Top 50 Guitar Songs of the First 5 Years of Guitar Hero (Part V)

Well, we finally made it to the top 10 of our list of the Top 50 Guitar Songs of the First 5 Years of Guitar Hero! People have been speculating what number one could possibly be and this portion of the top 10 may end up surprising many of those who though these songs could be the number one spot on the list. We won’t spell it out for you, but if you check out the five songs listed below, you may be surprised yourself!

Check out the first half of our top 10, let it marinate over the weekend and then check back on Monday, when the Guitar Hero franchise turns five to see what our top five songs of the first 5 years of Guitar Hero are!

10. “Through the Fire and Flames” by DragonForce
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

Love ’em or hate ’em, you have to admit that DragonForce tracks are a blast to play in Guitar Hero. This song was the first really “impossible” track in the series. It made the previously thought “impossible” songs (like “Jordan) look easy by comparison. The track is nearly relentless and is very diverse. Unfortunately, you can only enjoy the track’s fun chart if you’re quick enough to pass the incredibly tough intro.

9. “Thunderhorse” by Dethklok
Guitar Hero II
While the most brutal band in the history of animation has become kind of a mainstay in the series, “Thunderhorse” was the band’s introduction to many. The track also introduced everyone to the anchor-green tapping method, which remains a blast to play now and is used regularly in today’s songs.

8. “Burn” by Deep Purple
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
In the past, Deep Purple tracks in the Guitar Hero series have fostered some pretty mixed feelings from fans. From the overly simple “Smoke on the Water” to the average “Woman from Tokyo”, Deep Purple’s incredible instrumentation and talent has yet to translate into the five-colored joy that we know is possible. With the release of Warriors of Rock, however, we saw that enjoyable experience come to fruition. Not only do you have a Ritchie Blackmore guitar solo, you also have a pretty difficult Jon Lord keyboard solo to tap your way through.

7. “Jordan” by Buckethead
Guitar Hero II
Specifically recorded by Buckethead for Guitar Hero, this was more than just a tough song. For a long time, this was THE tough song for the series. This was the first song to have an achievement for beating it and it was a huge deal when HellAshes FC’d it the first time. This was also the first  song that required two-handed tapping to 100% a section (Solo B). The build up is fine, but the solo, which features Buckethead furiously shredding, is the obvious climax. The song was once deemed impossible, but now people almost scoff at the challenge due to the insanity that we’ve seen in more recent titles. Even so, he song remains one of the most fun and well-known tracks of the series.

6. “The James Bond Theme” by Richard Fortus
Guitar Hero World Tour DLC
In case you couldn’t tell from the rest of this list, classic song re-imaginings are a pretty big deal for the Guitar Hero community. That’s why, when you get a current Guns N’ Roses guitarist to record their version of the famous theme from the James Bond franchise, you get a song that is perfectly crafted to play in the game itself. The shredding, the tapping and the pace are all very tastefully done and proves that Slash wasn’t the only Guns N’ Roses guitarist we like for Guitar Hero.


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17 Responses to Top 50 Guitar Songs of the First 5 Years of Guitar Hero (Part V)

  1. Cactaur says:

    Both “Through the Fire and Flames” and “Jordan” here? Hmmm, wonder what the top 5 will be then.

  2. JizzleWright says:

    Not too sure about the James Bond theme being so high up, it’s a fun song but i’m not sure…

  3. Anon Lol says:

    Trogdor, Cowboys from Hell, Twilight Of The Thunder God?

  4. Ed Tanguy says:

    there has gotta be ‘Guitar Battle With Joe Perry’ up in the top 5! that is his name right? now that i say it several times… it sounds wrong :s

  5. Croq says:


    You didn’t just do that to us, did you? I was all set to see the top 10, and now I have to wait?!?!?!?!?

    How will I sleep this weekend? 🙂

  6. Chilli says:

    Jordan is easily my number one, and to me remains the hardest song in the series, definitely harder than TTFAF.
    I’m thinking Six will be in the top 5 and hopefully Raining Blood aswell

  7. dlongrox67 says:

    why do I have a feeling Master Of Puppets is number 1.

  8. The Devil Went Down To Georgia is #1. I’m calling it.

  9. James! says:

    Knights of Cydonia must be in the top 5

  10. Anon Lol says:

    But what about… TROGDOR!!!!

  11. gordofredito says:

    “Jordan” wasn’t fun to play, nor “Burn” and “Play With Me” shouldn’t be in this Top 50!
    is #1 “Through The Fire And Flames”? if so, kill yourselves

  12. The D says:

    Raining blood definitely in the final 5. But how far!?

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