Deal: Select Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC 50% Off on Xbox Live!

If you missed out on the following DLC Packs for Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2 now is the time to catch up with this awesome sale going on from January 11th-17th only on Xbox Live!

Guitar Hero:

Avenged Sevenfold Track Pack – 220 MSP
Disturbed Track Pack – 220 MSP
Fall Out Boy Track Pack – 220 MSP
GH:WoR Pack 01 – 800 MSP
Linkin Park Pack – 480 MSP
Megadeth Track Pack – 220 MSP
My Chemical Romance Pack – 300 MSP
Rocky Horror Picture Show Pack – 220 MSP
Rock Pack 01 – 440 MSP
Soundgarden Telephantasm Album – 720 MSP

Songs in italic will work in earlier games such as Guitar Hero 5 and Band Hero

DJ Hero:

Hit Makers Mix Pack – 320 MSP

Electro Hits Mix Pack – 320 MSP

Jay-Z vs. Eminem – 320 MSP

David Guetta Pack – 320 MSP

Songs in italic will work in both DJ Hero 2 and DJ Hero

What will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments below!


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9 Responses to Deal: Select Guitar Hero and DJ Hero DLC 50% Off on Xbox Live!

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  2. The Anime Cow says:

    I bought the WoR Pack and all the DJ Hero DLC myself.

    “Bu bu bu Activision is evil, and never gives us stuff for cheap!”

  3. adam says:

    Does this count for the singles in the packs too?

  4. Jake says:

    Damn i have all of it, and i mean all of it, why does this always happen to me WHY!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Leonardo Storti says:

    it is a good deal but….well, I already cherry picked the songs I wanted from the music packs, if I were take advantage of this I would have to buy songs I don’t like and why should I do that? So far I have what I wanted…well so far anyway, we are still missing other good bands though

  6. PSPCOW says:

    Got Soundgarden!

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