Top 50 Guitar Songs of the First 5 Years of Guitar Hero (Part IV)

Our list of the Top 50 Guitar Songs of the First 5 Years of Guitar Hero continues as we crack into the top 20.

Last time, we saw a list dominated by classic rock and metal, but this time we find ourselves with a much more diverse set of 10.

Check out the first part of our top 20 and get yourself ready for us to continue our countdown by cracking into the top 10!

20. “Ghost” by Slash feat. Ian Astbury
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Slash’s involvement in the Guitar Hero franchise must be looked at by Neversoft and the Guitar Hero team as a godsend, as he has not only supported them every step of the way, he’s put out some of the most fun charts in the history of the series. Be honest, the first time you heard “Ghost”, you charted it out in your head. That’s because it has one of the most obviously fun licks in recent memory. Our only qualm with this track is that, for some reason, Neversoft chose to put in a version that contained a shorter solo than the album version.

19. “Black Betty” by Ram Jam
Guitar Hero World Tour DLC
After what many considered to be the largest drought of guitar-friendly tracks in the series’ history, Activision released a Southern Rock Track Pack that featured CCR, ZZ Top and Ram Jam. This is also notable due to the fact that “Black Betty” is one of the last covers to ever be released on Guitar Hero, but it is a doozy of a cover! The guitar part is perfectly done and the solo really feels like it was meant to be on Guitar Hero.

18. “Operation Ground and Pound”
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock DLC

The intro is easily one of the most fun parts of any guitar chart and is much more manageable than that of it’s brother, “Through the Fire and Flames”, but the real selling point of this song is how well-rounded the track is. Just like all DragonForce songs, there’s plenty of fast-picking and shredding to be done, so those that are into that sort of thing will definitely find a lot to like here.

17. “Cliffs of Dover” by Eric Johnson
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
“Cliffs of Dover” was one of the more exciting tracks for people waiting for Guitar Hero III to come out. The perfect tonality of Eric Johnson combined with his affinity to shred a bit when the time is right led to this track being one of the best experiences in the game. It also cast asunder the idea that manually placed strums were a bad thing.

16. “Play With Me” by Extreme
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80’s, Guitar Hero: Smash Hits
The final challenge of Rocks the 80’s proves to be a great challenge time and time again. the challenge was only raised to the next level with Smash Hits and a great use of the slider notes. “Play With Me” continues to challenge even some of the best players and it provides shredding with a purpose, as there’s even an achievement in Guitar Hero: Smash Hits for hitting a particular part.

15. “Texas Flood” by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble
Guitar Hero
The track was arguably the hardest chart on the original Guitar Hero and showed us all a glimpse into the future of the series. The only bad part about this track is that it hasn’t appeared in the series since, while Rock Band has the song for DLC with the better hammer-ons and pull-offs. Here’s hoping it makes a DLC or Smash Hits 2 appearance!

14. “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Guns N’ Roses
Guitar Hero II
There’s no way around it. Whether you love or hate Guns N’ Roses, this song is a blast to play and listen to. From the legendary main riff to the guitar break down, there’s no denying this is one of the top songs in the history of the series. Also, who didn’t smile the first time they nailed the solo?

13. “Spanish Fly” by Van Halen
Guitar Hero: Van Halen
This song is often lumped into the same category as “Eruption”, as it is just Eddie Van Halen playing at an incredible rate, but “Spanish Fly” is a much more balanced song as far as the guitar chart is concerned. Rather than constant tapping, you have Eddie hitting insane and unique patterns on a Spanish guitar that result in some of the most challenging and enjoyable guitar parts in the history of the series.

12. “The Hellion/Electric Eye” by Judas Priest
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80’s, Guitar Hero: Smash Hits
One of the most anticipated tracks of Rocks the 80’s turned out to be one of the most fun tracks in the history of the series. Sure there’s debate that the Rocks the 80’s version is a little overcharted, but the Smash Hits version is undeniably fun to play and beats the pants off of the Rock Band chart in terms of enjoyment.

11. “Impulse” by An Endless Sporadic
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Little did Neversoft know when they placed this song in the bonus section of Guitar Hero III that they would be creating a monster. After this song’s incredible success in the title, Neversoft ended up bringing over the vast majority of the remainder of An Endless Sporadic’s discography later in the series (to be fair, they don’t really have that many songs, but still). Let’s just hope that we see more from these guys in the near future, as everyone of their songs has been amazingly fun.


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5 Responses to Top 50 Guitar Songs of the First 5 Years of Guitar Hero (Part IV)

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  2. PSPCOW says:

    I was worrying that my favorite GH song of all time, Ghost, wasn’t gonna make it. The 20th spot is perfect for it.

    I dunno, there’s something about that songs that screams “Rock n Roll”….:D

  3. Thom1234 says:

    I’ve got to disagree with having “Ghost” at #20, or even on this list at all. It just struck me as spectacularly unfun; the main riff was tiresome to play, the solo was like 2 seconds long and the entire thing was both unmemorable and annoying.

    Also, and this is more me being an elitist douche, but I really didn’t like the song; I feel Slash hasn’t really done anything meaningful after he left G’n’R, and Ian Astbury’s voice is just annoying and hammy outside of the context of The Cult, IMO.

    The rest of the list’s pretty much spot on, though.

  4. dlongrox67 says:

    Little suprised that Beast and the Harlot hasn’t been on the list

  5. gordofredito says:

    Play With Me should’nt be in the list only a masochist enjoys it

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