New Guitar Hero DLC: My Chemical Romance Four Pack!

It’s no secret that we’ve had a bit of a DLC drought as of late, with weeks being taken off with no explanation and the lack of a DLC schedules released ahead of time.

Guitar Hero is making it clear that they are still committed to putting out quality downloadable content to support their latest release. Earlier this month, we had one of the best DLC packs in the series’ history, which featured Slash, Alice Cooper, Rush and more, and now we have a pack from the very popular My Chemical Romance.

The pack turned out not to be free as we thought it might be, but it does contain a good mix of previous material and their new single, “Bulletproof Heart”. No word on if the pack is on the Wii and Playstation 3 yet, but we’re sure you’ll let us know!

My Chemical Romance Track Pack

$2 a Song, $7.50 for the pack

“Bulletproof Heart”



“Welcome to the Black Parade”

UPDATE: Turns out you CAN get the pack for free, by visiting and getting your download token. This offer is only available until November 29th.

The My Chemical Romance Track Pack is available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 for free from November 23 through November 29. Gamers can obtain downloadable content redemption codes, while supplies last, through and  For more information and details on redemption, please visit

Additionally, the My Chemical Romance Track Pack will be available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 for 600 Microsoft Points, on the PlayStation®Store for PlayStation 3 system for $7.49 and for Wii for 750 Wii Points™.  All songs in the track pack will also be released as downloadable singles for Xbox 360 for 160 Microsoft Points, PlayStation 3 system for $1.99 and Wii for 200 Wii Points each.

Via Activision PR

Also, we’ve found that the pack is indeed available on the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii as well (Just not for free unfortunately).

Bullet Proof Heart


Welcome To The Black Parade


Videos courtesy of @elisoncruz

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21 Responses to New Guitar Hero DLC: My Chemical Romance Four Pack!

  1. The Anime Cow says:

    >No Dead
    >Wasn’t free
    >Didn’t touch

  2. CircaNow says:

    Surprised there’s only one song from the new album, but I’m not complaining since the album was below my expectations. Tempted to buy Helena and Teenagers.

  3. Ed Tanguy EWE says:

    i’ve not heard much from them before… Dead and I’m Not OK, i think that’s it…. i’ve got a Wii and not much money, so, if it’s there, i’ll give it a look… wish we got a bit more though, like that last TOTALLY AWESOME pack…. and i bet it’ll show the three songs and then over react by going “AND ONE MORE!!” 😛

  4. Josh says:

    I assume you have to have Coke points to get this token, right? The whole codes under the cap thing?

  5. kitlerc says:

    Thanks for letting me know how to get these tracks for free. I couldn’t find where on the rewards site but at it was fairly easy. No points needed, just sign up and get the code while they last.

    Now if only I had the game so I could play the songs…

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  7. Game!Ov3r says:

    Not free for Wii or PS3! This sucks… once again. I am sooo switching to Pepsi.

  8. Anon Lol says:

    Fuck You Microsoft.

  9. Saiya says:

    That’s some bullshit -___- xbox gets another free track pack and the ps3 got screwed over again?
    Not that I can’t pay for it, but I’ll fucking skip on this one

  10. MadMike91X says:

    I was always a Pepsi kind of guy myself. Either way I’m getting this pack.

  11. Jake says:

    Just got it downloaded, its really awesome, glad it was free too

  12. Blarg says:

    Cool pack. I like it.

  13. Kyle says:

    The DJ Hero pack is free on it awell.

  14. KEWB says:

    Well, I don’t own GHWoR, and don’t really plan on getting it, but on the off-chance I ever decide to pick it up when it’s cheaper, I went ahead and took advantage of this offer.

  15. PSPCOW says:


  16. Sammy says:

    I like MCR and all.. but they really ruined these charts. I’m a huge GH fan and am so disappointed. Won’t be buying anymore DLC for GH6. This literally is overboard. I’ll be moving to RB since they have quality DLC each week that at least is charted correctly (if undercharted it’s better than OVERCHARTED)

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