BUTTONS! Seriously, give me my six-button guitar peripheral and let me be a rock star for just a little while. If I wanted to learn a real guitar I would buy a REAL one. RB’s sound quality sucks too. When you play it, the vocals are really quiet on some songs, and on others you can barely hear the guitar during the solos. Only redemption, over a thousand downloadable songs. But, GH has a lot of good songs too. We have quality, not quantity. There I have said my peace, anybody got a defense for that? Bring it on you RB fanboys.

        • Croq says:

          Wow, I didn’t realize that saying I preferred RB3 makes me a fanboy… You did see where I said I like BOTH and have been buying pretty much all the GH games since GH II, right?

          Now, to address some of your points.

          The strength of each game’s setlist is debatable. If you’re into more metal, then GH:WOR is gonna speak to you more. If you’re into more variety, then RB3’s will likely speak to you more.

          Regarding the songs in RB3 that are already in GH, you can say the same thing the other way. There is a LOT of music that is in both game series.

          Regarding saying it is ROCK Band, that’s an old argument that could be used for GH too. The GH series has their share of non-rock stuff. And it could be argued that metal is not the same thing as rock.

          Regarding RB “complexifying” the game, you don’t have to play pro mode if you don’t want to. Your five-button plastic axe will work fine in RB3. Same with drums, you can play the old fashioned way if you want.

          Regarding “quality not quantity” on DLC, that all depends on the person. I much prefer the DLC that’s available for RB (probably why I have over 700 DLC songs plus all the exports). I agree that GH has some awesome songs as DLC (Bob Seger is one that jumps to mind), but just like RB, they have a bunch of crap too.

          • DucksFAN says:

            I was talking to just about everyone who likes RB better than GH.

            Addressing some of your points:
            Regarding your shot-back at my remarks about the 100+ button controller, You don’t HAVE to but they WANT you to. So I’ll get the feeling I’m not playing it correctly without using pro-mode.

            Regarding your thoughts on the setlists of previous games, I was saying that THIS year’s setlist is bloody awful for RB. GH5 setlist sucked so bad, I bypassed the game altogether. BUT, WOR’s setlist is insanely good, and RB3’s sucks.

            Regarding your comments about GH copying songs too, Guitar Hero, (When they do repeat, which isn’t often) repeats in means of DLC mostly. Like GH rarely EVER releases songs that have been in RB on a stand alone title. They release the repeat song as DLC.

            Hopefully that clears my thoughts up on it. I have RB2 by the way, and I just don’t like it nearly as much as GH games. What is your retailiation to that “Croq”?

          • Croq says:

            I don’t view any of my comments as a retaliation or attack, just bringing up another point of view. You and I disagree about this stuff, and no amount of arguing and posturing by one of us is going to convince the other.

            We disagree about the setlists, and oh well, such is life. It’s not worth yelling about which setlist is better because we’ll never convince each other.

            My reply about the controller was not intended as a “shot-back”, just pointing out that it is not required to use or pay for the upgraded controller (because there are likely people who are unaware of that). I agree that they WANT you to upgrade, and I likely will, though I’ll wait for the real Fender guitar to come out.

            You mentioned that GH “rarely EVER releases songs that have been in RB on a stand alone title. They release the song as DLC.” GH:WOR has songs that are already in RB, like “Tick, Tick, Boom” which was in Lego Rock Band, “Bat Country” is available as RB DLC, “Aqualung” was on disk for RB2. There are others. BOTH titles have “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Again, I freely admit and acknowledge that duplicate tracks go both ways, and it happens both on-disk and through DLC. The worst occurrence of this was when GH:WT and RB2 came out with SIXTEEN common tracks!!!

  8. Saiya says:

    This is a no brainer 🙂 GH:WoR of course

  9. HeXcoda says:

    RB3 for me, kind of a mainstay fanboy. But GH:WoR looks good too, and I might pick it up when it drops a bit in price. Power Gig can die, preferably in a fire, for spreading lies about their realism.

    There’s plenty of room for two music franchises, especially now that they’re running in nearly opposite directions. This way, there’s something for everybody… folks who want a deep library, folks who prefer metal, or even folks who have deep pockets and want both.

  10. JAMRenaissance says:

    I’m functionally locked into Rock Band (I have too much DLC to start over with Guitar Hero), but I think GH:WoR is doing a great job of playing to their base.

    I think a better comparison would be between Rock Band 3 and a theorhetical Band Hero 2. GH:WoR seems to be really about the music, while Rock Band 3 seems to be focusing on expanding what is “under the hood”, as it were.

    Both games seem to be poised to deliver on their promises, which is a good thing.

  11. Ian says:

    Buying both RB3 and WoR on launch day. WoR for 2112, RB3 because I have a ton of DLC, and if a plastic instrument game can actually teach me to play real guitar it’s all good.

  12. DucksFAN says:

    Now THAT we can agree on! Sixteen of the same track! I mean, come on, GH/RB, be a little more original. I don’t want to spend $120 for 120 songs! That was ridiculous! Just to help me understand where you stand on the setlist, what type of music do YOU like? Disturbed, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine, Linkin Park (the older stuff), and Nickelback is my type. What is yours?

  13. DucksFAN says:

    Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock October DLC Desires:

    October 5th

    Atryeu track pack:
    -Bleeding Is A Luxury
    -Storm To Pass
    -Coffin Nails

    October 12th

    Bullet For My Valentine track pack:
    -Your Betrayal
    -The Last Fight

    October 19th

    Alter Bridge track pack:
    -One By One

    October 26th

    Nickelback track pack:
    -Gotta Be Somebody
    -Just To Get High
    -Next Go Round

    And that is my prediction/desired DLC track packs. Tell me what you think. (I am aware Linkin Park MIGHT be recieving DLC this month, this is purelywishful thinking. )

  14. Shannon says:

    I think were going to get Atreyu, Alter Bridge, Linkin Park (In case the rumor is true), and All Hallows Eve 2 next month.

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