DJ Hero 2 Reviews at a Glimpse

Warriors of Rock received a bit of a harsh treatment from the critics, but it looks like they are being a little bit nicer to the next iteration of the DJ Hero franchise.

There seems to be pretty universal acclaim for DJ Hero 2, with the biggest praise being directed at the improvements on the engine, new additions, and the fantastic setlist.

Check out some of the opinions from the top critics in the industry and see what all the buzz is about! Also, be sure to leave your opinion in the comments section!

Critic Reactions:

Game Focus – 9.5/10

With its numerous additions and improvements supported by an amazing list of remixes, DJ Hero 2 isn’t only an automatic buy for those who loved the first one but also a definitive must have music title for all music genre fans.

Game Informer – 9.25/10

In some ways, I almost feel a greater connection to the music than I do when playing the guitar-focused games on the market. Hopefully this game will meet the success it deserves, allowing FreeStyle Games to keep searching for that perfect beat.

Euro Gamer – 9/10

DJ Hero 2 is the freshest thing in rhythm gaming right now, a lifeline for people bored of guitars and drums and genre veterans craving the purer, simpler rhythm-action kick of a pre-Guitar Hero world. It’s a social game, sure, and the music selection makes it an accessible one too, but it’s got the heart of a real hardcore beatmatcher.

The Hero Feed – 9/10

Other than those things, the game is awesome, it has Hero Feed much like Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock (minus the twitter/facebook spam), an amazing sound track, seamless setlists, freestyle modes, and a DLC schedule on the way.

Official Xbox Magazine UK – 9/10

Ultimately, though, the main reason you’ll keep returning to DJ Hero 2 is for a love of the music. Simply playing along with any of the tunes in the game is a thoroughly entertaining experience – particularly when you get the chance to commandeer the crossfader or perform some freestyle scratching and sampling.

Destructoid – 9/10

Small issues aside, DJ Hero 2 is a solid music gaming experience from top to bottom, even more enjoyable than the current iterations of Activision’s other cash cow, Guitar Hero.

IGN UK – 9/10

DJ Hero was always worth a spin in the right crowd but, with so many new ways to get everyone involved, it’s no longer just a living room curio – it’s a genuine, bona fide dance floor-filler.

Playstation Lifestyle – 9/10

DJ Hero 2 takes everything that made the original so special and spices it up a bit by letting players add their own personal touches thanks to the new freestyle gameplay. The additional modes certainly don’t hurt the overall package, but they’re missing that fresh new take on things.

Official Nintendo Magazine UK – 9/10

The odd dodgy freestyle scratch aside, It’s hard to find much that’s negative to say about DJ Hero 2. As well as having some great new multiplayer modes, the game also features full online multiplayer capability and it’s got another superb soundtrack.

Joystiq – 9/10

In a genre where “improvement” is typically defined by how many new elements can be introduced between sequels, DJ Hero 2 relies on building upon the fundamentals of what made the first game so great. That’s a pretty risky decision — after all, it would be easier to sell the game on its newness if it came bundled with a theremin attachment — but in terms of raw enjoyment, it’s a decision that pays big, big dividends.

Game Trailers – 8.9/10

It would have been easy to just pull together another list of mashups and call it day, but DJ Hero 2 has gone above and beyond the typical music game sequel. From the engaging head-to-head options and easy going party play to the increased emphasis on player creativity, it’s an improved experience all around.

GameSpot – 8.5/10

The cost to newcomers may seem high, but DJ Hero 2 justifies its price tag. Most of the 83 mixes are a blast to listen to, let alone play, and DJ Hero 2 really brings them to life with gameplay mechanics that create an invigorating connection between you and the music.

IGN – 8.5/10

If you liked DJ Hero, I’m confident you’ll like the sequel and I recommend it to anyone even casually interested in DJ or dance culture.

Cheat Code Central – 7.8/10

If you were disappointed in the original DJ Hero’s lack of creative spinning freedom, there’s not much that’s going to change your mind with DJ Hero 2. But with the improvements to freestyling and a more “spin-off” competitive approach to multiplayer battles if you can get behind the Guitar Hero-style design of the game, DJ Hero will keep you busy—and entertained—for quite some time.

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