Guitar Hero DLC Playthrough – “Linkin Park Track Pack” – 10/19/2010

We all knew it was coming…

Some people were excited, most people moaned it wasn’t the tracks they wanted, some people saved $12.00, either way we can always count on @elisoncrz, @TheKingsy, and @DarrenSanch to show us exactly what we can spend our money on every week!

Lot’s of interesting guitar charting seems to be in this pack as expected, although not many people expected turntable scratching to be charted. Go go Beenox!

Instrument Tiers (Guitar / Bass / Drums / Vocals) :

Blackout – 4 1 4 4
Burning in the Skies – 4 3 6 2
The Catalyst – 3 1 6 3
The Messenger – 3 0 0 3
Waiting for the End – 4 3 4+ 5
Wretches and Kings – 5 1 5 2
Final Thoughts:

If you are a bassist you do not want this pack (unless you are a huge Linkin Park fan I suppose). Guitar has enough variety to warrant the purchase if you can’t bear to have a week without DLC and drummers might want to skip The Messenger for obvious reasons.

I’ll wait for these songs in DJ Hero 2 personally.

What do you think of this weeks DLC? Share your thoughts with us below!


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14 Responses to Guitar Hero DLC Playthrough – “Linkin Park Track Pack” – 10/19/2010

  1. DVD Smith says:

    Catalyst drums are awesome. And the guitar charts are better than I was expecting (exlcuding WFTE which is the most boring guitar chart since Low).

    Something to note about W&K and Messenger – they’re the first DLC songs to offer different challenges. Normally guitar DLC challegnes are points, note streak and star power, but both those songs are points, chords and alt-strum.

    Also, turntable scratching FTW. With the DJ Hero release imminent I think they chose the wrong game for those songs.

    Needs more Iridescent, When They Come For Me and Robot Boy. Also more old LP but any LP is good.

    • DucksFAN says:

      You the same guy from Guitar Hero’s forums??? Also, You make GREAT POINTS about this! WFTE is semi-boring, but it gets going in the beginning and then again at the end. But it could of used Irridescent and Robot Boy.

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  3. Leonardo says:

    Sorry, not a Linkin Park fan (used to be) so I am not downloading this pack since it is not worth it for me. I know alot of you guys will flame me for that but I don’t really care….I’m still waiting for my Coheed and Cambria, RUSH, Alice In Chains, Led Zeppelin, Muse, ACDC and many others….

    personally we need more RUSH, and I desperately need my Coheed and Cambria….why wont Guitar Hero give us Coheed and Cambria?

  4. peepi says:

    why it says “full album” on the Store? >____> (now we have 4 albums)

  5. Sawyer says:

    I can’t buy it or anything from the PS:Store.
    Can someone please tell me where can I buy this pack ONLINE for PS3?

  6. PSPCOW says:

    Loved the drums

  7. Payton says:

    Awesome! They what about Iridescent? tht song is AWESOME!

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