17 Days of Video Game Deals: Hero Day!

We knew there would be a few stores would be featuring Guitar Hero and DJ Hero deals during the lead-up to Christmas, but Amazon met our expectations and then some today by devoting an entire day to the latest Guitar Hero games.

The deals include the following price-points that are sure to move those sale numbers up for both Warriors of Rock and DJ Hero 2. Even if you already have the latest and greatest titles in those series, you can catch up on Guitar Hero 5 for this deal as well.

Check out some of the deals below and venture on over to “Hero Music Games” day on Amazon’s 17 days of Video Game Deals to take advantage of them.

Hero Music Games Day Deals
DJ Hero 2 Turntable Bundle – $70
DJ Hero 2 Party Bundle w/ 2 Turntables and a Microphone – $100
Guitar Hero 5 Guitar Bundle – $65
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Guitar Bundle – $70
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Super Bundle – $120

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