Guitar Hero DLC: What Will Song 666 Be?

Last week’s DLC brought the DLC/Import tally up to 665 so one has to wonder if Activision is aware of that and will deliver a specifically themed DLC Pack/Song.

Speculation is always fun but there are a few ideas that spring to mind:

This band won the Kerrang contest to be included as DLC. Maybe we’ll get to play it soon!

666 = Satan = Devil = Lou. Makes sense right? Well here’s what the chart might look like on Guitar (If it was coming out for GH3).

An obvious choice, but a very unlikely one. Hey it could happen right?

Alright someone stop me…


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31 Responses to Guitar Hero DLC: What Will Song 666 Be?

  1. Fork1 says:

    angel of death by slayer 😛 the #1 most requested song

  2. Alex says:

    Song 666 should be Lou’s Revenge – Steve Ouimiette is a god!

  3. JizzleWright says:

    What about 666 by anvil 😛

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  5. Jake says:

    Number of The Beast would be soooooo awesome!

    Maybe A Bodom track pack huh? Whos with me!

    1. Angel’s Don’t Kill
    2. Banned From Heaven
    3. Smile Pretty For The Devil

  6. sgtdrill says:

    Moar Winger!

  7. Chris Glass says:

    It’ll be a Miley Cyrus pack for Band Hero.

  8. MadMike91X says:

    This page needs moar Mercyful Fate.

  9. Ed Tanguy says:

    NUMBER OF THE BEAST! i mean, like a metal or iron maiden pack. they had maiden in GH3, 5, GH, i don’t see why not 😀

    i know it may seem silly, but i wouldn’t mind more Megadeth hehehehehe e.g Go To Hell…

    it’s gotta be a 6-pack for the lulz…

    tbh, whatever happens, i’m liking the RB styled DLC i.e more songs, mixed singles, better songs WITH the down side of not announcing till the last cocievable moment :/

  10. DucksFAN says:

    Nickelback! Just kidding, how about Rob Zombie.

  11. GHJake says:

    How about a full band chart of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” (the Steve Ouimette version)?

  12. Kyle says:

    Hmm, hope no anvil!

  13. The D says:

    Please DWDTG! Why isnt that a DLC for WoR?

  14. Brian says:

    I’m personally hoping for a Steve Ouimette three pack, but as of a month ago, there were no plans according to Steve.

  15. Shmoo says:

    Lots of good, clever suggestions. All still trumped by the very thought of Opeth finally being included in a rhythm game. There are about 40 good song options from them.

  16. Coldplay619 says:

    HAHA, Opeth? Stop dreaming D:

    *cries in corner*

  17. KEWB says:


    lol it’s MCR

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