My Chemical Romance DLC Pack Coming Soon!

A few minutes before the American Music Awards started, the official Guitar Hero Twitter account mentioned that there might be a surprise about Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock revealed if you watched it through the uStream feed. It appears as though that surprise happened to be the unveiling of a My Chemical Romance pack coming to Warriors of Rock.

The pack is rumored at this point to be free, but we’re still waiting on confirmation on that. No word as to what the songs will be, but they will likely draw heavily from the new album, since they show the album art within the ad itself.

Keep checking back as we try to pull more information from the brief commercial. Also, as always, remember to check back in coming days as the official confirmation and eventual release occurs!

UPDATES: According to the official Guitar Hero Twitter account, we will know more on Tuesday.

According to T-HO in the comments section, the commercial says it is coming on Tuesday and will be free for one week.

According to GuitarHeroNews on Forums:

Chillax, my friends. More info on the My Chemical Romance pack coming on Tuesday, but I believe everyone will be at least a little bit happy.

Which confirms we are indeed getting more than one song! (if that was ever a doubt)

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13 Responses to My Chemical Romance DLC Pack Coming Soon!

  1. Elliott says:

    I saw “Bulletproof Heart” on the commercial but it was so fast I didn’t really understand what was happening. Damn ustream not letting me rewind to see lol.

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  3. Jake says:

    Ill get this regardless if its free or not, MCR have awesome songs, and they may not be a challenge to play but they are consistently fun

  4. PSPCOW says:

    Please…..I’m begging…PARTY POISON or DESTROYA. Anyone of those would be awesome!!! If it’s both, I’ll piss my pants.

  5. elisoncruz says:

    Bulletproof Heart
    Welcome to the Black Parade

    No option for full pack download (yet) but each are worth two dollars


  6. mcr4ever says:

    is it available for wii??

  7. dude_765 says:

    helena has 2 be on there

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