Guitar Hero DLC Wishlist – November 2010

Well it’s that little time lapse in between the last DLC week of the month and the forthcoming announcement that never seems to come when you expect it.

Let’s look at last years DLC offering and build upon that.

November 5 – Band Hero Song Imports ($5 / 400 MS Points)
*61 of 65 Tracks, Requires Band Hero

November 12 – Lenny Kravitz Track Pack ($5.50 / 440 Microsoft Points)
*”Fly Away”
*”Let Love Rule”

November 19 – KISS Track Pack ($5.50 / 440 Microsoft Points)
*”I Was Made For Loving You”
*”Lick It up”
*”Modern Day Delilah”

November 24 – Neversoft Thanks the Fans Track Pack
(Free, Only on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360)
*”Lemon Frosting” by Bunny Knutson
*”RockNRola” by Nancy Fullforce
*”From the Blue/Point of No Return/T.T.R.T.S” by An Endless Sporadic
*”Love Holds It Down” by Dom Liberati
*”You Really Like Me” by Davidicus and “Guilty Pleasures” by Tony Solis

Think we’ll get another free pack? I know Wii players wouldn’t like that!

Let us know what you want in the comments below!

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40 Responses to Guitar Hero DLC Wishlist – November 2010

  1. rdnetwork says:

    “Think we’ll get another free pack? I know Wii players wouldn’t like that!”

    True. Although the Wii Metallica import was available for Free, I think ? So maybe they finally agreed with Nintendo.

    Anyway,s till waiting for :

    Rush (x6)
    Slash (x3)
    Alter Bridge (x3)
    Muse (x3)

  2. stbrown300 says:

    With the release of Alter Bridge’s ABIII state side in early November, I am hoping that there will be some DLC from that album *cough*…Slip to the Void, Isolation…and then possible some more from other albums…Metalingus and Blackbird…but I know its wishful thinking, but one can always hope!

  3. Kyle Polansky says:

    I don’t think that they will release a free track pack (although we can always hope). One was just released a few weeks ago. I’m with Rdnetwork with the Rush pack.

  4. Flame95 says:

    Slash pack please. And moar Wings 😉

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  6. jayfatha says:

    PANTERA! I’d like the songs Domination, Fucking Hostile, Cemetary Gates, 5 Minutes Alone, Strength Beyond Strength, and Suicide Note Part 2! Any of those songs would be nice, but ill take any Pantera really (omg suicide note is on RB already herp derp) Also I really want to see Redneck by Lamb of God on GH 😀

  7. Ed Tanguy says:

    i think, (knowing GH), we’ll have a very controversial track pack… and i’m hoping it’s gonna be something like Eminem … cause i like the ‘rapping tracks’ for a vocal workout so i can read the words quickly, and unlike Low – Flo Rider, there are some tracks which are good for guitar 😀 like ‘My Name Is’, ‘Sing For The Moment’, ‘Stan’ or ‘Real Slim Shady’, y’know… it doesn’t seem THAT unlikely….

    or maybe even the incredibaly unlikely Afroman, eg. because i got high or crazy rap (colt 45)… or wasn’t there a song with like a 5min guitar solo?

    there’s gotta be like a hard rock – heavy metal pack, somewhere between there… i’m gonna say… lamb of god… we haven’t had them sinse GH:GH so it must be atleast possible… i don’t what songs though… because i don’t know them that well…

    i don’t think we’ll get any import stuff, seeing as GH:M was so recent…. and i don’t think we’ll be getting free stuff, simply because they would upset wii owners too much, (Wii UK got no free GH:M import)

    i think we will almost certainly get an indie-kinda pack, y’know, little known artists or alternative rock… and i think at least ONE 6 pack…

    i wanna see ‘walkie talkie man’ by steriograms and ‘Dear Ol’ Dad’ by blind melon… AND some Daft Punk, Eagles of Death Metal, and (even though it’ll be more likely in the RBN) i wanna see some Bill Bailey Exclusive Re-records!!!

    much love, Ed 🙂

  8. DucksFAN says:

    I would love to see Papa Roach, Alter Bridge, Atreyu, more Disturbed, more A7X and Nickelback!

  9. Ash says:

    Must suck with something always going on in the HMX community that there’s nothing much to write about when it comes to GH. Shame, really.

  10. gordofredito says:

    I’m still waiting my promised Foo Fighters Pack. But I actually expect some Maroon 5, with their new album. But no-one can actually predict Beenox

  11. AnimeCow says:

    My pridictions are;

    Rush Pack1:
    Working Man
    Fly By Night

    Protest The Hero Pack 1:
    Sequoia Throne
    Limb From Limb
    Bury The Hatchet

    Megadeth Pack 2:
    Tornado Of Souls
    Back In The Day

    After School Tea Time Pack:
    After School
    Go Go Maniac
    Utauyo Miracle

    Hey, a man can dream cant he?

  12. Alex Sandy says:

    My wishlist hmmm…
    1. Misfits Pack 1
    Green Hell
    Land of the Dead
    Scream or Nike a go-go

    2. Pantara Pack 1
    Cowboys from Hell
    Cemetery gates
    The Badge
    5 Minutes alone

    And King Diamond, Def Leppard, Korn, and Rush!

  13. Alex Sandy says:

    And since there was a game import, how about. GH:VH? More songs too!

  14. Mike100377 says:

    Remember, there’s 5 weeks this month 🙂

    Alter Bridge
    Slash Album

    That would be some awesomeage!

  15. Jake says:

    Hyper Music
    Time Is Running Out

    Cemetery Gates
    Five Minutes Alone

    The Living End
    West End Riot
    Fly Away

    Protest The Hero
    Sequoia Throne
    Turn Soonest To The Sea
    Limb From Limb

    annnnnnnnd lastly…

    Bullet For My Valentine
    Heart Bursts Into Fire
    4 Words To Choke Upon

  16. Game!Ov3r says:

    Fake It
    Rise Above This
    Careless Whisper

    Three Days Grace:
    Animal I Have Become
    I Hate Everything About You
    The Good Life

    Drowning Pool:
    Step Up
    Feel Like I Do
    37 Stitches
    Tear Away

    Five Finger Death Punch:
    Burn It Down
    Stranger Than Fiction
    Walk Away
    The Bleeding
    Never Enough
    Bad Company

    Come Sail Away
    Blue Collar Man
    Too Much Time On My Hands
    Mr. Roboto
    Crystal Ball
    The Best of Times

  17. Joshua says:

    A 5-pack with the remaining songs on 2112, PLZ, but It’s been 2 years since the last full album DLC, so It’s fairly unlikely that we’ll see another.

  18. Lucas says:

    Bring back Jordan and Soothsayer along with 1 more Buckethead song for a good 3 pack. Maybe Welcome To Bucketheadland.

  19. AlexFlame says:

    I want some Gorillaz. It’d be nice to have them. I’d also want some Within Temptation or some Nightwish.

  20. Tynan Evans says:

    i’m waiting for some tracks from the new underoath album either on gh or rb.

    and i know this would never happen, but some tracks from the new atheist album would be insane.

  21. With the renewed “metal” factor of GHWOR, I have come up with the following suggestions:

    Big Four of Thrash Pack
    Metallica – Damage Inc.
    Slayer – Black Magic
    Megadeth – Head Crusher
    Anthrax – Deathrider

    Dream Theater Pack
    The Dark Eternal Night
    The Glass Prison
    Panic Attack (just to see what the bass line would look like with open notes)

    NWOBHM Pack
    Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be Thy Name
    Judas Priest – Metal Meltdown
    Blitzkrieg – Blitzkrieg

    Guitar Virtuoso Pack
    Steve Vai – Freak Show Excess
    John 5 – 27 Needles
    Joe Satriani – Raspberry Jam Delta-V

    Power Metal Pack
    Hibria – Defying The Rules
    Symphony X – Eve of Seduction
    Nightwish – Romanticide

  22. Luke101 says:


    GH:WR has really stepped up so far, and it just is’nt complete without a Rage track pack!!!

    If I had to choose the top 3:

    “Sleep Now In the Fire”

    “Take the Power Back”

    “Killing In The Name”… Obviously…

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