Guitar Hero DLC Playthrough – “Rocky Horror Picture Show Pack” – 10/26/10

When I heard that Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock was getting a three pack of Rocky Horror Picture show songs I was almost beside myself with antici-


Finally it’s October 26th and I had the pleasure of joining @elisoncrz, @thekingsy, and @darrensanch on sightreading the songs on expert vocals.

This is most definitely a drum/vocal week as to my surprise Beenox decided not to chart the saxaphone? REALLY? I was shocked to be honest.

Hot Patootie is definitely the hardest vocal song this week although I’m sure Wooffus will sightread FC it.

Also be sure to check out the end of Sweet Transvestite on drums!

Intensity: Guitar 5, Bass 4, Drums 6 X+, Vocals 4 | Hot Patootie

Intensity: Guitar 4, Bass 4, Drums 2 X+, Vocals 3 | Sweet Transvestite

Intensity: Guitar 5, Bass 6, Drums 6 X+, Vocals 3 | Time Warp

Full Pack Download [XBOX 360]

Thanks again to @elisoncrz for providing us with these videos!


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11 Responses to Guitar Hero DLC Playthrough – “Rocky Horror Picture Show Pack” – 10/26/10

  1. DVD Smith says:

    Hope it’s available on EU Wii when I get home, I want that pack so bad.

  2. Ospero says:

    That will be fun. Wish the drummer hadn’t activated that color mixing extra/cheat, though. My eyes start tearing up when I look at that lane.

    • Ryan S. says:

      Yeah, whenever I see those wacky mods, the only thing I can think of is that Deadpool & Friends “Look at the size of me PENIS!” thing.

  3. DucksFAN says:

    This is absolutely HORRIBLE DLC! What the hell were they thinking, giving us this garbage instead of real bands?!

    • Elliott says:

      This is Rock n’ Roll. Deal with it.

    • Cactaur says:

      Let me ask you this: do you like the music for music this week, or do you not? Personally, I like it a lot. Maybe musicals aren’t you’re thing, but it’s better not to bash a track when somebody else might like it. Instead maybe you could give a few ideas about what you wish they had released instead.

    • dlongrox67 says:

      Classic movie, classic song. GREAT DLC so shut your fucking mouth. Yeah better than those shit bands you like.

  4. Jake says:

    These songs are classics, im glad we got them as dlc. They may not be the hardest songs we have gotten, but they are close to being the most fun, in my opinion, but I love Rocky Horror

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  6. Leonardo says:

    Sweet Transvestite song is a pretty cool song I liked it I enjoyed it and yes I watched the clip on youtube and I was kind of laughing my ass off and also was disturbing….but I think that was the best part about it it was disturbing

    it’s an ok addition to GH it’s passable…but I would have to agree with DucksFAN to an extent….we still need better DLC than this we need real bands, because this is pretty much a musical track pack

    I can name you people at least ten great artists that would be great DLC and I’m sure that many of you will agree with some of the artists I’ve chosen. Ahem, here is the list: Coheed and Cambria, RUSH (we need more RUSH 2112 is not cutting it), Alice In Chains, ACDC, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden (we desperately need Iron Maiden), Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System of a Down (A great need of this band as well), Mars Volta (Cassandra Gemini song tracks would be a great addition) and more fucking TOOL please….there I just named 10 great artists…those are the bands we need for DLC on GH

  7. AnimeCow says:

    Needs moar sax charting, but was still amazing on vocals.

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