Guitar Hero DLC for November 9th, 2010 – GHWOR Track Pack 01

The GH forums have been reduced to rubble with the recent drought of Guitar Hero DLC but it seems as though Activision has redeemed itself this week by throwing 10 Songs at us!

Here is what you get:

Intensities: Guitar / Bass / Drum / Vocals

  • Rush “Tom Sawyer” – 5, 5, 8 X+, 5
  • Rush “Red Barchetta” – 6, 6, 7 X+, 5
  • Rush “Limelight” – 4, 4, 7 X+, 5
  • Slash with Iggy Pop “We’re All Gonna Die” – 7, 5, 4, 4
  • Slash with Dave Grohl and Duff McKagan “Watch This” -7. 4, 5 X+, No Part
  • Slash with M. Shadows “Nothing To Say” – 8, 7, 6 X+, 4
  • Alice Cooper “Poison” – 5, 4, 4 X+, 3
  • Alice Cooper “Elected” – 4, 5, 5, 4
  • Poison “Talk Dirty to Me” – 6, 3, 5, 4
  • Tesla “Love Song” – 5, 2, 3, 5

XBL Marketplace | Singles are 160 MSP Each

The GH: Warriors of Rock 1 Track Pack will be available on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for 1600 Microsoft Points, on the PlayStation®Store for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system for $ 19.99 and for Wii™ for 2000 Wii Points™.  All songs in the GH: Warriors of Rock 1 Track Pack will also be released as downloadable singles for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for 160 Microsoft Points, PlayStation 3 system for $1.99 and Wii for 200 Wii Points each.  In addition to the in-game music store and Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360, Xbox 360 owners can expand their Guitar Hero music library using the Guitar Hero VIP Pass Music Store, available exclusively on Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network.

Chart Videos from @elisoncrz

So what are you gonna buy today Guitar Hero fans?

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107 Responses to Guitar Hero DLC for November 9th, 2010 – GHWOR Track Pack 01

  1. Cactaur says:

    Are you sure the Slash with M. Shadows song is “Elected”? The one from they did together from Slash’s album was “Nothing to Say”. Is this a new single or something?

    • Elliott says:

      Oops! Thanks for catching that!

      • Cactaur says:

        Yeah, and I didn’t even bother to count the number of songs at first. Well, glad to see more Rush (would prefer stuff that hasn’t appeared in either series though) and Slash (would love to have the rest of his album). It’s also good to see more of the back catalog from GH3.

  2. pedrobotella says:

    Please tell me that is not xbox exclusive…

    it might be a stupid thougth, but since the last exclusive pack, just seeing it available in xbox marketplace scares me =(

  3. Uunoftw says:

    Yay it’s Rush!

  4. Ash says:

    Prolly get most of this. Talk dirty to me just for gh3 mems!

  5. Ash says:

    10 songs @ 160 points = 1600 points? No discount for getting them all :O

  6. JTHomeslice says:

    Wait, 1600 points? That’s how much a 12 pack normally costs. What’s up with Acti fucking with the prices?

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  8. Greg says:

    Needs moar Muse. Jk Jk
    Seriously though really epic week. Now if we only got some more Styx…

  9. rocker4life634 says:

    Love it. Maybe Activision finally figured out what the kids like 😛

  10. Ed Tanguy says:

    YYYYYUUUUUSSSSHSHHH! got poison, Alice, and NEW Slash – BEST PACK EVAR! i’m gonna check pricing stuff tonight… and try and get money of peeps >.>

  11. Yveul says:

    Wait, where’s the catch ? I mean, so much awesomeness hides something wrong, no ?

  12. JayJay says:

    The pack appears to be up on the European Wii store as well. 2000 Points for the whole pack of 10 songs or 200 points each.

    I’ll be definitely getting Poison, We’re All Gonna Die and maybe even Talk Dirty To Me and Love Song.

  13. MadMike91X says:

    It appears in the US Wii store as well.

    Definitely getting like half of these tracks.

  14. VolTRH says:

    Yes! Finally we get more Rush! Glad to see some more ‘Moving Pictures’ stuff.

    Ah, there’s that one Slash song. Good to see more of his songs from his album came as well.

    I’m so glad we’re getting “Poison”, my favorite Alice Cooper song. I was disappointed that it wasn’t in the Alice Cooper pack a few months ago.
    Yay, more older Guitar Hero songs! “Talk Dirty to Me” was one of my favorites from GH3.

    “Love Song” is a good choice, although I did not expect it. Here’s to hoping for more of there heavier stuff, like “Flight to Nowhere” or “Yesterdaze Gone”. I would like the full ‘Great Radio Controversy’ album. That would be fantastic.

  15. JayJay says:

    We’re All Gonna Die has been slightly censored, by the way. They seem to have removed the word “tits” from the first verse. Oddly enough all the other suggestive lyrics appears to have been left alone.

    Also, is it just me or is the motion capture a lot better again now, especially the mouth movements? Even on the Wii things like the mouth movements seemed really bad for things like the Rocky Horror pack (barely moving or not moving at all when they should be), but now they are more like the older, better movements. Am I the only one seeing this?

  16. Leonardo Storti says:

    OMG, I am literally crying oh my god thank you so much Activision, I finally get my three favorite Rush songs

    I am so happy I can just cry with joy all day

    you people have no idea how long I have been waiting for more Rush songs for my Guitar Hero

  17. Game!Ov3r says:

    A ten pack is huge, and a GH3 throw back is awsome! I am still upset with Activision with the DLC one week no DLC the next stuff. It will be really interesting to see if this will be the only DLC drop of November.

  18. DucksFAN says:

    I love the Slash songs, but the rest is really meh to me. The fact we got ten songs this week is very pleasing, but now they probably won’t give us any DLC for the rest of the month. Anyway, Rush sucks, Posion is OK, never heard the Tesla song, but Slash makes the whole pack a HUGE WIN.

    • joescorpion says:

      Rush doesnt suck man. You just need to have good taste in music to really appreciate rushé You prob just dont like them cuz of the vocals.

    • Leonardo Storti says:



      it’s about damn time we get more Rush I’ve been waiting for this for too long

    • Elliott says:

      Rush may suck to your ears but it doesn’t suck to your coloured circles. 😉

    • Cactaur says:

      Okay, you have some explaining to do. First Red Hot Chili Peppers, and now Rush? How could you not like those bands? You could at least explain why you don’t like them.

      • DucksFAN says:

        Sorry, but I just don’e like old music/bands. No offense to the band or the people who like them, I just don’t like them. Plus, I originally thought the singer was a woman. Then found out he’s a guy. That killed it for me.

        As for the RHCP, I can’t stand their music. MAN just thinking about their crap makes me have to crap! I’ll take All That Remains, Atreyu, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Linkin Park, and Alter Bridge any day. Now, I gotta go crap out the Chili Peppers.

        • Cactaur says:

          You don’t like them because you don’t like them. Yeah, that’s a real descriptive explanation.

          As for Geddy Lee’s amazing pipes, a lot of singers in rock music are high pitched in case you hadn’t noticed. Claudio Sanchez (Coheed and Cambria) and Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) just to name a few.

          “No offense” and then “Chili Peppers makes you have to crap”? Contradictory, much?

          Something tells me you don’t appreciate the bass very much.

          Oh, and Gaara of the Funk would like a word with you.

        • Chilli says:

          Ok seriously, if ur gonna crap on bands like Rush and RHCP then could you at least name some other good bands that you like.

          Let’s see you’ve listed BFMV who only have Waking the Demon and Scream Aim Fire to their credit
          Atreyu who pretty much suck ass all round, Avenged who put out maybe 2 or 3 good songs every album, All that Remains, who have sucked hardcore since Shannon Lucas left. And Linkin Park… honestly, do i need to say anything.

          Just a question do you know any other metal bands that don’t get played on Headbangers Ball?

          Heard of Warbringer, Evile, Job For a Cowboy?
          Just to name a few

          • DucksFAN says:

            Chimaria, Iwrestledabearonce, Cradle Of Filth. I know those “real metal bands”. Your head is up your ass if you really think that way about the bands I listed.

            BFMV: Try “Tears Don’t Fall”, “Fever”, and “Hearts Burst To Fire”.

            Atreyu: Try “Storm To Pass”, “Bravery”, “Bleeding Is A Luxury”, and “Coffin Nails”.

            All That Remains: Try “Won’t Go Quietly”, “Hold On”, “Two Weeks”, “For We Are Many”, you know what, just try them all.

            Linkin Park: Try ALL of Hybrid Theory and Meteora.

            Actually listen to the material before bashing it. My Dad has ALL of the Peppers albums, so I have heard virtually every song they have ever made. Which means I KNOW I hate them, could you say the same?

          • Goldskarr says:

            “I know those real metal bands”
            Then why did you list that…thing?

        • Leonardo Storti says:

          that’s just it, this generation lost the true taste of music, I would like to know what happened? Old bands suck? on the contrary the new bands are the ones that suck ass, you kids I swear, all you listen to is Metal and Death Metal. You gotta have more variety, that’s what GH and RB are about they don’t focus on just one genre it wouldn’t make sense, the point of GH and RB is to bring you new music but also reveal to you music that people have forgotten or never heard of.

          There was no better music era than the 70s and 80s, but I guess that’s something you will never understand. It’s kids like you, that give music a bad name, all you listen to is metal, death metal, rap, reageton and hip hop. Where is classic rock? where is Rock n’ roll? where is Disco?

          I would actually love to talk to any person who loves Chilli peppers because at least they have TASTE!

          • Mark says:

            Don’t worry, I’m 17 and I can appreciate good music. The Who/Queen/Rush/Yes/The Doors etc. I personally hate the metal crap that’s pushed out each year by modern metal bands. I don’t mind A7X that much but only a few songs. I like me some metal but just mainly 80s thrash some Judas Priest type stuff. However, most people my age (that I know) are into dance/techno/pop so it’s better to have an idiot who appreciates musical instruments than an idiot who just likes computer generated (like seriously most popular dance takes 5 minutes to make) crap. RHCP are awesome too, hopefully the new guitarist can live up to his ‘ancestors’ if that’s the right word…which it isn’t

        • gordofredito says:

          just shut up please.
          heavy metal fanboy, seriously, All That Remains is just noise… not music

    • Cactaur says:

      Let me point out something to you. You said “Rush sucks”. After that you got a bunch of heated replies stating the opposite. Anytime you say that a band sucks, has bad sounding music or whatever, you should expect angry backlash. It’s like inviting someone to punch you in the face after you told him that his favorite movie of all time was actually a piece of crap. The problem all you people seem to have is that you don’t realize that these are OPINIONS. NOT FACTS.

      • DucksFAN says:

        Did I once say not to like those bands? No, I din’t. So shove it. I don’t like them, but if you do, more power to you I say. Just let me not like them because in my opinion, RHCP and Rush sucks. If you like em’, fine.

        • Elliott says:

          Before this escalates any further.

          In the future please try to be more constructive with your musical taste opinions.

          Saying that bands “suck” doesn’t really provoke any kind of positive discussion and leads to flame wars where musical opinions clash endlessly.


          instead of “RHCP and Rush Sucks”
          how about: “I’m not so into Rush and RHCP”

          Imagine my Linkin Park DLC article if I forced my musical opinions on people like you are doing 😉

          • DucksFAN says:

            OH! About me not liking Rush, let us keep this in perspective: I’m 17 and a half and you want me to like a very old band? Not happening. If I can’t headbang, then I won’t listen to it. Period.

          • Cactaur says:

            I’m 18 and half and I like Rush. And I know several other 18 year olds and younger people who like Rush. And I even manage to find myself headbanging during their solos sometimes.

        • Cactaur says:

          I am letting you not like them. I dislike your bashing, that’s all.

          My main point was when you say stuff like a blatant “Rush sucks” without conceding that other people aren’t going to agree with you, it only invites trouble.

          So yes, in the future please note that it’s your opinion and hopefully we can avoid these little flamer wars. Better yet, if you think you’re statement is going to offend anyone, then don’t post it. I know this is a place for opinions, but don’t be a jerk. After all, if you don’t have something nice or informative to say, just don’t say it.

          Think about this. What if someone came up to you and said “All That Remains is a terrible band”. How would you feel? The point is that when you insult somebody’s favorite band, video game, movie or whatever, the person often feels it as a personal insult as well. Take that into consideration.

          P.S. I also like All That Remains. No hate from me there.

          • Cactaur says:

            Exactly what Elliot said. I completely agree with him.

          • DucksFAN says:

            I didn’t insult anyone!!!! For pete’s sake guys, stop being so sensitive! I don’t care if you dislike my fav bands because it still doesn’t affect how I like them! This is absurd you ganging up on an opinion. I’m not going to Politically correct on commenting on bands for crap’s sake!

          • Brian says:

            I agree on getting rid of political correctness! Atreyu sucks! 😉

          • DucksFAN says:

            Great, now we’re getting some where, Brian. You say Atreyu sucks. Fine with me. I think Rush and RHCP sucks. Having to be PC all the time is sickening.


      • Cactaur says:

        For starters, I believe that Chilli is the only one who has voiced negative opinions on bands you like.

        As for being sensitive? We’re human beings, dude. If your passionate about something, you better freaking be sensitive about it. That’s just human nature. I know I’m passionate about the music I like, so I’m going to take personal offense if you say that a band I like sucks. It doesn’t matter that you don’t mean to offend the person, they will still feel hurt. This isn’t about being politically correct, it’s about not being inconsiderate. You seem to respect other people’s opinions, you just need to reword what you say so that your comments accurately reflect your thoughts and beliefs.

  19. Jake says:

    Surprising stuff, finally a good track pack. The Slash stuff is gonna be sick to play, Rush is just, well need I say more, Love Song and Talk Dirty to me are classics, the Alice Cooper stuff im kinda meh about but still fun to play.

    Heres hoping for the rest of 2112 in the future and more GH3 throwbacks, maybe even some GH1 and 2, can I here Oldies Track Pack with Texas Flood, Crossroads and maybe Jessica :0

  20. Zack says:

    IS the lip-syncing any good on these songs? I can’t tell because of the avatar.

    • JayJay says:

      As I said before, I’m a Wii player and I can see a subtle improvement from the Rocky Horror pack to this one. The lip-syncing does indeed seem better. I’ll assume that this applies to the other consoles as well.

  21. dlongrox67 says:

    Wow this is awesome.

  22. Kyle Polansky says:

    I can’t believe that they actually put some more Rush DLC out. It would have been really nice if they put the Rush songs in a 3 pack so you have a bit more discount. I’m out of points right now, but I’m picking up the Rush songs right when I get more. I think its a bit silly that they would sell the entire pack at full price. Unless you like ever song in it, there is no point of buying it at full price.

    • JayJay says:

      Convenience, I suppose. If you like or want every song then it’s easier than sitting there downloading them individually.

  23. PSPCOW says:

    simply AWESOME

  24. GHJake says:

    This is amazing. I’m only gonna download 3 right now. If they keep this up, I will be one happy rocker 😀

    But about the forums…

  25. Daniel says:

    damn. good songs, rush alice cooper, but i bought those already in rb dlc :/
    too late activision

    • Elliott says:

      “Never Too Late”

    • JayJay says:

      And I’m sure that there are songs in Guitar Hero that Rock Band is only just getting now, so the reverse can also be true. At this point that argument has become rather pointless, also some people prefer to play songs on the Guitar Hero engine because they prefer it or only own games in that series.

  26. It's-A-Me says:

    On the surface, a 10-pack seems really good, especially considering that these guys usually only dish out 3 songs, but I’m forced to remind myself that they had to take a whole week off to do this, making it the equivalent of 5 songs over two weeks. It’s still more than they used to do, but I’d much rather have two weeks of 5 than one week of 10.

    It’s not like the 10-pack would be any cheaper than the 5-pack.

    Also, guitar chart on Tom Sawyer sucks (yay opinions).

  27. Jim says:

    More fail dlc… why do they even try anymore?

    • JayJay says:

      I’ll assume that you are a troll, but giving you the benefit of the doubt what exactly is so “fail” about it?

    • DucksFAN says:

      Fail DLC is too harsh, but partly accurate.
      Slash songs: 10/10
      Rush songs: 2/10
      Alice Cooper songs: 4/10
      Poison song: OUTRIGHT FAIL
      Tesla song: 2/10.

      If it wasn’t for Slash, this would have been horrible.

      • Cactaur says:

        Slash: 9/10
        Rush: 9/10
        Alice Cooper: 7/10
        Poison: 8/10
        Tesla: 7/10

        Slash songs are fun and Rush is fantastic, even if the guitar charts are a little simple at times.

        “Talk Dirty to Me” is a great song by Poison. I wish they had kept the chords from GH3 for the verses.

        While “Love Song” may be a ballad, it’s got great chord play with a few small solos thrown in.

      • JayJay says:

        More or less what Cactaur said, but adding one thing: music taste and song quality is purely subjective. One man’s “fail” is another man’s “win”, so to speak, and vice versa.

        • DucksFAN says:

          OK, let us think on that statement. I love Nickelback. Let us say that instead of Rush, Nickelback got three songs. I’m verry happy and I’m posting joyous comments. Would you guys say that they, I don’t know, SUCK maybe?

          • Cactaur says:

            Nah, I’d probably not post anything. There’s a couple of Nickelback songs that I really like, and the rest are okay for me. Nickelback isn’t an artist that really gets me all that excited.

          • JayJay says:

            No. I would actually like a Nickelback track pack, actually.

      • Leonardo Storti says:

        man shut your mouth, you know nothing of the glory of Rush, I give Rush 10/11. And I bet you only like Slash because he appeared in GH3, other than that you probably wouldnt know jack shit from him….btw, RUSH has an awesome bassist/singer and the best drummer in the whole world, no one can compare to neil peart….why don’t you do a search on him on youtube and you can see how good he is plus the drumset is unique only to him, no one can play his drumset it is custom made for him

        their music is good all of their songs are really really good, but that is something you will neevr understand

        • DucksFAN says:

          SHUT UP. I’m sick of this, I really am. FOr the sake of ending this, I’ll say Rush is the best band ever! They are so good I’m gonna throw out the rest of my albums because they don’t deserve to be next to the greatness that is Rush! There, happy now?

          • Leonardo Storti says:

            I’m sure you have already been told, but you have to be careful of what you say around people, anyone who badmouths RUSH is considered a big offense to me man. Dude, I started to listen to music when I was 15 and I started out like you, I didn’t like the old stuff and I only focused on Heavy Metal and Metal. Then I decided to give some old famous bands a try, the first old band I listened to was RUSH, the song was Tom Sawyer. Before I knew it, I listened to that same song more than 10 times the same day, then I went over to Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven, then Eric Clapton, then Elton John, ACDC, Chilli peppers and before I knew it, I was listening to old bands and I LOVED THEM ALL.

            It’s all in the matter of listining and learning to like them, not just go with whats hot and new. Don’t follow the trend, then you will soon realize why these bands will always kick ass over any new band that comes out. give some old bands a try, if you still don’t like them then that is fine, but don’t go saying shit like, “they suck.” That’s just rude and offensive and ignorant, some people get offended dude you have to realize that, I got offended.

            if you dislike a band just say, I’m not a big fan of (whatever the bands name may be) or I’m not really into (whatever the bands name may be)

          • Cactaur says:

            Saying a band sucks = You startled the witch

            Just saying.

        • dlongrox67 says:

          Buddy Rich> Neil Peart

          • DucksFAN says:

            What the hell?

            Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan > Neil Peart
            R.I.P Jimmy

          • Cactaur says:

            Those are all great drummers. However in my opinion…

            Mike Portnoy > every other drummer on the planet

          • dlongrox67 says:

            dear god duck your stupid. Buddy Rich was the greatest drummer ever (opinions=/=fact) and he’s a million times better than the rev.

          • DucksFAN says:


            Just leave me alone. I am sick of you calling me stupid, I really am. Instead of firing a shot back, I’ll be the bigger person and END THIS. I am not commenting on any of your posts ever.

          • dlongrox67 says:

            good for you?

      • DucksFAN says:

        Nobody gives him credit, but Papa Roach’s drummer Tony Palermo is very good too.

  28. ArcaneEvents says:

    So…the official GH forums are just gone forever, huh?

    • DucksFAN says:

      Yeah I guess so. They need to move it and get it up and running cause I’m getting frustrated.

      • JayJay says:

        Why frustrated? It’s not like anything particularly important happens on there. The majority of it is people complaining about DLC or Rock Band fans thinking that it’s cool to remind us all of how much our series sucks.

        • lololol says:

          and nothing of value was lost

        • Sammy says:

          It does suck. They’ve ruined the past 3 weeks of DLC with awful and stupid charts.
          I’ll be moving to RB and am done buying GH DLC (glad i’ve only bought Gh6 dlc so far… the rest is so uninteresting and is poppy bullshit)

          RB at least offers ROCK music.. not OWL CITY, SELENA GOMEZ!

          • lololol says:

            Not a fan of Rush, Slash, Poison, and Alice Cooper wasn’t to your liking?

          • Ed Tanguy says:

            HA! you DO know that RB have LOADS of miley cyrus!?
            and, even though i love it, they have Gorillaz, MC Frontalot, Spongebob and a whole load of RBN songs which are NOWHERE NEAR rock! 😛

  29. Gertrud says:

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